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  The stringstrings package

This package provides a large and sundry array of routines for the
manipulation of strings.  The routines are developed not only for
cosmetic application, such as the changing of letter cases, selective
removal of character classes, and string substitution, but also for
programming application, such as character look-ahead applications,
argument parsing, if-tests for various string conditions, etc.  A key
tenet employed during the development of this package (unlike, for
comparison, the \uppercase and \lowercase routines) was to have
resultant strings be ``expanded'' (i.e., the product of an \edef), so
that the \stringstrings routines could be strung together sequentially and
nested (after a fashion) to achieve very complex manipulations.

Run `stringstrings.ins' through LaTeX to produce stringstrings.sty
     from stringstrings.dtx.
Run `stringstrings.dtx' through LaTeX to produce the documentation.

This program can be redistributed and/or modified, with attribution.

                                Steven Segletes 
                                28 March 2008