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BaKoMa TeX CD *Optimus*

BaKoMa TeX 11.80 (18-Aug-2018)

Quick Setup
Revision: 18/10/18
Download: 400 MB
Install: 0.2 − 1.5 GB
BaKoMa TeX CD *Optimus* includes only actual run modules from our internet repository and console/terminal installation scripts. Installation scripts can install BaKoMa TeX in different modes which may be required in non standard situations.
We cut out documentation packages from the CD, to keep it in most optimal size.
Under Windows, CD will be used as source for installing additional packages when it is inserted into any drive. After update, only updated packages will be downloaded from our servers but other packages will be installed directly from CD.

Note, that you needn't to burn physical CD disk. You can mount ISO image as virtual disk.

Install under Windows

Mounting ISO
On Windows 10 and Windows 8 it is built-in feature. Just click on downloaded ISO file in Explorer.
On Windows 7 and VISTA you can use such utilities as VirtualCloneDrive, ISODisk, MagicDisk, etc. (Use google to find them).
On Windows XP you can enable this built-in feature by using Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel (Use google to find it).
Installation Modes
To intall under windows, you can use 'install.bat', which may be run in four different modes:
install.bat --local
install.bat --share
install.bat --local --full
install.bat --share --full

Install under MacOS and Linux

Mounting ISO under Linux
Take attention that linux file manager (nautilus, etc.) may open ISO file in archive manager on simple double click.
This way is unsuitable, because installation scripts will not have access to other installation data.
To mount ISO, click right mouse button over ISO file and select 'Mount' option. Disk will be mounted and opened in file manager.

Then you must find mount point. It is commonly /media/ or /run/media. Anyway, real location will be shown in properties dialog of file.

Launch Terminal, and cd to found folder.

Installation Modes
To intall under MacOS and Linux, you can use '', which may be run in four different modes:
./ --local
sudo ./ --share
./ --local --full
sudo ./ --share --full
Some linux file managers mount ISO file with supressed executable mode.
In this case you can run install script using shell:
/bin/sh ./ --local