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makecell 0.1e
Managing of tabular column heads and cells.

      Package offers a command, based on one-column tabular environment, which
      allows  to support  a common layout  for tabular  column heads  in whole
      document.  Another offered command is for creation of multilined tabular
      cells.  There are also:       1) a macro, which  changes vertical spaces
      around all cells in tabular,  like in tabls package,  but based on array
      package;        2) macros for multirow cells/heads, which use macro from
      multirow package;       3) macros for numbered rows of cells or skipping
      cells and rows in tabulars;            4) diagonally divided cells (plus
      citation of the sample file of slashbox package);          5) macros for
      horizonral lines in tabulars with defined thickness.

Documentation: makecell.pdf, makecell-rus.pdf.