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Changes History

Support Express Patches

Revision 18/10/18
  • [18/10/18] Fixed pgfsys-dvips.def: marks are supported by e-TeX with \lastpos instead of checking for pdftex.
    Problem was shown under e-TeX with following diagnostic
    Package pgf Warning: Your graphic driver pgfsys-dvips.def does not support mark ing the current position.
    Now it works.
Revision 18/09/28
  • [18/09/28] Fixed open TeX-files from Finder in TeXWord under MacOS 11.14 (Mojave)

Version 11.80 (18-Aug-2018)

BaKoMa TeX 11.80 releases features tested in versions 11.72 ... 11.78.

Most important improvements are:

  1. Improved Installation programs (Windows)
    It now can install in single user mode, which avoids priveles elevation at autodownload missed packages.
    To install in admin mode installation program must be launched "As Adminiatrator".
  2. Improved run of external programs such as
    inkscape to import SVG
    pygmentize to highlight different codes using minted package.
  3. Fixed run of CTEX. read About using CTEX for details.
  4. Cross Reference Wizard (Ctrl+R) was accelerated by additional buffering.
Revision 18/08/18
  • [18/08/18] Install - improved collison All User/Single user modes.
  • [18/08/18] Install - improved creating menu icons.

Testing Versions

Version 11.78 (8-Aug-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/08/08
  • [18/08/08] CTEX fixes - expanded dictionaries for more encodings.
  • [18/08/06] Install fixes - enabled update mode in some special situations.

Version 11.77 (31-Jul-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/07/31
  • [18/07/30] Speedup Cross reference Wizard (Ctrl+R) by additional buffering.

Version 11.75 (25-Jul-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/07/16
CTEX support.
  • [18/07/16] read About using CTEX for details.
  • [18/07/15] Added zhmetrics with configuring for Windows fonts.
    [18/07/15] Improved synthizing encoding for TTF fonts without Post table.
    [18/07/15] Added support of TTC fonts (ttencode, ttf2ps, ttfinfo)
Revision 18/07/09
  • [18/07/09] Support for SVG (\includesvg) package
    Renamed svg.sty controlling features in generated SVG files.
    Fixed move.cmd
    Adding svg package to repository.
Revision 18/07/07
  • [18/07/06] wxchoosefile is now returns list of selected files in case of multiple file selection. chosoefile just ignores multiple file selection, so wxchoosefile must be used for multiple.
  • [18/07/06] choosefile, choosefolder, wxchoosefile are now childed to actual modal dialog instead of wxframe.
Revision 18/07/05 (Windows)
  • [18/07/05] Fixed Win64 tftopl/pltotf/vptovf/vftovp.
  • [18/07/05] Disable activating Win64 apps at install.

Version 11.72 (2-Jul-2018) TESTING

  • [18/07/01] Added more command emulations to pass packages such as minted without claims.
  • [18/06/28] Added new primiteves to e-TeX processors, whose improve run of external programs.
    It improves such packages as TIKZ/externalize and minted/Pygmentize.
  • [18/06/24] Support for Pygments. See Using Pygment in BaKoMa TeX
    techically, handling redirection of stdout in \write18 was added.
    It allows to use packages texments, verbments, minted.
  • [18/06/22] Imporved Install procedure under Windows, It allows:
    • Install for All Users or for Current user only.

Version 11.71 (12-Jun-2018)


Version 11.70 (6-Jun-2018)

BaKoMa TeX 11.70 supports import of more graphics files via \includegraphics
Windows MetaFile (WMF)
See details on the page: Import Windows Metafile (WMF) Graphics.
GnuPlot Graphics
See details on the page: Import and embedding GnuPlot Graphics.

Version 11.64 (28-May-2018)

  • Omega was removed from Windows version, because of obsolete.
  • Released support of system fonts under Mac (Configuring Font Families).
  • Activation on Mac/Linux without internet.

Version 11.63 (15-May-2018)

Configuring Font Families dialog.
The Configuring Font Families dialog is improved in the following aspects:
  • Linux: It is now available on Linux Version.
  • MacOS: It is now available together with Insert Symbols dialog.
  • It is now includes preview for all font families.
  • System fonts are now selected using font family to make documents reproduceable under Windows and Mac.

