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   Put the names of \labels and other commands into the margins of a draft

   Version 1.6.5, 2009 May 29,

   This class option helps you keep track of all the labels in your
   documents, by putting the name of the new label into the margin
   whenever either the \label command is used, or an equation is
   automatically numbered. It is compatible with the amsmath and hyperref

   It is similar to, but does a little more than, the showkeys package.

   You invoke this package with the command \usepackage{showlabels} in the
   preamble. You can control where the labels appear -- in the margins or
   in the interline gaps -- and you can change the appearance of the
   formatted labels to some extent.

   As well, you can have the arguments to other commands besides \label
   displayed. This is fairly obviously useful for the \cite command, but
   it can be useful for \ref or \begin as well.

   The package will also work in the presence of the [twocolumn] option.
   In this case, the options [inner] and [outer] will be ignored, and the
   label will be placed in the nearer margin.

   The source code for the package is maintained at, which
   also includes an issue tracker, where you can report bugs (or just mail

  Compatibility and problems

   For reasonably obvious reasons, this package will not work at all well
   with the multicol package, and for possibly less obvious reasons, it
   won't work with the [leqno] option either (at some point it should be
   modified to at least recognise and warn of the conflict in either
   case). The package can occasionally place labels in the wrong margins,
   near the top of a page -- see the documentation for a discussion of

  Download and installation

    1. Download the file showlabels-1.6.5.tar.gz or and unpack it.
    2. Run LaTeX on the file showlabels.ins -- this will unpack the style
       file showlabels.sty amongst other files. Place this somewhere where
       TeX can find it.
    3. Run LaTeX on the file showlabels.dtx to obtain the documentation.

   On CTAN: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/showlabels/

   On the web

   The sources are in a Mercurial repository at


   1.6.5, 2009 May 27
          Fixed a bug in the way that labels including underscores (and
          other 'exotic' characters) were displayed.

   1.6.4, 2008 October 10
          Fixed another poor interaction between eqnarray and amsart. Now
          we get equation labels in eqnarray, and we don't get marginal
          notes about \eqref (which is good; might this finally be

   1.6.3, 2008 July 24
          Release 1.6.2 broke compatibility with the rest of amsmath
          (eqnarray became the only thing that worked within amsmath)!
          Fixed. Doh!

   1.6.2, 2008 June 27
          The reimplementation of eqnarray within amsart was such that
          equation labels disappeared in that case. Fixed.

   1.6.1, 2007 June 17
          Fix an errant test, which mangled equation labels starting with
          two identical letters.

   1.6, 2006 May 26
          The \showlabels command will now work with commands (such as
          \cite or \includegraphics) which take an optional argument.

   1.5a, 2005 March 17
          Defined \showlabelfont using \ttfamily rather than \tt (I'd
          avoided doing this before to avoid a seemingly pointless
          incompatibility with LaTeX 2.09, but (a) I imagine the package
          is incompatible with that for other reasons, and (b) it's really
          not worth the hassle...).

   1.5, 2004 October 8
          Added \showlabelfont and \showlabelsetlabel commands, allowing
          customisation of the printed labels. Added and documented
          options [final], [draft] (the former makes this package do
          nothing; the latter is the default behaviour).

   1.4a, 2003 January 28
          Acquired the [left] and [right] options, and fixed a bug which
          affected \label commands in captions.

   1.4, 2001 July 24
          Became (more) compatible with the wrapfig package. Also, I added
          the \showlabels command, to have the package display references
          to commands other than \label (\cite and \ref are obvious ones),
          and an [inline] option to have labels (etc.) displayed inline
          where possible, rather than always in the margin.

   1.3e, 2001 May 30
          Became compatible with the hyperref package in particular, and
          in general with other packages which themselves modify the
          \label command. This will work, however, only if the showlabels
          package is loaded after other packages which do this.
          Notwithstanding Sebastian Rahtz's excellent general advice on
          this, showlabels should indeed be loaded after hyperref.

          After a long delay, here is an updated version of my showlabels
          package. It corrects all the reported bugs which I could
          reproduce, namely:

          + The package now formats labels correctly when the \label
            command appears outside either an equation or a \caption
            (silly of me).
          + A couple of people reported problems in the interaction with
            the amsmath package. Either these were confined to that
            package's earlier incarnations as AMS-LaTeX or the amstex
            package, or else there's some arcane circumstance I can't
            reproduce, so I haven't found anything to fix on this matter.
            Note that the \usepackage{showlabels} command must come after
            the \usepackage{amsmath} command. Bug-sightings here will be
            warmly appreciated.
          + I haven't worried too much about the precise formatting of the
            labels -- this is, after all, supposed to be a draft-only

   1.1, 2001?
          Modified to conform to the slightly different mechanism that
          amsmath uses to produce equation numbers. I don't habitually use
          amsmath, so I won't discover any bugs or weaknesses with its
          support here, and I'd consequently be glad to be informed of any
          that appear. Do note that the \usepackage{showlabels} command
          must appear after the \usepackage{amsmath} if it is to detect
          that you are using the amsmath package. Note also that, since
          these additions appeared, AMS-LaTeX and the amstex package seem
          to have been declared `obsolete' in favour of the amsmath
          package. This package now claims conformance with the amsmath
          package alone, though it will probably work with older versions
          in fact.

   Norman Gray
   2009 May 29