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This directory contains four .sty files that are mutually compatible,
but (mostly) independent:

cite.sty       Compressed, sorted lists of numerical citations: [8,11-16]
               with many options for controlling the formatting.

overcite.sty   like \usepackage[superscript]{cite}

drftcite.sty   Print the tags instead of the numbers for \cite and \bibitem.

chapterbib.sty Do multiple bibliographies--one for each \include file.

The documentation is included as plain text after the definitions in 
each file (below \endinput).  It can be read online or printed directly, 
but don't try to typeset it with LaTeX!

They are all released under a very simple permissive license in
the MIT/BSD style:  They may be freely used, transmitted, reproduced, 
or modified provided that [the copyright and permission] notice is 
left intact.

Donald Arseneau