Version 11.62 (28-Apr-2018)

  • Window docked with Menu/Toolbar is new option in Options / Common Settings .
    This parameter allows you to select which TeXWord window should be central (Page Window or Source Files).
    Implements Feature Request: Split screen menu bar
  • Invert colors on Page Window is new option in Options / Viewer Preferences
    Implements Feature Request: Invert colors (use dark background with bright letters) in display window
    NOTE: This parameter has effect only for Display and PNG export.
  • The default window size is improved on UHD displays for
    TeXWord, TeXCode, DVIEW, MetaHelp, BibEdit, Messages.
  • More consistent appearance of dialog boxes (borders, spaces) on HD and UHD displays.

Testing Versions

Version 11.61 (18-Apr-2018)

Revision 18/04/22
Improved Configuring Font Families
  • [18/04/22] List of Fonts has been tested and revised.
  • [18/04/21] Fixed PS dictionary limit from 32K to 64K.
  • [18/04/21] ttfinto: smart handling of unknown type of CMAP tables.
  • [18/04/20] Font Sample is now can use not system font (installing it privatelly)
  • [18/04/20] Extended buffers in FSetup.ctr to handle font with longer names.
Revision 18/04/18
  • [18/04/18] Fixed bug in openning Configring Font Families.

Version 11.60 (12-Apr-2018)

Improved use of TrueType fonts

Configuring Font Families...
The Configuring Font Families dialog is improved in the following aspects:
  • This dialog opens much faster (almost instantly)
    because of the use of pre build list of TeX fonts.
  • This list includes all the fonts available in the distribution, but not only those that are on the disk.
    However, the fonts you select will be downloaded automatically.
  • The font family can be used through fontspec (fontspec-etex).
fontspec-etex: Emulation of fontspec for eTeX
BaKoMa TeX beginning from V 11.60 introduces fontspec-etex package,
which is emulation of fontspec package (main font selection under XeTeX and LuaTeX) for eTeX.

For details see: fontspec-etex

Improved dialogs

  • [18/03/21] View / Font Highlighting (HLFonts.rc) dialog was converted to wxPS from RES32.
    BKMButton works. But ... Is it reasonable to convert them to color picker ?
  • [18/03/21]BindKey dialog was ported to wxPS from RES32.
    Must be tested and probably refined ...

Support Express Patches

  • [18/04/06] [Windows] Supressed message 'Undefined key [WINDOWS_LEFT/_RIGH]
Revision 18/03/20 (Windows Only)
  • [18/03/20] Resolved problem error 0xc0000142.
Revision 18/03/18 (ALL)
  • [18/03/18] Customizing shortcuts for toolbar items has been recovered.
  • [18/03/18] DVIPS under Mac do not produce 'Unregistered Copy' mark.
  • [18/03/17] Fixed wrong caret moving after inserting hieroglyph.
  • [18/03/16] Fixed support of international keyboards on Mac.

Version 11.55 (15-Mar-2018)

Main features

Export PostScript (Mac and Linux)
  • Support of export PostScript (using DVIPS) on Mac and Linux.
Mac autorealod.

Testing Versions

Version 11.54 (LINUX TEST VERSION) (14-Mar-2018)
There is test for linux.
  • [18/03/15] Make the same for Mac
  • [18/03/14] TIKZ/Externalize works well in Centaur, and TeXWord.
  • [18/03/14] Rebuild e-TeX with new -jobname option to support TIKZ/externalize.
    Improved run of programs via \write18 to provide the same support as under Windows.
  • DVIPS is tested.
  • It includes DVIPS, TTF2PS (to use TTF by DVIPS), tftopl, pltotf, vftovp, vptovf.
Version 11.54 (TEST VERSION) (11-Mar-2018)
This test version includes several improvements to support of TIKZ externalize feature using by only BaKoMa TeX programs.
  • [18/03/11] fontware (tftopl, pltotf, vftovp, vptovf) are rebuild using MSVC for both Win32 and Win64.
  • [18/03/11] TTF2PS rebuild using MSVC for both Win32 and Win64.
    It now also handles fonts with linebreaks in notice.
  • [18/03/10] Improved selecting format by latex command run from \write18
  • [18/03/07] Handling of '&&' in \write18 for TeXWord ...
  • [18/03/06] Support of -jobname option in e-TeX. (for TIKZ externalize)
  • [18/03/05] Updated DVIPS now supports "last papersize wins". (for TIKZ externalize)
    It also rebuild using MSVC for both Win32 and Win64.
  • [18/03/04] Handling '&&' in \write18 ... for Centaur runs (via PostLine)
  • [18/03/04] Fixed crash at displaying UTF8 codes out of UTF16

