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BaKoMa TeX is an innovative TeX/LaTeX implementation with
BaKoMa TeX Word - a Visual (True WYSIWYG) LaTeX Editor.

Most important applications of BaKoMa TeX Word

The WYSIWYG technology is useful in every case where visual control of the final result is required.
Users with any LaTeX experience may find WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor useful.

for Beginners (Students)
Beginner users may consider TeXWord as a good tool both for writing papers and simultaneous learning of LaTeX. For example, a student can begin to write a thesis using the typesetting toolbar in the WYSIWYG window having virtually no any LaTeX skills at all. The program looks very similar to MS Word. However, students can gradually improve their knowledge of LaTeX by eventually looking in the "Source Files" as TeXWord creates a LaTeX document. In addition, instant formatting and error diagnostic simplify correction of markup mistakes.

for DTP Professionals
  • The WYSIWYG technology extremely reduces time spent for all prepress processes. This feature is noticed by many LaTeX copy-editors in the world.

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for Experienced Authors (Scientists)
  • TeXWord dramatically simplifies editing of complex formulas and tables.
  • Editing slides in the WYSIWYG interface (with such packages as PowerDot, Prosper, Beamer, etc.) is another impressive feature of `BaKoMa TeX Word'.
  • Editing diagrams is also much faster. (with such packages as PSTricks, PGF/TIKZ, XyPic, etc.)
Cooperation with Colleagues
TeXWord is transparent for cooperation. TeXWord doesn't use additional macro packages. It uses only standard LaTeX packages, so that documents made up in TeXWord may be compiled in any LaTeX setup without adaptation. On the other hand, TeXWord can easily handle arbitrary LaTeX documents. So, your colleagues may even not know that you use powerful WYSIWYG tool to edit your part of the cooperative work.