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Changes History

Support Express Patches

Version 10.81 (6-Jun-2015)

Revision 15/06/02
  • [15/06/02] Fixes source tracking of ligatures with null ligature pointer.
    The problem has been discovered on frcursive fonts.
  • [15/06/03] frcursive font package has been updated.
Revision 15/05/08 (Windows Issues)
Revision 15/05/05 (adapting to Mac)
  • Print (Generate Listing) has been hidden on Mac, because it uses Windows Unicode fonts.
  • Fixed Erase Working files shows all files in folder (not switched to show only master file)
    Improved file mathing ('filenameforall') in Unix related code.
  • Fixed Managing Macros also have too small buttons, and Help button should be used.
    So, I will transpose help_id of wxBitmapButton in the same way as in WIN32RES emulation.
  • Fixed Save As Template has too small button to open folder with templates ...
    So, wxMAC problem, I will make wxBitmapButton default size as ImageSize + 12 px of margin.
  • Fixed crash at closing TBConfig dialog launched from toolbar extension menu.
    The problem avoided by running TBConfig dialog via PostMessage.
  • Fixed crash at displaying wxPS dialogs (fixed not resetted wxTheNotebook)

Version 10.80 (1-May-2015)

Macro Managing in Centaur/TeXCode

Managing user macros in Centaur(TeXCode) has been made similar to TeXWord.
In advance, insert macros (Like to TeXWord) are supported.

Toolbar Customization

Toolbars Customization: User can add own toolbars for TeXWord, Centaur/TeXCode, and DVIEW.
The way of creating own toolbars is explained in BaKoMa TeX Toolbars Customization

Improved Dialogs

  • File / Save as Template ...
  • File / Print (Generate Listing) ... - standard spacings ...
  • File / Erase Working Files ... (standard spacings and collapsible options of file filter)
  • Options / Toolbar Customization ...
    It displays icons inside list of tools. It looks much clear then displaying icons in separate preview.
  • Help / About ... dialog is now automatocally adjusted for long strings.
  • Help / Keyboard ... (F1) dialog allows to switch views (left bottom corner of dialog). One alternative view shows command names with icons and tips which may be useful for customizing toolbars.

More Fixes

  • [2015/04/29] Fixed running under Windows Accounts with international characters.

Support Express Patches

Revision 15/04/24 (Mac issue)
  • Fixed Unicode surrogates to avoid crash in case of invalid UTF8 codes.
Revision 15/03/31
  • Fixes in TeXWord/TeXCode of reload files changed by another apps.

Version 10.72 (30-Mar-2015)

  • [2015/03/30] More smooth work around of imagemask with Pattern color space.
  • [2015/03/27] Improved TIKZ/PGF compatibility.
    Tech: Extended save limit from standard 15 to 31. Then save/restore instructions were returned into TIKZ code.
    Problem history: TIKZ/PGF easielly overflow standard limit of 15 (taking into attention 2 extra saves for document and page). In this reason, we try to fix the problem by replacement of save/restore to gsave/grestore, whose are less restrictive and faster !!! However, some bug reports has been appeared. So, that we extend the limit and revert fixes. See one:
  • [2015/03/25] Compatibility with (Import of) EPS saved by Acrobat 10.
    Tech: Added /PageSize key to Page Device dictionary (returned by currentpagedevice)

Version 10.71 (21-Mar-2015)