Version 11.53 (3-Mar-2018)

This version provides several improvements related with typesetting China/Japan hieroglyphs using CJK package.

Support Express Patches

New CD packaging (supports Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • [18/02/10-12] Arranged CD format which will include only RUN modules.
    NOTE: MetaHelp loads required modules from internet on the fly.
    This approach make this CD small (less then 400 MB) for nowdays.

Version 11.52 (22-Feb-2018)

  • [18/02/20] Linux have more flexible configuration for autodownloads.
    Local install download into itself, Shared install autownload into $HOME/.bakoma
  • [18/02/14] Updated MetaHelp document index (4973 document instead of 2231) for most recent document collection.
  • Fixed wrong appearance (<FFFE>) of unicode strings in About dialog (Linux/Mac)

Test Release of Linux version.

New Distribution format
Distribution format was changed from DEB/RPM to TAR.XZ archive.


  • It works potentially on any distributive without conversion.
  • It can install software in shared folder and local user folder.
Technical details
  • Build on Ubuntu 16.04 / 64 bit
  • Build with wxWidgets 3.10 (2017/10/10) build in GTK2 mode
  • Included libs: libpng (for compatibility with U1710).

Support Express Patches

Revision 18/01/24 (Mac)
  • Rebuild Mac version using wxWidgets 3.03 (More stable version)
    However, it is 64 bit under OSX 10.11
    So, we lost fullscreen on virtual desktop, which is supported in wxWidgets 3.10
    Also, we lost autoreload of files, like as it available under Windows.

Version 11.51 (18-Jan-2018)

General improvement of Mac version.

It was build with completely new environment:
  • All programs are build as 64 bit.
  • Rebuild using wxWidgets 3.10
  • Build made under OSX 10.11 using Xcode 8
Positive consequencies:
  • Improved responce of TeXWord.
  • Improved stability for download/install packages.
  • [17/04/22] Redirect Assert messages into Messages Window.
Negatibve consequencies:
  • Dropped support of OSX 10.6 and 10.7
Improved many dialogs for better visual balance on Mac:
  • [17/04/21] Options / Editing Settings - regular spacing of most checkboxes inside groups.
  • [17/04/22] Find + Find n Replace dialogs + final refinments of previous dialog.
  • [TODO] Toolbar customization - Insert item from program menu - all items are disabled !!!
    Is it exists in previous version ?
    [SOLVED] Building with wxWidgets snapshot of 17/10/17 problem disappeared.
  • [PROBLEM] Tooltips on second tabs in dialogs are not shown ...
    Is it exists in previous version ?
    17/10/17 snapshot do not solve the problem.
  • [TODO] Improve appearance of more dialogs in testing process ...

Support Express Patches (both Windows and Mac)

Revision 18/01/17
  • Final enabling import of MP files in both Windows nad Mac !!!
Revision 18/01/15
  • Fix of latexdiff (broken by moderation of running external programs)
Revision 18/01/08
  • Handling call of import filter 'pdf2eps -p figures' (without defined page number).

Version 11.50 (1-Jan-2018)

Integration with MetaPost

Now users can insert MetaPost graphics just using '\includegraphics{}'.

See details: Import MetaPost Graphics

Also, MetaPost is updated for version 2.0.
Under Windows, it is provided for both Win32 and Win64 architectures.

Improved handling run of external programs from TeXWord

Now users can enable, disable, and selectively enable external programs from Centaur and TeXWord.

