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About BaKoMa TeX

BaKoMa TeX is a full-featured TeX/LaTeX implementation. For this reason, it includes a lot of programs related to TeX. However, in this section, we only review GUI programs of BaKoMa TeX.

Main Programs

BaKoMa TeX includes three basic GUI programs: TeXWord, Centaur, DVIEW, that can be used separately or together.

Innovative Tools

BaKoMa TeX Word
Visual (True WYSIWYG) LaTeX Editor.
TeXWord is a central program of BaKoMa TeX. Ideally, you can use TeXWord only and forget about Text Editor and DVI Viewer.
  • It is useful for editing LaTeX documents via the WYSIWYG interface.
  • It looks as if you'd edit your documents immediately in the DVI Viewer window, and TeX Source would update synchronously.
  • You can also edit TeX source and observe an instantly updated preview.

Centaur + TeXWord
using TeXWord as TeX Preview.
You can open the same file simultaneously in both programs: TeXWord and Centaur. File changes are automatically synchronized between these programs. The synchronization is implemented via immediate saving of a file to the disk whenever the program loses the focus, and loading it back when the program receives the focus again. When TeXWord reloads the changed file, it applies incremental formatting, instead of full processing of the document. So, that TeXWord may be used as the fastest TeX preview tool when you edit documents in Centaur. This approach may be useful for editing pages with drawings too complex for instant editing in TeXWord due to slower response.

Classic Tools

Centaur (TeXCode)
BaKoMa Text Editor.
Centaur is a classical text editor providing much more comfortable editing of TeX/LaTeX documents. It includes such features as syntax highlighting, spell checking, launching TeX tools, etc. However, the main advantage for users of BaKoMa TeX, is that it has a toolbar similar to the one of TeXWord. The main purpose of Centaur is editing documents when visual editing is undesirable or even impossible because of complex macros.

PostScript Enabled DVI Viewer.
This DVI Viewer has very powerful graphical capabilities. For more details read Graphics. However, the main advantage for users of BaKoMa TeX is full compatibility of graphical capabilities with TeXWord.

Centaur + DVIEW
Classical TeX IDE.
Using both Text Editor and DVI Viewer is a classical approach for editing TeX/LaTeX documents. The workflow looks as follows. A user typesets text and markup commands in Text Editor. Then he clicks the TeX/Typeset () menu command, which launches TeX, BibTeX, MakeIndex, and finally, DVI Viewer. Text Editor and DVI Viewer can be synchronized by using DVI Reverse Search that provides accurate synchronization to a character.

So there are three obvious approaches to the creation of documents: (1) TeXWord, (2) Centaur + DVIEW, (3) Centaur + TeXWord. The choice of a particular approach depends on the preferences of a user, a document type, and even the state of a document. For example, to typeset a simple text one user could choose a text editor while another user would prefer a visual interface. However, to typeset rather complicated mathematical formulas and tables, the bulk of users will prefer a visual interface. Finally, prepress copy-editing with a visual interface always takes much less time than with a text editor, regardless of the user's preference.

Auxiliary Programs

BaKoMa TeX GUI also includes several auxiliary programs, that can be launched from main programs.

TeX Documentation Organizer
MetaHelp is a simple assistance program, which is intended for searching of LaTeX commands through the entire document library. The program searches commands in any documents, even those that are not downloaded yet. The program automatically downloads the document from the corresponding server when a user wants to open it.

Messages Window
Track messages from all programs.
This diagnostic tool shows messages from all programs of BaKoMa TeX. Click the right mouse button over this window to open the context menu, which provides several useful options. One of the most important options is saving all messages to a file, which you can send later using the contact form if you need technical assistance. This program can be launched from any main program by using the 'Window / Show Message Window' menu command.

Update (Windows only)
Updating (La)TeX packages
This simple program checks updates on our servers and launches the package manager in the update mode.
BIB-file Editor
BibEdit is a simple editor for BIB files. It is launched from TeXWord and Centaur when a user executes the 'Insert / Citation (Alt+C)' menu command when editing documents using BIB-files. The main goal of the program is to find desired references and insert citations into the document. Those references are inserted when a user presses Enter. In addition, opened files can be edited.

Common Settings
This configuration tool allows to customize the entire BaKoMa TeX system. This program can be launched from any main program by using the 'Options / Common Settings' menu command.

Package Manager and Downloader.
This configuration program manages package installation and updating in BaKoMa TeX. It starts automatically under any operating system and downloads missing packages. Under Windows, you can use it to examine all installed packages and to install/uninstall any packages manually.

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