  • [2015/03/21] TeXWord: Key binding to User Macros (menu: User - Manage User Macros).
    See Feature Request: User Macros - establishing new keyboard shortcuts
  • [2015/03/19] Reversed horizontal scroll of windows by using track pad gestures.
    See Feature Request: Mac trackpad scrolling
  • [2015/03/19] Shift+Wheel scrolls horizontally under Windows (like to Mac approach)
  • [2015/03/18] Added toolbar to "Messages Window", because using context menu is not so obvious as required.
  • [2015/03/17] Mac: Fixed openning Messages Window at errors of program (TeXWord, DVIEW, Centaur) initialization.
  • [2015/03/21] Mac: forced rebuilding of ls-R files should recover eventual corruptions after autodownloadings.
  • [2015/03/13] Extended limit for length of tfm/vf font name.
  • [2015/03/11] "Options - Measuring Tool Units" and "View - Show Mouse Position from Bottom"
    moved to "Options - Viewer Preferences - Mouse". "View - Show Mouse Position from Bottom" check box was replaced by combo box "Origin Point" with two values: "Top Left Corner" and "Bottom Left Corner".
  • [2015/03/10] Position of mouse on page is also displayed in "Measuring Units".
  • [2015/03/08] BaKoMa/images/DVI2HTML restored (used by GenratePNG).

Version 10.70 (28-Feb-2015) - *Windows*

Handwritten Math Recognition in Windows 7/8

BaKoMa TeX 10.70 uses the Microsoft math recognizer that is built into Windows 7/8
to recognize handwritten mathematical expressions.

In details read Handwritten Math Recognition in Windows 7/8

More Improvements and Bug fixing

  • [150226] Win: Fixed handling of vijaya.ttf font (Fix touches ttfinfo program).
    Old version fills dictionary by the code: 'dict begin ... /key val def ... currentdict end'.
    New version - 'dict ... dup /key val put ...'.
    Last way avoids collision of glyph names with our commands (vijaya.ttf font has glyph name 'end').
  • [150227] Win: PostWin has been rebuild with VS2010 with extended limits and operators.

Support Express Patches

Revision 15/02/15 (Mac issue)
  • Fix of updating ls-R at autodownload (remove garbage ^M)
Revision 15/02/12 (Applied for 10.65 and 10.66)
  • Update of LaTeX 2e (fixing fixltx2e/floats bugs)

Version 10.66 (5-Feb-2015) - *Mac/Linux issues*

  • [2015/02/05] Detecting file CRLF at loading, then save file with the same CRLF.
    For new files CRLF is set to CRLF for Windows, and to LF - Mac/Linux.
  • [2015/02/02] Linux version has been build with wxWidgets 3.02.
  • [2015/02/02] Linux activation is now independent from internet connection.

Version 10.65 (30-Jan-2015)

Version 10.62 (21-Dec-2014) - *Mac issues*

  • [14/12/21] Mac: Openning TeX/BIB/DVI files on double clicks, dragging to programs is now completed.
    See Feature Request: Double click to open files & Open files via Drag & Drop (11 votes)
    [Big thanks to wxWidgets 3.02]
  • [14/12/21] Centaur: File / New from Template Chooser - inserts template into new file.
  • [14/12/18] BibEdit: Better handling empty BIB-files:
    • Right panel prompts to add entry instead of grid of empty fields.
    • Update toolbars when open empty BIB-file using [Open] button.
    • Mac/Linux: Avoid ASSERT dialog at openning empty BIB-file.
  • [14/12/17] Mac: Math Typesetting Bar - Matrix - dialog is displayed now correctly.
  • [14/12/17] Mac: Options/Editing Settings/Changing focus to Proof (Preview) window by mouse click
    Disabling this option is now working under Mac (it always work under Windows).
    So, after disabling this check box, user can position in page window, but focus is still in source window.
    See Feature Request: editing in TeX window only (8 votes)
  • [14/12/16] Mac version has been build with wxWidgets 3.02.