See details: Shell Escape

Also, TeX and e-TeX are updated to support this improvement.

More improvements

  • [17/12/30] Fixed Encoding configuration in font packages:
    newtx, drm, newpx, ccfonts, tex-gyre, crimson, gfsdidot, gfsneohellenic,
    rosario, caladea, sourceserifpro, librecaslon, librebodoni.
    CheckENC searches undefined encodings.
  • [17/12/29] ReSync button is shown/hidden in idle time.
  • [17/12/28] TeX Error alarm buttons are shown/hidden in Idle time.
    Looks as solution. I think ReSync button also must be toggled in idle time.
  • [17/12/28] Saving and reloading files with enabled \write18 in TeXWord.
    When \write18 is enabled in TeXWord all files clsed by TeX are saved, and all reopened files are reloaded when they are updated outside of TeXWord.
    It should be tested more deeply.
  • [17/12/26] 'Enable system call via \write18 ...' option was added to
    'TeX Running Parameters' dialog in both Centaur and TeXWord.
    However, they are different parameters.
  • [17/12/26] Added --no-shell-escape option to TeX and eTeX processors.
    NOTE: Run-TeX supress this flag for formats Omega, Lambda.
  • [17/12/25] Improved Handling of "Synchronization Range = Entire Document (Optimal)"
    when editing from Page Window.
  • [17/12/23] Added \ifeof18 to e-TeX.
  • [17/12/07] Added redirection feature to pipefile (popen) under Windows.
    One way to avoid hanging on program interruction is appending '<dev<null' at end of command line.
  • "Options / TeX Running Parameters" are unified
    both have single [Close] button - all changes are made instantly
  • [17/12/10] Fixed handling Alt+Space under Windows.
    Now it is passed to the system to open application system menu.
  • "Help / About" dialog is now activedialog.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/11/20
  • Improved stability of 64 bit builds of BaKoMa TeX programs.
    Fixed handling filters (Long->Ptr)
Revision 17/10/27 (Linux)
  • Removed from bin/linux folder to avoid collision under ubuntu 17.10
Revision 17/10/07
  • [17/10/07] Fixed "Options / Editing Settings / AutoSave / Moving the Caret ..."
  • [17/10/07] Removed "Entire Document (Hard)" from "Options / Editing Settings / Synchronization Range ... "
  • [17/10/05] Small code restructurizations ...

Version 11.41 (1-Oct-2017)

  • [170930] Fixed Common Settings / Install Fonts dialog - masked checkboxes for Unicode
  • [170927] Added configuration of fonts for sansmathaccent package, whose are used by Beamer for math.
  • [170926] TDSearch: fixed multiple :*: suffixes in TEXMF variable definition.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/09/19
  • Resolved buckup collision between different programs.
    One solution is adding PID to Backup file name.
Revision 17/09/12
  • Fixed oveflow of system font dictionary at generating PDF files.
Revision 17/09/05
  • BibTeX8: BUF_SIZE was extended from 10000 to 32000.
    Some systems (i.e. Mendeleev) adds abstracts whose needs extended buffer.
  • TeXWord/DVIEW: Headers pool was extended. Some packages use more DVIPS headers.
Revision 17/08/30
  • Fixed TeXWord sync for documents with large number of strings (unsigned srcinfo.File)
Revision 17/08/18
  • Enabled autodownloading of PostScript Headers.
  • Handling of not loaded prologs
  • Added new dependency pstricks=pst-tools
Revision 17/08/16 (MacOS,Linux)
  • [17/08/16] Extending default TeX values:
    • font_mem_size - 800000
    • main_memory - 1400000
    • hash_extra - 30000
    NOTE: They are now matched with minimal values under Windows.

Version 11.40 (4-Aug-2017)

This version includes release of general LaTeX Update (Spring 2017) with hundreds macro and font packages.
It also includes fixes of TeX engine and other programs to handle LaTeX3 and other packages without problems.

Most of changes was tested in Summer of 2017 in test versions 11.36, 11.37, 11.38.

