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Name of contribution: minutes
Name and email:       Knut Lickert 
Location on CTAN:     tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/minutes
Summary description:  Package for writing (collection of) minutes
German Information:   Paket zum Erstellen von Protokollen
                        to take minutes = Protokoll schreiben
                        protocoll = diplomatische Protokoll
License type:         Free (e LaTeX Project Public License)

Announcement text:
minutes.sty provides the creation of a collection of minutes.
Special features:
- Support of tasks (who, schedule, what, date of finishing),
    possibility of creating a list of open tasks
    inclusion of open tasks from other minutes ('open last year tasks')
    (also possible as task.sty)
- Support of attachments
- Support of schedule dates (support of calendar.sty)
- Different versions (`secret parts')
- Macros for votes and decisions (list of decisions)

The minutes package contains:
- minutes.dtx
- minutes.ins
- protokol.tex  German description
- Overview.tex  Include for minutes.dtx and protokol.tex
                Also stand-alone document
- Tagesordnung.tex
                A template for a "Mitgliederversammlung"
To run the examples, you need blindtext.sty.

After running minutes.ins this package include:
- minutes.sty   The style itself
- minutes.cfg   A configuration file
- Sample.tex    A file, including an English, Dutch and German minute
- SampleEN.tex  An English minutes (loaded by Sample.tex)
- SampleDE.tex  A German minutes (loaded by Sample.tex)
- SampleNL.tex  A Dutch  minutes (loaded by Sample.tex)
- MinStyGd.tex  A file to check the behavior with other classes,
                test different layouts...

Version 2.8b.
Solves some incompatibility with other packages.