Version 10.61 (20-Nov-2014)

  • [14/11/20] Fixed collision of autobracematching at inserting symbols via ChooseFont/More Windows Symbols.
  • [14/11/19] Fixed pasting image instead of text from clipboard.
    See Feature Request: Pasting Text
    Now Paste (Shift+Insert, Ctrl+V) function always checks existing of text in clipboard before image.
    To insert images when both (text and image) are available in clipboard we now provide the function PasteImage (Shift+Alt+Insert, Ctrl+Alt+V). So, we just add 'Alt' to key binding of regular Paste.
  • [14/11/18] Fixed automatical making FD file (MkTeXFD) for @families.
  • [14/11/18] Fixed set of scripts for finding apps in Win64 mode (use findapp instead $TEXBIN).
  • [14/11/17] Pasting an Image (PasteGra) is now available on all platforms.
  • [14/11/15] TDSearch fixed bug (reset cache from alternative process)
  • [14/11/14] Win32/Win64 has been build with wxWidgets 3.02.

Version 10.60 (14-Nov-2014)

General Improvements

  • Updated e-TeX to Version 2.6 (14/05/02) and TeX to Version 3.14159265 (January 2014).
  • Support spaces in filenames by TeX and e-TeX.
    See Feature Request: Support space in file name
  • Added pdfsavepos (pdftex emulation) commands to our e-TeX, to make full functionality of tikz/pgf

Minor Improvements and Bug fixing

  • [14/11/14] Centaur and TeXWord tabs now display full file name as tooltip.
  • [14/11/13] Fixed bug of openning BIB files in folders with international names (BiBEdit)
  • [14/11/12] Fixed bug of loading MEM file by MetaPost, because of sharing main_memory TeX parameter.
  • [14/11/11] Fixed migratig Hyperlink rectangles to next page without hyperlinks (DVIEW).
  • [14/11/11] Fixed bug of double cvn in /OUT pdfmark in generated PostScript.
  • [14/11/06] Fixes bug of disappearing TAB at SaveAs in Centaur/TeXCode program.
  • [14/10/31] Fixed bug in MSAM5 font (was warning at openning PDF generated with this font)
  • [14/10/16] Fixed buffer overflow at loading *.pro files in searchlibfile function (dvilib.ctr).
  • [14/10/06] Win: Changed USERPICTS to 'My Pictures/TeX-Figs' (instead of 'My Pictures' )
    to avoid hanging at searching picture files in potentially huge My Pictures folder.
    The same approch has been made for Mac in version 9.84.

Support Express Patches

Revision 14/09/17
  • [14/09/17] Fixed href buffer overflow.
  • Mac: Automatical reset file search cache at fail seach of crucial resources (PSKERNEL).

Version 10.50 (3-Sep-2014)

Win64 version of common applications

Almost all gui applications (texword, centaur, dview, bibedit, metahelp), most frequently used console apps (tex, etex. makeindex, bibtex, postline, etc.) and most useful graphical filers has been build in 64 bit version.

We consider, Win64 programs are experimental yet. In this reason, by default, only Win32 programs are used.
However, user can switch on using Win64 applications.

NOTE: Update Packages will not add Win64 apps.
To install Win64 apps run installation module in update mode.

Updated biblatex and using Biber

BiBLaTeX can use both BibTeX and Biber. However, last recent version uses Biber by default (and it is recommended way).

BaKoMa TeX beginning from version 10.50 includes support for running Biber if it is available in BIN\Win32 folder.

For details see BibLaTeX in BaKoMa TeX

Updated LaTeX kernel and more packages

Updated: latex kernel, babel, graphics, tools.

Feature Requests ... Problem Fixes ...

We continue to implement user wishes from Feature Request page.

Support Express Patches

LaTeX 3 support (5-May-2014, Revision 140505)

Added support of LaTeX 3 to BaKoMa TeX.

e-TeX has been extended (\strcmp primitive) to support LaTeX 3.
LaTeX 3 macros (L3Kernel, L3Experimental, L3Packages) are updated to release 2014/01/07.
Also added/updated packages using L3* macros: notes2bib, SIunitx, regexpatch, xpatch, xpeek.

Version 10.40 (4-Apr-2014)

Track Changes - LaTeXDiff support ...