Support Express Patches

  • [Rev-170717] Reconfigured fonts: newtx. Extended limits of FDList and TFMList.
  • [Rev-170716] Reconfigured fonts: bbold. Returned back: MathDesign
  • [Rev-170714] Recovered back: wasy, niceframe (our versions include T1/T3 fonts)
  • [Rev-170712] Overall check of TFM preconfiguration.

Version 11.38 Test (10-Jul-2017)

This version adds (In comparing with V 11.37) hundreds of new macro and font packages. We also fix a lot of problems.

This massive update may introduce a lot of collisions. In this reason we keep it in test state.

Support Express Patches

  • [Rev-170709] Kernel fixes, Removed more collisions, Added about 70 font packs.
  • [Rev-170707] Added a lot of new packages, clean up duplications.
  • [Rev-170705] Added carlisle packages: blkarray, comma, fix2col, nopageno, typehtml
  • [Rev-170704] xcolor, TeXWord: automatical saving XCP files to handle custom colors on View/Refresh (F5)
  • [Rev-170704] Extended limit of ColorStack from 32 to 512 (Some macros use it so deep)
  • [Rev-170703] Added \shellescape and extended font_mem_size for LaTeX3 (expl3)
  • [Rev-170702] All LaTeX formats always use e-TeX. Defaults for User Toolbar is now in Toolbars folder.
  • [Rev-170629] Fixed packaging of pgf and beamer packages.
  • [Rev-170629] Using (x)color package without graphcis (undefine 'page' in 'Gin').
  • [Rev-170628] PSTricks, TIKZ, PGF - added missed packages.
  • [Rev-170627] graphics(x) - fixed import PDF files (reset page option)

Version 11.37 Test (27-Jun-2017)

This version includes general update of LaTeX and many packages to recent state (on June 2017).

This massive update may introduce a lot of collisions between updated packages. In this reason we keep it in test state.

General Update of LaTeX with packages

This version includes general package update more then 500 latex packages was updated to last recent version on June 2017.

This dramatical update may raise some package collisions.

In this reason we keep this version under Test.


  • More flexible Font Handling under Windows.
    FontManagemnt mode is automatically switched from 'Private Fonts' (when failed) to 'Private In Memory Fonts'. This approach can automatically avoid collisions with any file virtualization software like SandBoxes etc.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/06/16
Mac and Linux versions based on Win 11.35.
  • [17/06/16] Mac version of V 11.35

Version 11.35 (30-May-2017)

  • Added yet another 'Font Management Approach' option 'Private In Memory Fonts'.
  • Improved font handling: missed fonts, fonts without FullName in FontInfo dict (newtx).
  • Recent Files - fixed invalidaccess in removing records.

Version 11.32 (30-Apr-2017)

Windows 10 Optimization

Main improvement is support of process private fonts.

This way can be handled in
'Options / Common Settings / Font Cache / Font Management Approach'

There are following options:

  1. Shared Fonts
    Required fonts are installed before first use calling 'AddFontResource'.
    All such fonts are visible by all programs at end of session.
  2. Shared Fonts with automatical disactivation - default approach in previous versions.
    Same as previous, but all installed fonts are uninstalling after exiting last BaKoMa TeX program.
  3. Private Fonts - default (and recommended) option in new version.
    Required fonts are private for every process.
  4. Private In Memory Fonts [TEST: Revision 170505(11.33), Public: 170530(11.35)]
    Similar as previous, but loading font into memory avoids different virtualization of file system for regular files and font files. This can solve problems with different sandboxing software.

Using option (3) under Windows 10 speeds up starting of symbol panels and Page Window.
Also, it avoids hanging at exiting last program as was with using option (2).

This option is replacement for check box:
Disactivate cached fonts after exiting last BaKoMa TeX program.
Unchecked was the same as (1), checked was the same as (2).

Hot Fixes

  • [17/04/30] Fixed TeXWord: File / Save As Template

Version 11.31 (12-Apr-2017)

Adapting more Dialogs ...

In progress:
  • Insert Symbols from Windows fonts
    [Windows] Appearance improved - UHD support
  • Insert / Configuring Font Families ... and FF / More Font Families
    [Windows] Appearance improved - UHD support

Synchronization with modification by another program

There is new TeXWord option:

Options / Editing Settings / AutoSave
Moving the caret to first modification of reloaded file.

