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LaTeX package underbracket

draws brackets to underline (song) text

v1.2 by Bernd Jantzen
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This package draws brackets to underline text (especially,
but not exclusively, syllables of song text).
It may be combined with musixtex/musixlyr, within the argument of
the \setlyrics command or outside the music score.
It provides several macros to define brackets which may e.g. start
and end centered below syllables.
Three length variables are provided to allow a fine adjustment
of the bracket parameters.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License.
for the details of that license.



  draws a bracket underlining TEXT
  the bracket starts below the left end of TEXT
  and stops below the right end of TEXT

  like \underbracket, but reserves no vertical space below the text

  draws a bracket underlining LEFTTEXTRIGHT
  the bracket starts centered below LEFT and stops centered below RIGHT

  like cunderbracket, but reserves no vertical space below the text

The commands \[c]underbracket do well in normal text which is aligned
according to the baseline. The vertical space reserved below the text
guarantees the distance to the next line.
The commands \[c]Underbracket do well within the \setlyrics command of
musixlyr where the text is vertically centered between the staves. Vertical
space reserved below the text would shift the whole text upwards here.

Adjustable length parameters:
(change e.g. with \setlength{\underbracketheight}{4pt})

\underbracketwidth (default 0.3pt):
  linewidth of the bracket

\underbracketheight (default 3pt):
  height of the bracket (length of the vertical lines)

\underbracketsep (default 2pt):
  vertical distance between the lowest part of the text
  and the upper end of the bracket;
  also minimal vertical distance below the bracket