Most important improvement in BaKoMa TeX 10.40 is support of
very popular latex track changing tool latexdiff (see

The are two directions of support:

  1. Primarily, latexdiff output may be directly opened by TeXWord and revised visually.
    Any additions/deletions may be individually accepted or declined.
  2. In advance, when TeXWord detects both latexdiff and perl installed on your computer
    it provides several commands for running latexdiff and latexrevise from File menu.

For more details read instructions: Using latexdiff with BaKoMa TeX Word.

Note, when we are under development of this feature one feature request related to track changing has been appeared:
See Feature Request: Track changes, which we consider as implemented now.

Feature Requests ... Problem Fixes ...

We continue to implement user wishes from Feature Request page.
  • 'TeX Running Parameters' dialog now have new option: 'Show this dialog each time you open the document'.
    See Feature Request: No dialog window upon start, or option [14 votes]

    By default this option is on. Just check off it to avoid the dialog at openning the document.
    Note, that this option is document property. So, unchecking options works only for currently opened document.

    However, this new button saves current document properties present on the dialog (TeX Format, Document Input Encoding, Inertnal TeX Encoding, Enable TCX flag, Show dialog flag) as defaults for another documents.

    Note, TeX Running parameters dialog now allows to change TeXFormat when TeX is running. (when dialog is open from menu) However, it shows message that immediate changing is not available, but it will be done after document reopen.

  • 'Speller Configuration' dialog also have new button to save speller settings as defaults for another documents.
    See Feature Request: speller configuration [7 votes]

    This button saves document properties present on the dialog (Highlighting of misspelled words flag, spelling target (Preview, Source, Both), Word Composition Rules, User Dictionary) as defaults for another documents.

  • Fixed Bugs: buffer overflow at pstack of long files, extended menu manipulation features, improving displaying image buttons on Mac, handling folder names with spaces on Mac, etc.

Support Express Patches

Revision 14/03/11:
  • [14/03/11] [OSX] Fixed support of International keyboards (i.e. Hungarian)

Version 10.30 (3-Mar-2014)

wxWidgets ...

wxWidgets messages (errors, warnings, etc.) has been routed into 'Messages Window'.
Most noticeable samples: (1) claim about removing staled lock file (Mac/Linux) (2) claim about incorrect sRGB file at importing PNG.
So now these messages will not disturb regular workflow. However, all messages are still available via 'Messages Window'.

Build with release of wxWidgets 3.0 (Windows)

Most important improvement in BaKoMa TeX 10.30 is that it has been build with recent release of wxWidgets 3.0

This step gives a lot of improvements, but also requires a fixes:

  • [14/01/30] LIBPNG - changed longjump buffer name.
  • [14/02/01] In text edit arrows, TAB do not work, because focus lost after first press.
    However, other symbols (letters, delete, Home/End) has no such effect. The effect is with modifier Shift/Ctrl, but not with Alt. The focus is passed to parent window, such that tab control gets these keys.
    The focus has been intercept by new code which handles dialog navigation buttons for nested dialogs and panels.
    The problem has been fixed by clearing WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT flag of just created TeXEdit window and its parent.

BibEdit is launcheable as separate program.

BibEdit is a simple editor for BIB files.
Now it may be launched as separate program from Start Menu - All Programs - BaKoMa TeX (MSW).
In previous versions it was developed only as helper, which is called when a user executes the 'Insert / Citation (Alt+C)' (in TeXWord and Centaur) menu command when editing documents using BIB-files.

Feature Requests ... Problem Fixes ...

We continue to implement user wishes from Feature Request page.
  • Reset focus to search string at show of 'Search and Replace (in source)' (TeXWord) non-modal dialog.
    See Feature Request: Ctrl-F search highlighted word [9 votes]
  • Added Paste option to context menu (opened by right mouse click) of Page (Preview) Window.
    See Feature Request: "Paste" option in right mouse button menu for previewer window [4 votes]
    NOTE: Paste option not added when (1) selection is, (2) misspelled word, (3) hyperlink, (4) clipboard is empty.
    NOTE: Paste is appeared differently as Paste Text or Paste Image depending on text or image is in clipboard.
  • Added horisontal scroll bars for all list boxes in case of too long items (Windows only ??)
    See Feature Request: "Recent Files" dialog -- allow also long file paths.

