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This is version 0.6 of the isodoc class

The isodoc class can be used for the preparation of letters,
invoices, and, in the future, similar documents. Documents are set
up with options, thus making the class easily adaptable to user’s
wishes and extensible for other document types.
Victor Eijkhout’s NTG brief class, which implements the NEN1026
standard, was the starting point.

License: LPPL

major changes of v0.6 relative to v0.5)
- moved all documentation files in subdirectory doc,
  because files appeared to be wrongly placed on the 
  TeX Collection DVD
- Some minor corrections

major changes of v0.5 relative to v0.4)
- norwegian translations added (thanks Sveinung Heggen)
- misplacement of text in subject-less letters corrected

major changes of v0.4 relative to v0.3)
- norwegian translations added (thanks Sveinung Heggen)
- option shift: shift all output on the page
- option currency added: changes euro into other
- option cityzip added: put zip behind city instead of before

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