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The chemstyle bundle --- Schemes and style for chemistry
Released under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3c or later

The chemstyle bundle provides two packages: chemstyle and
chemscheme.  Both are intended to help chemists create floating
graphics and match published styles.

The chemscheme package consists of two parts, both related to
chemical schemes.  The package adds a scheme float type to the
LaTeX default types figure and table. The scheme float type
acts in the same way as those defined by the LaTeX kernel, but
is intended for chemical schemes.  The package also provides a
method for adding automatic chemical numbering to schemes.

The chemstyle package provides a "one-stop shop" for setting up
formatting of LaTeX documents following the editorial policies
of various chemical journals.  It provides a number of handy
chemistry-related commands, and loads several support packages
to aid the chemist.