Support Express Patches

Version 10.21 (21-Nov-2013)

  • DejaVu fonts: added definitions and extended ranges to support them. [13/11/21]
  • PostScript interpeter enhancements: fixed grestoreall operator; fixed (eo)fill with pattern, whose PaintProc lost garbage on operand stack (we now test operand stack after every call of PaintProc and remove garbage). These fixes are relevant for MS Windows driver PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2.
    Thanks to petert@..., who report the problem. [13/10/29]
  • Added definition of document class 'revtex4-1' which is just mirrors of definition of 'revtex4'. [13/10/19]
  • BibEdit improvements: Now it may be launched as separate program - [Open] button at launching without BIB-file in command line.
  • Mac: BibEdit, Centaur, DVIEW are associated with proper file extensions. I.e. clicking on BIB-file (or right click + Open With...) you have way to open in BibEdit (of BaKoMa TeX).

Version 10.20 (1-Oct-2013)

PDF Generation serious improvements.

We continue to improve PDF generation.
  • Fixed extra splitting of strings, because of inherited display parameters. [13/09/30]
  • 'Embed in Compact Font Format (CFF)' can't be checked off now.
    Some users disable this flag (even ignoring *Recommended*) ... Unfortunatelly, without this flag some bugs from fonts may be embedded into PDF. As result, failed PDF files may be created. [13/09/29]
  • Improved handling of inline images in generated PDF.
    Previous approach has no problem with Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, it has effect for such browsers as FoxIt reader and MacOSX Preview app. [13/09/24]

Windows ...

Now we return some code ported to Mac/Linux back to Windows.
  • Image Cache (under Windows) has been unified with another systems (Mac and Linux).
    So image cache not shared between programs, such that it is much more robust (auto erased after program restart), it is faster on reuse, but may be slower after program restart. [13/02/10]

Feature Requests ... Problem Fixes ...

We continue to implement user wishes from Feature Request page.
  • Disable ping noise on unmatched left brace as required in 'Feature Request'. [13/09/17]
  • Added tabu package as required in 'Feature Request'. [13/09/04]
  • Updated pdfopts package avoids collisions in many cases. [13/06/27]

Version 10.10 (13-Jan-2013)

PDF Generation

BaKoMa TeX 10.10 introduces noticeable improvement of PDF generation by direct embedding of imported PDF graphics.

'Direct embedding PDF graphics' is new option in PDF generation dialog. The option controls way of importing PDF graphics. By default new way is enabled. Disable it to completely return to old approach.

Mac Retina Display Support (31-Jan-2013)

Retina Display is a brand name used by Apple for liquid crystal displays which they claim have a high enough pixel density that the human eye is unable to notice pixelation at a typical viewing distance. The term is used for several Apple products, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and MacBook Pro ... [see wikipedia for details]

Product line known as MacBook Pro with Retina Display is under our main consideration.
Our experience: it is excellent display. We recommend them to everybody.

To support Retina Display all programs were rebuild using wxOSX/COCOA, instead of wxOSX/CARBON (as previous versions). In this reason, this version has number of advantages related with using COCOA: (1) sorted lists, (2) nicer toolbars, (3) sometime refresh may be faster, etc.
Take into attention several important differences:
  • Alt+TAB is used to switch between preview and source windows, because Ctrl+TAB not handler by wxOSX/COCOA.
  • Some mouse tools activated by ALT instead of CTRL key.
  • Added upscaled icons. Under Windows installed in bootcamp larger icons may be used.

