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floatrow 0.3b
Modifying the layout of floats.

      The floatrow package provides many ways  to customize layouts of
      floating environments  and has code cooperation with caption 3.x
      package.     Package offers possibilities  to put floats side by
      side, to put caption beside float.   The floatrow settings could
      be expanded to the floats created by packages rotating, wrapfig,
      subfig (in the case of rows of subfloats), and longtable.

Documentation: floatrow.pdf,  floatrow-rus.pdf.

Installation hints:
To install floatrow package run LaTeX with floatrow.ins. 
You get following files: 
floatrow.sty        - main package;
fr-fancy.sty,       - adds support for boxes, offered by fancyhdr
                      package (runs with floatrow);
fr-subfig.sty,      - adds support for subfig (loaded by floarow);
fr-longtable.sty,   - adds support for longtable package (loaded
                      by floatrow; could run separately);
floatpagestyle.sty, - manages (empty) page style for individual float
                      page (separate package);
listpen.sty.        - offers commands for changing of list penalties
                      (separate package).

Copy these files in the folder (directory) with other packages:
(the way to LaTeX package looks like
 %texmf folder%/tex/latex/floatrow/floatrow.sty)

Then you need to refresh your databases -- follow instructions
of your local TeX distribution (MikTeX, TeXlive etc.)

If you need additional help for installation please visit: