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    Memoir is a flexible class for typesetting poetry, fiction, 
non-fiction and mathematical works as books, reports, articles or
manuscripts. Documents can use 9pt, 10pt, 11pt, 12pt, 14pt, or 17pt as the
normal fontsize and, if you have scalable fonts, 20pt, 25pt, 30pt, 36pt,
48pt, or 60pt sizes, or even larger. Many methods are provided to let 
you create your particular design. The class incorporates over 30 of the 
more popular packages.


   (Lars Madsen  is gradually taking over 
    the support for memoir.)

    NOTE: In order to provide fixes for any problems that may arise
between major releases, you may find a file called mempatch.sty
which contains any current fixes for the memoir class. The class
will automatically include this so DO NOT \usepackage{mempatch}.
The Change lists below do not neccessarily note each release of
the patch or addendum files.

   NOTE: Similarly, there may be file(s) called memmanadd.(tex|pdf) which 
provides amendments to the current version of the User Manual.

   NOTE: If you are using the hyperref package dated earlier than 2006/11/15, 
use the memhfixc package after the hyperref package, e.g.,
Later versions of the hyperref package automatically load the memhfixc package.

    NOTE: The full User Manual (memman.pdf) is a large document of about
550 pages in total. You do not need to print all of it, especially if you 
already have an earlier edition. Roughly speaking, the main portions are:
o Frontmatter: Preface, Toc, Introduction, Terminology  ~  40 pages
o Mainmatter: 
    Class commands and environments, etc.               ~ 380 pages
o Appendices: (La)Tex programming, Errors and warnings  ~  40 pages
o Backmatter:
    Command glossary                                    ~  40 pages
    Bibliography, indexes                               ~  50 pages

Changes (2009/11/17)

o Memoir v1.61803398c 

-- fixed typo that broke \flushbottom. Please note that this fix WILL 
   change existing documents, potentially changing page breaks.
-- fixed a problem that might cause the addition of trimmarks to shift 
   the output box a bit downward. Thanks to Heiko Oberdiek for the 
   analysis and fix
-- fixed a typo in an example in the manual
-- changed \tmarkml, \tmarkmr, \tmarktm and \tmarkbm to place markers 
   for the middle parts of the text. Earlier they did nothing and had 
   to be defined by the user. Now the user can simply define them to do 
   nothing if needed.
-- added visual example to the manual showing the four trim mark types
-- changed the madsen chapter style such that it now have a better 
   unnumbered look

Changes (2009/09/21)

o Memoir v1.61803398b 

-- fixed typo that broke \thanks

Changes (2009/09/10)

o Memoir v1.61803398 

-- fixed bug with the upquotes package
-- added support for the bidi package
-- added a simple page style
-- added feature to \newlistof such that \KeepFromToc will locally change say 
   \tableofcontents into \tableofcontents*
-- Fixed bug, such that XeLaTeX will get the correct pages sizes

Changes (2009/08/23)

o Eighth edition of the User Manual covering memoir v1.61803398. 
  The design Part is now in a separate document, memdesign, which 
  should be available from CTAN in /info.

Earlier changes are noted at the end.

  Author: Peter Wilson (Herries Press) herries dot press at earthlink dot net
  Copyright 2001--2009 Peter R. Wilson
  This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
  conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
  version 1.3 of this license or (at your option) any 
  later version.
  The latest version of the license is in
  and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of
  LaTeX version 2003/06/01 or later.
  This work has the LPPL maintenance status "author-maintained".
  This work consists of the files:
README (this file) 
  and the derived files 

    The distribution consists of the following files:
README           (this file)
memoir.(dtx|ins)   Class source and installation files
mempatch.(dtx|ins) Source and installation for patch files
mempatch.sty       Patch file for memoir class
memhfixc.sty       Patch file for hyperref package
memman.tex         LaTeX source for the user manual
                    (requires the memoir class and the alltt,
                     fixltx2e, layouts, graphicx, and url packages for 
memman.pdf         User manual in PDF
memmanadd.pdf      Addendum (in PDF) to the User Manual (if required)
memsty.sty         Style file for (memman|memmanadd).tex
memnoidxnum.tex    Some default indexed elements for memman.tex
memfonts.sty       Palatino/CMR(lmodern) font mix
memlays.sty        Additional diagrammatic layouts
titlepages.sty     Assorted title page definitions
anvil2.mps         Herries Press logo         MakeIndex style file for (memman|memmanadd).tex
memman.gst         MakeIndex style file for (memman|memmanadd) glossary