Support Express Patches

Revision 13/01/30 (RC):
  • [13/01/28] Mouse tracking tools has been adapted to retina display.
  • [13/01/27] Improved page caching algorithm.
  • [13/01/25] Accelerate page cache under Mac by using CGLayer.
  • [13/01/17] Automatical brace matching has been improved in TeXWprd.
  • [13/01/15] Fixed focus after switching between source/working files.
Revision 13/01/08:
  • Final fixes of switching focus between windows.
  • Default buttons on many dialogs.
  • Work around wxCB_SORT, unsupported feature under wxOSX/COCOA.
Revision 13/01/05:
  • Accelerators for symbol panels has been implemented.
  • Symbol panels are adjusted for caret when opened by keyboard.
  • Appearance of color control buttons has been improved.

Version 10.04 (30-Dec-2012) Test Version for Retina Displays

This is TEST version is intended only for Macs with retina displays.

Version 10.03 (21-Dec-2012)

Revision 12/12/21:
  • Automatic highlighting matched braces is implemented as winner of Feature Request voting.
    The feature is available in TeXWord source files window and in Centaur/TeXCode text editor.
    • This feature is disabled by default. To enable the feature
      open a dialog using the menu command Options - Editing Settings,
      select the tab Source (or More in Centaur),
      and check on the flag Auto brace matching [10.03].
  • [12/12/04] TeXWord/x-bar.ctr:Ask procedure use DEFPUSHBUTTON for [OK], such that ENTER key is shortcut for [OK].
Revision 12/11/30:
  • [12/11/30] PDF2EPS: Improved handling embedded CFF fonts.
  • [12/11/30] Updated packages: geometry.
Revision 12/11/20:
  • [12/11/20] Mac: Fixed pasting text copied from MS Word 2011.

Version 10.02 (17-Oct-2012)

Revision 12/10/17:
  • Full Screen Mode is implemented as winner of Feature Request voting.
    Shortcuts: F11 under Windows and Linux, but Ctrl+Cmd+F under MacOS.
    Spell shortcuts has been changed from F11 to F10 key to avoid collision with Full Screen and Mac system shortcuts.
  • [12/10/11] TeXCode: fixed closing tabs (by [X] button) in split windows.
Revision 12/10/07:
  • [12/10/06] TeXCode: 'Window/Toggle Text/Math Toolbar' toggles toolbars without flicking and visible bind to Esc.
  • [12/10/03] TeXCode: characters and space are also replaces selected region.
  • [12/10/03] TeXWord: Space now replaces selected region.
  • [12/10/01] Win32: wx294, horizontal scroll by mouse wheel and trackpad.
  • [12/09/30] TeXCode: fixed 'TeX/Typeset Block' to avoid call of dynamical preview when impossible.
  • [12/10/02] Fixed hyperref driver to highlight local link by linkcolor. (updated only: hyperref.config.bkz)

Version 10.01 (23-Sep-2012)

  • Transparency is supported in PSTricks, TIKZ/PGF, imported PDF files, and even EPS files (distiller compatible). Transparency is transmitted to the generated PDF and SVG files, and even shown on displays.

    More details read on Transparency page.

  • [12/09/18] PDF2EPS handles compressed Type 1 fonts.
  • [12/09/14] Alarm Button indicating BibTeX errors. Click will show BibTeX LOG-files (BLG).
  • [12/09/06] Extended ReDo buffer for the same limit as UnDo buffer.

Version 10.0 (3-Sep-2012)

PDF Generation

Most important improvement in BaKoMa TeX 10.0 is pdfmark support (in PDF generation) compatible with Acrobat distiller.

LaTeX users will found following advanatges:

  • Support for embedded movies by movie15 and multimedia (beamer) packages.
  • Support for Acrobat forms (hyperref package)
  • Support for animations (animate package)
  • New hyperref driver provides pdfmark support compatible with another packages.
    Such that more another packages using pdfmark have chance to work now.

