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The rangen Package

The rangen package is a package that generates random integers,
rational numbers, and decimal number. Actually, the package uses the
lcg package (by Erich Janka) to generate random integers, while
rangen builds rational numbers and decimal numbers from the
generated integers. My purpose in writing this package was to be
able to create random questions for the quizzes of exerquiz (part of
AeB). Indeed, that is what you can do with this package: Write a
quiz question based on a template (for example, differentiate
$\a x^{\n}$ , where \a and \n are RVs (random variables) generated with
rangen); determine if the user input is correct; and display the
correct answer to the question.

Beta Testers wanted: The package is still in development. I would
invite anyone interested to test the package, looking for bugs.
Also, suggested features would be appreciated.

The rangen package requires the insdljs package from AeB. The
package can be used without exerquiz, perhaps there are some
applications to the generation of random numbers. As pointed out in
the documentation, the fp package can be used to manipulate the
numbers created by rangen.

The home page for rangen is

The home page for AeB is

Comments and suggestions are always gratefully accepted and seriously

D. P. Story