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Macro Examples

Setup and Use of these examples

Setup macros
Setup these macros may be done by simple saving the files into Macro folder C:\BaKoMa.TeX\LOCAL\Macro (Windows).

Alternative way is open Macro / Managing Macros ..., Create new macro using [+] button. Then edit new macro using [/] (pen) replace entire body by desired macros.

Executing macro
Centaur menu -> Macro -> Execute Macro (Alt+M X) Select Macro Name: MacroName Repetition Count: 1 Click the button [Execute]
Binding macro to key
Also you can bind the macro to any key: Centaur menu -> Macro -> Managin Macros Select MacroName in 'Macro List'. Click button with Keybord settings Select desired key and click [Bind] button.

Extended moving ...

GotoBOFAll - Goto beginning of file in all Windows
This macros is answer for Feature request: Move cursor position in all source files to top

%exec - forces execution instead of insertion.
% GotoBOFAll - execute GotoBOF (goto Beginning of Buffer) for all windows.

% Helper function which executes Proc for every window.
/InAllWindows { % { Proc } InAllWindows -
      { dup exec } stopped { handleerror } if 
    } forallviews
  } forallbuffers
} bind udef

{ GotoBOF updateview } InAllWindows 

% Similar: GotoEOF in all Windows
% { GotoEOF updateview } InAllWindows 

Download the file: GotoBOFAll.ctr
JumpToSource - Opens (from TeXWord) current file at current line/col in Centaur
This macros is answer for Feature request: Click live preview to jump to place in code in external editor

%exec - forces execution instead of insertion.
% Open current file at current line in centaur.
% NOTE: You can adapt this macro for own editor.

% There is location of our editor
/Editor (centaur) findapp not { () } if pstack udef

% Get filename, line, column (1 based
currentbuffer getcursor computelinecol 
1 add exch 1 add exch pstack

% Make command line ...
$Buffer StrClr Editor StrArg ( -c) StrCat StrXCat 
( -l) StrCat StrXCat ( ) StrCat StrArg

% Run it.
CurStr 0 wxExecute pstack 

%* EOF

Download the file:
knitr - Runs current documnt via knitr (needs customization)
%exec - forces execution instead of insertion.
% Example of launching Rscript knitr:
% "C:/Program Files/R/R-2.14.2/bin/Rscript.exe" -e "knitr::knit2pdf('%.Rnw')"

/Rexe (C:/Program Files/R/R-2.14.2/bin/Rscript.exe) udef % Fix it properly
/Rexe (C:/Git64/usr/bin/echo.exe) udef % Test of Run.

% ATT: smartshell must have exisitng file, so we check it !!!
Rexe existfile not {
  (ERROR: Not exists executable: ') print Rexe print ('\n) print 
  currentfile closefile 
} if 

Buffer StrClr Rexe StrArg ( -e "knitr::knit2pdf\(') StrCat 
  Master filecutext StrCat (.Rnw'\)") StrCat

CurStr pstack smartshell % Execute the command inside Utility console .

%* EOF
Download the file: knitr.ctr