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LaTeX and Bibliography

Using biblatex in BaKoMa TeX

Only BaKoMa TeX 10.50 includes extended support for running BIBER program from biblatex.
Previous versions includes older version of biblatex, which runs BiBTeX by defualt.

NOTE: BIBER must be installed properly before using by BaKoMa TeX. (See below)

To extract and sort bibliography references BibLaTeX can use BibTeX or own program BIBER.
To select processor, you can use backend option:

   \usepackage[backend=bibtex,...]{biblatex} % to select bibtex
   \usepackage[backend=biber,...]{biblatex}  % to select biber

NOTE: biblatex 2.0 and later uses biber by default.

BibTeX (really BibTeX8 recommended by biblatex guide) is available in BaKoMa TeX.

Biber is not availabel under BaKoMa TeX, but may be easielly installed by placing together with another programs.
After biber is installed it may be used by BaKoMa TeX with additional configuratrions (it is preconfigured).

Using Biber

NOTE: Most of definitions for Biber are added with installing biblatex package.
TeXCode / Centaur:
  • Utility/Biber-biblatex bibliography processor
    menu command which allows to run Biber from menu.
  • Options/TeX Running Parametyers/Utilities.
    'Biber-biblatex bibliography processor' checkbox
    check it on to run Biber automatically at end of building document (F5)
  • TeXWord automatically try to apply Biber as postprocessor for BCF files.
  • Furthermore, if BIBER is not installed special alarm button indicates the problem and ways to resolve it.

Installation of biber under BaKoMa TeX

Getting Biber

In one side, you can download biber from CTAN:

However, BaKoMa TeX from version 10.50 up to version 11.10 includes biblatex 2.9, which requires Biber 1.9.
It is important that newer Biber may be incompatible with biblatex 2.9

In this reason we recommend to download Biber 1.9 from our mirror:
Windows: binaries/Windows/
Mac: binaries/OSX_Intel

Installing Biber under BaKoMa TeX

Just place unpacked executable together with another executables of BaKoMa TeX.
Under Windows put executable file biber.exe into the folder: C:\BaKoMa TeX\BIN\Win32.
On Mac put executable file biber into the folder: /Applications/BaKoMa TeX/.bakoma/bin/MacOS.

In BaKoMa TeX 10.50 and later Biber utility is already defined in User interface. (really, biblatex 2.9 is installed under BaKoMa TeX with definitions of Biber for BaKoMa IDE)