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Changes History

Version 11.16 (16-Oct-2016)

Source Bookmarks

Source bookmarks now have additional commands to select between current cursor position and specified bookmark.

Select to Bookmark #1 - Shift+Ctrl+1
Select to Bookmark #9 - Shift+Ctrl+9

NOTE: Bookmark definition is now accesible via bookmark menu (Alt+0 with proper accelerator)

Bookmark key binding summary:

  • Ctrl+1 Ctrl+9 goto proper bookmark
  • Shift+Ctrl+1 Shift+Ctrl+9 select to proper bookmark
    (Shift adds selection option to most moving commands, so it looks consistent)
  • Ctrl+0 bookmark managing dialog
  • Alt+0 shows bookmark menu precisely as clicking on left margin Menu accelerator may be used for quick setting bookmarks (Alt+0 5 sets bookmark 5 on current line)

Running LaTeXDiff has been improved

Handling of error appeared at latexdiff has been improved
  • Now difference file may be saved into separate file (defautl option)
  • latexdiff error output is saved into Utility Console when latexdiff error detected messagebox clearly inform user about it and suggest to see in Utility Console for more information.

Fixed bugs

  • [16/10/08] Fixed crash at preparing fonts with inconsistent tables.
    The problem was found on FF-More Fonts (PostWin crashed)
    Problem source is in TTFLIB/LOADTBL.C/518 migrated into ttencode.c and wxPSTtEnc.cpp
    Problem touches programs: TTFINFO, POSTLINE, POSTWIN, PostWX, TeXWord, Centaur, DVIEW (ALMOST ALL).

Version 11.15 (9-Sep-2016)

Drag and Drop Files (Windows)

Support for dropped files (for example: from Windows Explorer).

  • TeXWord treats all dropped files as imported graphics.
  • Centaur treats files with known graphics extensions for importing graphics, other files are opened as text files.
  • DVIEW and other utilities has no support for dropped files.

Adapting Dialogs to Tablets

Dialogs in BaKoMa TeX 11.15 have been refined to be more suitable for small screens and even tablets.

  • All new dialogs are centered as compromisse for both big and small displays.
  • Most of big dialogs are now resizable.
  • Another dialogs (such as GeneratePDF/SVG/PS/PNG) are automatically adaptable to screen size.
    [wxPS programming: New feature: '/Mode 8' - forces automatical adapting dialog size to screen]

List of adapted dialogs:

  • Export PDF (adaptable)
  • Export SVG (adaptable)
  • Export PNG + HTML (adaptable)
  • Export PostScript (DVIPS) - looks as reasonable (anyway now is adaptable)
  • Export HTML (TeX4HT) (adaptable) ...
  • Manage user Macros is reduced to be visible an tablets.
More improved dialogs:
  • Options / Toolbar Customization - is now resizable
  • Save As Template - consistent appearance
  • Goto Line - consistent appearance
  • Goto Page - consistent appearance
  • BibItems - Edit built-in bibliography is now centered and resizable with maximize button [16/02/16].
  • Key binding (F1) is made smaller but resizable with maximize button [16/02/16] .
  • Prefix Region - consistent apparance
  • UnPrefix Region - consistent appearance
  • Start Recording Macro - consistent appearance
  • Executing Macro - consistent appearance
  • NewBib in Edit bibliography entry - consistent appearance ...
  • TeX Formats More ... - consistent appearance ...
  • Recent files: Resizable, Appearance, Maximize button allow quick resize on small displays.
  • Convert netween encodings: Resizable, appearance, activedialog
    [TODO] Will be reusable from both Centaur and TeXWord
  • Find and Replace (both) - consistent appearance.
  • TWList (Syntax Completion) - consistent appearance and resizable with max button.
  • Insert Graphics wizard - consistent appearance.

Update LaTeX packages

  • BibLaTeX has been updated.
    Automatical loading Biber from proper mirrors.
  • greek-inputenc and greek-fontenc to typeset greek using babel.

Fixed bugs

  • [16/01/27] Fixed crash of TeXWord at too long file names [dist/x1110/fix/ietex-dll-fix160127.txt]
  • [16/06/09] Cross Reference Wizard: Empty list after refresh in TeXWord.
  • [16/09/01] Fixed mess of Face and Face-Continious View modes in DVIEW programs. [TEXView.ctr fixed]

Version 11.10 (16-Jan-2016)

  • New Cross Reference Wizard which is used for commands
    'Insert/Reference (\ref)', 'Insert/Page Reference (\pageref)', 'Insert/Quick Reference (\vref, \eqref, etc.)' and for user macros with '??'-target. The wizard displays additional information together with labels that helps to identify most of labels without looking into document source.
    For details see: Cross References Wizard

    This wizard solves following feature requests:
    cross referencing insert box (10 v)
    thumbnails in \ref list (9 v)

  • 'Insert/Citation (\cite)' and 'Insert/Edit Bibliography ...' are improved via activedialog
  • 'Insert/Indexing Stuffs' improved via activedialog
    may be also called in TeXWord from User Macros as '/MakeIdx-AD /Dialog findresource activedialog pop'
  • 'Options/Editing Settings' dialog - fixed refreshing windows at changing Script.

