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                              The animate Package


    Alexander Grahn


    This package provides an interface to create portable, JavaScript driven PDF
    animations from sets of (vector) graphics or rasterized image files or from
    inline (vector) graphics, such as LaTeX-picture, PSTricks or pgf/TikZ
    generated pictures, or just from typeset text.

    It supports the usual PDF making workflows, i. e.  pdfLaTeX, LaTeX -> dvips
    -> ps2pdf (Ghostscript)/Distiller and (Xe)LaTeX -> (x)dvipdfmx.

    The resulting PDF can be viewed in current Adobe Readers on all supported

    Note, this file only gives a summary of usage and available package and
    command options. Please refer to the documentation `animate.pdf' for details
    and examples.

    Keywords: include portable PDF animated PDF animation animating
    embed animated graphics LaTeX pdfLaTeX PSTricks pgf TikZ MetaPost
    LaTeX-picture inline graphics vector graphics animated GIF LaTeX
    dvips ps2pdf dvipdfmx XeLaTeX JavaScript Adobe Reader



    * Package options: autopause, autoplay, autoresume, controls, final, draft,
                     buttonsize=, buttonbg=, buttonfg=,
                     loop, palindrome, step, poster[=first | none | last],
                     useocg, dvipdfmx, xetex


        ... typeset material ...
        ... typeset material ...
        ... typeset material ...
        ... repeated (parameterized) material ...

    * Command options: width=, height=, depth=,
                       scale=, autopause, autoplay, autoresume, final,
                       draft, controls, buttonsize=, buttonbg=,
                       buttonfg=, loop, palindrome, step, measure,
                       poster[=first | none | last], begin={},
                       end={}, timeline=, useocg,
                       every=, bb=   ,
                       viewport=   ,


    pdfTeX, version >= 1.20
    Ghostscript, version >= 8.31 or Adobe Distiller
    dvipdfmx, version >= 20080607
    Adobe Reader, version >= 7


    Unzip the file `' into the local TDS root directory which can
    be found by running

      kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFLOCAL

    on the command line.

    After installation, update the filename database by running `texhash' on the
    command line.

    MiKTeX users should run the package manager for installation.


    This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See

    for the details of that license.