Opening Legacy LaTeX 2.09 Documents in TeXWord

It looks not so actual today, but we allow to open in TeXWord already created legacy LaTeX documents (using \documentstyle instead of \documentclass). Note, that we do not allow to create new documents in legacy format. Also, editing documents in legacy format will be extremly restricted. However, it may be useful for editing old LaTeX documents.

At openning, we preanalize source, then provide different formats available for every class of source. In case of LaTeX 2.09 we allow to select LaTeX 2e (in compatibility mode) or native LaTeX 2.09 ... Also, in case of LaTeX 2.09 we show alarm button which provides hint: that edting LaTeX 2.09 is very restrictive because of obsolete format. Converting to LaTeX 2e will allow more power editing of your document.

Mac/Linux Improvements

  • Common Settings - Install Fonts - Install DVIPS font MAP file
    is now supported under Mac and Linux.
  • Common Settings - Font Utilities
    are now supported under Mac and Linux.

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixing

  1. [12/09/01] Improved paper size handling important for magnified docs (PowerDot, Prosper, etc.)
  2. [12/08/30] Panel with Phaistos symbols added in TeXWord.
  3. [12/08/30] Avoid mapping collisions for fonts in several formats (I.e. PFB and OTF).
  4. [12/08/29] Fixed Propser template to avoid page rotation in generated PDF files.
  5. [12/08/28] Win: Supressed events generated by CAPSLOCK and NUMLOCK.
  6. [12/08/28] Updated 'pstricks.sty' fixed to ignore new 'pdf' option when no pdftex detected.
  7. [12/08/22] Mac/Linux: template preview under case-sensitive file systems.
  8. [12/08/21] 'Help/Search Google for Word or Selection' works via wxLaunchDefaultBrowser under all systems.
  9. [12/08/21] 'File/Save As Template' has button to explore folder with user templates.
  10. [12/08/20] Mac: Enabled inserting Alt-Characters.
  11. [12/08/18] Fixed displaying unicoded docinfo in 'Options/Document Properties/General Info'.
  12. [12/08/09] Recovered SPACE handling similar to V 9.05,
    Ctrl+SPACE is hard space (~), Shift_SPACE is soft space (\ ),
    and SPACE in preview window after TeX command inserts soft space.
  13. [12/08/09] Handling destination in generated PDF files without changing zoom factor.
    (Using /XYZ instead of /FitR in destination definition).
  14. [12/08/06] Win32: Fixed spell checking in preview window of TeXWord.
    (word buffer overflow at navbars of beamer presentations).
  15. [12/08/05] Mac/Linux: Fixed saving template preview.
  16. [12/06/15] \ref wizard shows labels sorted with enabled search.
  17. [12/06/12] Linux/Mac: DVICOLOR.CTR using IsAbsFileName fixes saving stuffs into DDF file.
  18. [12/06/08] Win: Package Manager - List of packages in alphabetical order.

Compatibility Issues.

  • Prosper presentations -- New HyperRef driver forces generation of rotated PDF.
    To solve this problem we recommend to add 'distiller' document class option in your tex-file.
    Using GUI this fix may be done in dialog opened by menu command 'Insert - Document Properties' and change 'Use Distiller' to 'Yes'. NOTE: Prosper template was fixed to set this option by default.
  • PowerDot presentations -- PowerDot emmits CropBox into generated PDF files.
    In current version, it is saved correctly only if paper type is defined in Landscape orientation.
    There are two ways to fix the problem:
    1. To fix paper orientation: open dialog 'Options - Document Properties - Paper', check on Landscape, click [OK] button. Then you will see page alarm button at right bottom corner of main window. Click it and agree to fix paper size. Paper size will be adjusted with preserved selected orientation.
    2. Alternative way is in disabling saving CropBox by PowerDot options. Open 'Insert - Document Properties' dialog and select 'Paper option other then 'Screen'. Any 'letter' and 'a4' will be O'K. Finally Click [OK] button. Then you will see page alarm button at right bottom corner of main window. Click it and agree to fix paper size.