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This is the SageTeX package. It allows you to embed code, results of
computations, and plots from the Sage mathematics software suite
( into LaTeX documents.

The recommended way to acquire and install SageTeX is by installing the
Sage spkg; visit, find the
current version number, and run "sage -i sagetex-[version]" in a
terminal. Then you'll need to make the file sagetex.sty known to TeX;
that file will be in SAGE_ROOT/local/share/texmf/tex/generic/sagetex,
along with documentation and examples.

If you can't or don't want to install SageTeX by using Sage, you can use
this CTAN package. If and sagetex.sty haven't been extracted
from the .dtx file, you'll need to do:

  0. Run `latex sagetexpackage.ins'

If a PDF file of the documentation wasn't included with this
distribution of SageTeX, you will need to build the documentation
yourself. To do that:

  1. Run `latex sagetexpackage.dtx'
  2. Run `sage sagetexpackage.sage'
  3. Run the indexing commands that the .ins file told you about.
  4. Run `latex sagetexpackage.dtx' again.

You can skip step 3 if you don't care about the index. You will need the
pgf and tikz packages installed to typeset the figures.

The file example.tex has, as you likely guessed, a bunch of examples
showing you how this package works. You can compile it using a another
latex-sage-latex cycle as in steps 1-2-4 above. Note that example.tex
includes some PNG graphics which latex cannot use; to see those, use
pdflatex instead of regular latex or enable the imagemagick option. (See
the documentation.)

To use the SageTeX package with your own documents, see the
"Installation" section of the documentation.

SageTeX now includes `', a plain Python script that
allows you to use a remote Sage server instead of a local Sage
installation, so now you can use SageTeX on any computer with TeX and
Python 2.6 installed.

This work builds on a lot of work by others; see the "Credits" section
of the documentation for credits. The source code may be modified and
distributed under the terms of the GPL, v2 or later; the documentation
may be modified and distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution -
Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 License. See the "Copying and licenses"
section of the documentation.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any ideas for

- Dan Drake