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I'd like to announce the availability of
my LaTeX2e makeplot Package.

COPYRIGHT 2005-2009 by Jose-Emilio Vila-Forcen (

This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN

 Call 'latex makeplot.ins' and copy the makeplot.sty - file into
   a path searched by LaTeX.

 Execute the following list of commands to create the PDF:
		latex makeplot.dtx
		makeindex -s -o makeplot.ind makeplot.idx
		makeindex -s -o makeplot.gls makeplot.glo
		latex makeplot.dtx
		pdflatex makeplot.dtx
 Execute the following list of commands to create the PS example:
   (it works only in the postscript file, not in the dvi)
    latex makeplot.ins (if you have not done it before)
    latex mptest.tex
    dvips mptest

Writing papers, it is very normal that the result of some
Matlab simulations will be displayed. Since existing approaches
to create EPS files from matlab (laprint, print -eps,...) does
not satisfy all my requirements of fonts, quality, portability and
to be able to perform fast small changes, I decided to create this
package which could be seen as an extension to the PsTricks family.

This package easily creates plots taking the data from files, and allows
enough configuration to fit most of the cases. In the documentation it is
described the requirements of the data files and how to generate EPS files
from Matlab.

Files of the `makeplot' package:
  README          This file
  makeplot.dtx    Sourcecode, example file & documentation
  makeplot.ins    Installation script generating the source and an example
  makeplot.pdf    PDF Version of the documentation