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% etextools v3.1 - (pretty stable ;) - 2009/09/30
% This work consists of the main source file etextools.dtx
% and the derived files
%      etextools.sty, etextools.pdf, etextools.ins,
%      examples will be uploaded later...
% Unpacking:
%    (a) If etextools.ins is present:
%           etex etextools.ins
%    (b) Without etextools.ins:
%           etex etextools.dtx
%    (c) If you insist on using LaTeX
%           latex \let\install=y\input{etextools.dtx}
%        (quote the arguments according to the demands of your shell)
% Documentation: (pdf)latex etextools.dtx; ...
% -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    *** The List of Commands is in page 3 of the documentation. ***
etextools provides many (purely expandable) tools for LaTeX -------------------------------
- Extensive list management (csv lists, lists of single tokens/characters, etoolbox lists):
   . purely expandable loops (csvloop, forcsvloop etc.)
   . conversion (csvtolist etc.))
   . addition/deletion (csvadd, listdel etc.)
   . purely expandable linear interpolation (interval, locinterplin)
- Tests on strings (among them \ifstrnum to check if a string could be parsed by eTeX's \number)
- Selective detokenization (\detokenizeChars) and character-test
- Purely expandable macros with options (\FE@testopt) or modifiers (\FE@modifiers)
- Vectorized form of \futurelet: \futuredef can read more than one single token

              The pdf documentation contains a lot of example in verbatim.
                         *** Any suggestion welcome ! ***
% -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------