This option controls positionning in source window after reload of changed file.
Take into attention that positionning of page window is controlled by Synchronization range (V 11.30).
Use these options together to get desired approach.

This option may be used not only with Centaur, but also with other editors.
You must only customize them to save editing file periodically.

More Changes ...

  • There is new tab:

    Options / Common Settings has new Testing tab.
    It has options moved from different sources:

    • TeX Running Parameters / Console (Centaur) - completely disappeared.
    • Font Utilities tab of the same dialog.
    • New option which control way to run font wizards: 'Insert Symbols ...' and 'More Font Families...'
  • Adjust minimal size of BibEdit and MetaHelp which resolves eventual opening invisible windows.
  • Fixed ttfinfo some time crashed with some symbol fonts.
  • Updated datetime package - avoids collision with updated fmtcount package.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/03/21
  • [17/03/21] [Fixed] Common Settings / Font Utilities / FD files have extra recored 'WAIT for collecting list of FD files ...'.
  • [17/03/21] [Fixed] [Mac] Insert / Reference - do not show 'Wait for scanning files ...'
    wxPS.Update was added in oder to solve the problem.
  • [17/03/21] [Fixed] [Linux] Common Settings/Font Utilities/FD files displays 'WAIT ...'
  • [17/03/21] [Improved] [Linux] Insert/Reference sometime display 'WAIT ...'.
  • [17/03/21] [Fixed] [Linux] Insert / Reference - do not look inside included files.
  • [17/03/21] [Fixed] [Linux] File / Open All Include ...
  • [17/03/21] [Fixed] [Linux] File / Context Sensitive Open ...

Version 11.30 (17-Mar-2017)

Synchronization range ...

Main improvement in V 11.30 is:
Controllable range of synchronization of the page with moves in the source.

Options / Editing Settings / General
Synchronization range of the Page with moves in the Source
There are following options:

  • Visible Pages
    This approach is preciselly the same as in previous versions.
  • Processed Document
    Some intermediate solution. It will always allow synchronization from first page to current page.
  • Entire Document (Optimal) - Recommended option.
    It will try process more document pages in order to find position in source. However, it will try minimize processing euristically interrupt it.
  • Entire Document (Hard)
    The same, but without euristical interruption. It will process entire document if position not found.
Automatical synchronization algorithm is much more euristic then version called by View/Sync (F6) command.
This algorithm try to avoid long recomputations. However, when this algorithm failed you can improve synchronization by clicking F6.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/03/12
  • [17/03/12] [Mac] Disable software asserts.
    Most annoying assert about unsupported CB_SORT is closed now.
  • [17/03/11] Checkbox highlighting is now made via bolditalic instead of navy color.
    Unfortunatelly on UHD under Windows, colored checkboxes are scaled up, which is ugly.
    Under OSX and Linux it was invisble, now we see highlited checkboxes on OSX.
Revision 17/03/10
  • [17/03/10] [Windows only] Fixed crash of Setup after rejecting upgrade of BaKoMa TeX previously installed into folder with spaces in name.
Revision 17/03/02
  • [17/03/02] Fixed using CD instead of network repository on Mac.
Revision 17/03/01
  • [17/03/01] Extended size of cache in TDSearch from 8 MB to 16 MB.
    8 MB is too small when users attach TEXMF tree of TL 2016
Revision 17/02/27
  • [17/02/27] [Mac/Linux] fixed buf_rewrap to avoid crash or garbage lines after reload.

Version 11.23 (23-Feb-2017)

Adapting more Dialogs ...

More dialogs adapted:
  • Insert / Document Properties (LaTeXOpt.rc)
    Dialog is now better adaptable for different configurations.
    In advance it is resizable to zoom in preview of slides.
    babel options are extracted from babel package instead of language.dat file.
    NOTE: If babel have unknown options (or language) they are placed as active language It is possible to remove it ...

