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The eqexam Package

eqExam is a LaTeX package for writing exams, tests, quizzes,
homework assignments, etc. It is a stand alone package, yet is
tightly integrated with the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle (AeB). Highlights of
this package are as follows:

    1.  Can create exams (tests, quizzes, homework assignments) for
        paper, with points in the left or right margins (or both), totals
        for each page optionally shown at the bottom corner of each page.
        Questions can be objective, fill-in, true false, or multiple
    2.  Solutions can optionally be included in the source file, and
        by changing options, can be displayed (for an answer key), in a
        couple of different ways. A solutions only document can also be
    3.  Can create mutli-part exams, as I often do for final exams, these
        multiple exams are meant to be graded individually.
    4.  The one thing that distinguishes this package from the other
        exam package is its support for PDF, and this is where AeB comes
        in. When you have AeB installed, and you select any of
        several options (pdf, links, online or email), a variety of
        things can happen. For example, in the case of the online or
        email options, white space for solutions is converted into
        multiline text field, spaces to fill in answers are converted to
        text fields,multiple choice questions are converted into radio
        button fields, etc. When the email option is used, a "Submit"
        button is automatically created at the top of the first page of
        the test. The student can take the test online (perhaps in a
        testing lab) then submit responses to the instructor. The email
        that is generated to the instructor attaches the FDF file of
        form data, so the instructor gets a copy of all responses.
        She/He can then open the file and view the responses of the
        student. Get the latest AeB (AcroTeX eDucation Bundle,

The home page for eqexam is

The home page for AeB is

Comments and suggestions are always gratefully accepted and seriously

D. P. Story