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Copyright 2006, 2009 TeX Users Group.
You may freely use, modify and/or distribute this file.

LaTeX macros for use in TUGboat

See the TUGboat web pages at for tips on writing
articles, access to online issues, etc.  We greatly appreciate new
article submissions!

The files in this directory will generate both a TUGboat articles
class and a TUG conference proceedings class.

These macros are supported.

Robin Fairbairns and the rest of the TUGboat staff,

Installation and use:

The directory contains three files containing TeX code:

  tugboat.dtx  -- the source for the macros
  tugboat.ins  -- the docstrip instructions
  ltubguid.ltx -- documentation for the macros (published in TUGboat
                  52, but revised since)

other files are
  ltugbib.bst  -- a BibTeX style to match ltugboat.cls's default
                  biblio capabilities
  ltubguid.pdf -- browsable user documentation
  tugboat.pdf  -- browsable implementation documentation

Processing the .ins file produces:

  ltugboat.cls -- For preparing articles for regular issues of TUGboat
  ltugproc.cls -- For preparing articles for conference proceedings
  ltugboat.sty -- The usual `obsolete file' warning
  ltugproc.sty -- The usual `obsolete file' warning
  ltugcomn.sty -- Used when processing tugboat.dtx for its
                  documentation content

The procedure for using the macros should therefore be:

  process the .ins file
  move the .sty and .cls to "somewhere LaTeX will search"
  move the .bib to "somewhere BibTeX will search"
  move the browsable documentation to "somewhere texdoc will search"

On a TDS installation, common search locations are:

  $TEXMF/tex/latex/tugboat   (for .sty, .cls)
  $TEXMF/bibtex/bst/tugboat  (for .bst)
  $TEXMF/doc/latex/tugboat   (for .pdf)

($TEXMF being a pointer to the root of a TDS tree, preferably a local
one, to avoid tangling with future releases of your TeX distribution.)

`User-level' documentation is provided in file ltubguid.pdf, which is
a revised version of a TUGboat paper.  The documented source of the
macros is also provided in readily readable form, as tugboat.pdf.