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% keycommand is a package providing an easy way to define commands
% with keys in LaTeX. The code is based on kvsetkeys by Heiko
% Oberdiek. It does not rely on keyval.
% This work consists of the main source file keycommand.dtx
% and the derived files
%    keycommand.sty, keycommand.pdf, keycommand.ins,
%    keycommand-example.tex
% Unpacking:
%    (a) If keycommand.ins is present:
%           etex keycommand.ins
%    (b) Without keycommand.ins:
%           etex keycommand.dtx
%    (c) If you insist on using LaTeX
%           latex \let\install=y\input{keycommand.dtx}
%        (quote the arguments according to the demands of your shell)
% Documentation:
%           (pdf)latex keycommand.dtx