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Name of contribution: blindtext
Name and email:       Knut Lickert 
Location on CTAN:     tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/blindtext
Summary description:  Package for writing text
License type:         LaTeX Project Public License

blindtext.sty: Create dummy text.

Can be used to create examples with a lot text to become a feeling
for the look of classes, packages...

Some macros:
- \blindtext creates some text,
- \Blindtext creates more text.
- \blinddocument creates a small document with sections, lists...
- \Blinddocument creates a large document with sections, lists...

Supported languages:
- (n)german
- english
- latin (short Lorem ipsum)
- french (interim solution)

Provided Files:

For more information visit  (German) (English)

Similar packages:
lipsum	- A long 'Lorem ipsum'

-Both styles create dummy text.
-The length can be defined by optional parameters.

Differences between blindtext and lipsum:
-lipsum contains a larger 'Lorem Ipsum'.
-blindtext supports different languages
-blindtext contains macros for dummy lists (itemize, enumerate, description)
-blindtext contains macros for documents (including sections, text and lists)
-blindtext contains macros for math formulas if requested