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This is the README file for version 1.0 of the free edition of the book
TeX for the Impatient, released under the GNU Free Documentation License.
(This README file itself is public domain.)

Primary distribution point:
It is also available from

Information about the free edition is included at the end of the preface
and on the copyright page.

We'd be interested in hearing about any projects undertaken with this
material.  See errata.future for some relatively small ideas for

TeX for the Impatient is also a GNU project, and the development
sources, contact information, and other project details are available at

TeX for the Impatient has been (independently!) translated into a wikibook:

Some random thoughts for people thinking of working with the source:

- You may want to translate the source into some more standard format; we
used many homegrown macros to make typing and markup easier.

- You may want to redo the index creation to use makeindex or some
other standard program, instead of our homegrown Icon programs (included
in the distribution, for what it's worth).  Until the index can be
easily regenerated, the page breaks can't change without the index
becoming useless.

- Printing the GFDL required many kludges, a true Eplain-compatible
version is needed (which in turn would require using the current eplain
to print the book).

Happy (and quick) TeXing!