Support Express Patches

Revision 16/01/03
  • [16/01/03] Avoid displaying color rectangles around imported figures when Hyperlink border is enabled.

Version 11.05 (5-Dec-2015)

  • 'Options/Editing Settings' dialog has been imporved and unified in TeXWord and Centaur.
    Differences of the dialog in Centaur and TeXWord has been highlighed by navy (something like to dark blue) color.
    Caret customization (has been added to Script/Font tab of the dialog).
    'Options/Math Input' options has been moved from menu to 'Editing Settings' dialog.
  • Caret customization is avaiable in Script/Font tab of Options/Editing Settings dialog.
    It allows to choose caret width and color of inactive caret.
    Potentially this solves following problems:
    Larger - more visible caret in source window (15 v)
    cursor in source and preview (6 v)
  • 'Manage User Macros' dialog has been unified in TeXWord and Centaur.
  • Fixed problem with importing DOCINFO into generated PDF. [15/11/26]

Version 11.01 (9-Sep-2015)

  • [15/09/08] Improved appearance of 'Options / Document Properties' dialog.
    Now DOCINFO parameters may defined separatelly in document and/or dialog.
  • [15/09/07] Improved searching TeX files under Windows 10.
    Most noticeable at openning documents (by TeXWord) using a lot of packages.
  • [15/09/03] Improved appearance of 'Options / View Preferences' dialog.
  • [15/09/03] StaticText is now may be wrapped into defined width.

Version 11.0 (1-Sep-2015)

Opening Plain TeX and AmsTeX Documents in TeXWord

BaKoMa TeX Word now can edit Plain TeX and AmsTeX documents.
For details see: Opening Plain TeX and Ams-TeX documents in TeXWord.

PDF Import

Import of PDF now supports Cross-Reference Streams and Object Streams (compressed objects) introduced in PDF 1.5
In previous versions of BaKoMa TeX such files was claimed by diagnostic: "'xref' not found in PDF file".

User Interface

Improved Dialogs

  • Options / Document Properties (TeXWord/DVIEW) - page size, activedialog.
  • Options / Viewer Preferences (TeXWord/DVIEW) - activedialog,
    adaptive to control parameters of different drivers. See: BaKoMa TeX Device Parameters (intrinsics).
  • Options / Editing Settings ... (Centaur) - activedialog.
  • Search / Bookmarks ... (Centaur) - are shared by Centaur and TeXWord.
    See details below Source Bookmarks.
  • Search / Gather ... (Centaur) - activedialog, more obvious editing addional parameters.
    TeXWord: May be bind to menu or invoked from macros by the name: "Gather..."
  • Edit / Define Bookmark ... (DVIEW) - activedialog.
    TeXWord: May be bind to menu or invoked from macros by the name: "PageMarkDefine..."
  • Edit / Goto Bookmark ... (DVIEW) - activedialog.
    TeXWord: May be bind to menu or invoked from macros by the name: "PageMarkBrowse..."
  • Macro / Managing Macros ... (Centaur) - activedialog.

Source Bookmarks

Source bookmarks are now available under TeXWord.
They are synchronized between TeXCode and TeXWord together with file synchroniztion.
Bookmarks may be managed from context menu appeared at clicking on left margin of source code.
Changed Bookmark Key binding
Key binding of bookmark commands has been changed as following:

ActionNew KeysOld Keys
Define bookmark # Shift+Ctrl+1 ... Shift+Ctrl+9 Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9
Find bookmark # Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9 Alt+1 ... Alt+9
Undefine Bookmark: Shift+Ctrl+0 Ctrl+0
ManageBookmarks ... Ctrl+0 Alt+0

Bookmark shortcuts has been changed to avoid collisions with Alt+0 ... Alt+9 keys under Mac OS.
Alt+numbers are actual in national keyboards under Mac (i.e. german keyboard uses Alt+4, Alt+5, to insert [ and ]).
Remapping rule in short form looks like: In short: Alt+... -> Ctrl+... ; Ctrl+... -> Shift+Ctrl+...

More Improvements

  1. Experimental AutoHotKey compatibility mode may be enabled
    in General tab of dialog opened by Options | Editing Settings menu command.
    Tech: Added AutoHotKey.Comp flag (which avoids clearing of StopPoints at editing) In this mode, sequencial BkSp generated by AutoHotKey will correctly remove fixed word.
    NOTE: This mode may raise undesired flickers. However, it may acceptable when working of AutoHotKey is desired.
  2. Improved detecting inputencoding - uses inputenc2script to use input encoding option as default script.
  3. Messages Window: font size may be quickly adjusted using mouse wheel (with Ctrl) or by Ctrl++/Ctrl+- keys.
    Settings dialog (under OSX) avoids calling of wxFontPickerCtrl to provide more stable work.
  4. Dialogs opened by menu commands "File / Print" and "File / Printer Setup" (TeXWord/DVIEW/Windows)
    are placed relative to main window.

Windows 10

BaKoMa TeX 10.81 (recent version of BaKoMa TeX when Windows 10 has been released)
works under Windows 10 without noticeable problems.

However, most of our tests of BaKoMa TeX with Windows 10 was done with version 11.0.

So we declare that BaKoMa TeX 11.0 is well suitable for Windows 10.