    To install the package:
o run: latex memoir.ins (which will generate memoir.cls, 
                         a set of mem*.clo files,
                         and basic.gst for MakeIndex glossary files)
o Move memoir.cls, the mem*.clo files and any mem*.sty file to locations 
  where LaTeX will find them (typically in a local texmf tree at 
  /tex/latex/memoir) and refresh the file database. 
  See the FAQ on CTAN at help/uk-tex-faq
  or for more information on this.

    To read the commented source code
o run: (pdf)latex memoir.dtx
       For an index run: makeindex -s memoir
o run: (pdf)latex memoir.dtx
o Print the result for a hardcopy of the documented code (which consists
  of nearly 500 pages)

    To process memman.tex (if you really want to do this and not just use 
memman.pdf as supplied)
o Make sure you can use the memoir class and the alltt, fixltx2e,
  layouts, graphicx, comment, and url (and perhaps some more) packages.
o Run (pdf)latex twice on memman.tex
o For an index run: makeindex -s memman
o For an index of first lines run: makeindex lines
o For a glossary run: makeindex -s memman.gst -o memman.gls memman.glo
o Run (pdf)latex twice more on memman.tex
o Print the manual

Changes (2009/07/24)

o Memoir v1.6180339h fixes minor typos in memoir.dtx and mempatch.dtx

Changes (2009/07/21)

o Memoir v1.6180339g fixes minor bugs in memoir and mempatch

Changes (2009/07/12)

o Memoir v1.6180339f fixes minor bugs and adds new commands

-- \begin{labelled}{name} A description list where \name is the labelling macro 
-- \twocoltocetc - the ToC and friends will be set in two columns
-- \onecoltocetc - the ToC and friends will be set in one column (the default)
-- \doccoltocetc - the ToC and friends will be set according the class column option
-- \frontmatter, \mainmatter and \backmatter have had their float counter change 
   factored out such that users may now change these

o Memoir now automatically loads the etex package

o The manual includes a chapter giving some historical backround related
  to typesetting and further information about fonts. There is a new 
  chapter describing an example implementation of a memoir-based package for 
  a US University thesis.

Changes (2009/02/06)

o Memoir v1.6180339d,e fixes a bug introduced by v1.6180339c

-- \makeheadwidth, \makerunningheadwidth and \makerunningfootwidth no longer 
   support the '+' syntax from the calc package.

-- under hyperref \nameref is now an alias for \titleref

Changes (2009/01/26)
o Memoir v1.6180339c released with minor bug fixes that could
  not be done via the patch file, plus some new functionality. The
  manual has NOT been updated and the changes are noted below.

-- New paper size options: `a0paper', `a1paper', `a2paper', `b0paper', 
   `b1paper', and `b2paper' for A0, A1, A2, B0,B1, and B2 size stock paper.

-- Macro \memoirpostopthook{} which is called after the options are
   processed but before anything else is done (like setting the page layout).
   As an example, you may define it as (before the \documentclass}
  to specify a stock paper size of  by  that is not provided by the 
  defined options.

-- New `portrait' option (default, the opposite of `landscape').

-- New command \setbinding{} for a binding offset of .

-- New commands: \setpagetm, \setpagetr, \setpagemr, \setpagebr, \setpagebm,
   \setpagecc to position a (smaller) page on a (larger) stock at the
   top-middle, top-right, middle-right, bottom-right, bottom-middle, and
   centered with respect to the stock.

   The macros are to be used instead of \settrimmedsize taking the
   same arguments.

-- New optional parameter in \makeheadwidth{