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/02/14
  • [17/02/14] [Windows only] fixed approach of 'controlwindow' operator.
Revision 17/02/11
  • [17/02/11] Updated ACM Publishing support packages:
    acmart, acmconf, libertine, inconsolata, mweights.
Revision 17/02/10
  • [17/02/10] Improved generating TCX files to avoid mapping of any input into invalid characters.
    It solves problem of generating error messages at dummy loading of UTF8 strings in some packages (i.e. babel).
    NOTE: Will be available with V 11.23

Version 11.22 (2-Feb-2017)

Ultra HD (4K) displays (Windows)

Next components are improved for better appearance on UHD (4K) display:
  • Paste an Image (PasteGra) - selects default font for consistent buttons ...
  • Options / Common Settings are launched in PostWX in single instance mode. (4K adaptation)

Windows 10 adaptation

Locked installing BaKoMa TeX into folder with spaces.
Such installation ofen raise problem for running programs from each other under Windows 10 (shortfilename problem).

Linux Test Version (29-Jan-2017)

There is Published Linux Test version.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/01/30
  • [17/01/30] Added packages: substitutefont, newtx, newtxsf, newtxtt, nimbus15
Revision 17/01/27
  • [17/01/27] Added search in 'plain' folders for all LaTeX based formats.
    The problem is explained in out forum: Problem with package ifpdf
Revision 17/01/11
  • [17/01/11] Undo update of animate package. (Return animate to state of V 10.0 ... 11.16)
    Updated package do not work with BaKoMa TeX.
Revision 17/01/06
  • [17/01/06] SETUP rejects installation into folder with spaces in name. Instead, it prompts to use underscore ('_').

Version 11.21 (31-Dec-2016)

Ultra HD (4K) displays (Windows)

Next components are improved for better appearance on UHD (4K) display:
  • BibEdit.
  • MetaHelp.
  • Messages Window Settings.
  • Utility Console Settings.

Line numbers ...

Long dreamed request (slightly more then 4 years :) is now implemented:
  • [16/11/23] line numbers in source editor (option) (27 votes)
    It may be enabled in Options/Editing Settings/Wrapping
    Using TeX/Buffer lines is synchronized with status bar and 'Goto Line' command.
  • [16/11/23] TeXWord/Centaur StatusBar now can displays line/col in TeX lines.
    This approach may be changed by UseTeXLine option, accessible in GoTo Line dialog.
    Really, this option may be bound to anywhere ...

Adapting more Dialogs ...

Now adapted all dialogs from Options menu in Centaur and TeXWord.
  • [TESTING] TeX Source and Console Colors / Highlighting Colors Configuration (TWColors, HLModes, HLNew).
    Unified dialog (using activedialog) to define source colors in Centaur and TeXWord.
  • [TESTING] Speller Configuration (Spell-WX, Spell-WXTW, SpellBar, GotoLang, Common/Spell.ctr)
  • [TESTING] TeX Running Parameters (TeXOpts, TeXConf, NewIndex)
  • LaTeX Diff bar (Revision.rc- TeXWord\latexdiff.ctr)
  • Recent Files has been reimplemented via activedialog.

Add/Update more LaTeX packages

  • [TODO] datetime2: datetime2-contrib
  • added tracklang usd by datetime2
  • updated thmtools
  • [2016/12/28]TIFF2EPS redirects any diagnostic from LIBTIFF into Messages Window.

Support Express Patches

Revison 161130 (Mac)
  • [16/11/30] avoid enabling second mouse tool (TeXWord/TeXView) which raise alarm under Mac OSX.

Version 11.20 (16-Nov-2016)

Support for Ultra HD displays (Windows)

Actions related with UHD support:
  • [16/09/18]wxWidgets 3.11 build (snapshort of 16/09/16)
    They try automatically scale icons and other bitmaps, All applications are marked as UHD support to provide the best quality at hight resolution.
  • [16/10/10] Size Alarm buttons is now computed from height of status bar.,
  • [16/10/24] Symbol Panels size is now linearized to look identical at all display resolutions.
    It is important that user is still can adjust size of symbol panels in "Options/Common Settings".
  • [16/11/09] Default size of source text is computed according to displaydensity as PPI / 8.
  • [16/11/10] Status bar: alarm buttons and field widthes are scaled according to display density ...
  • [16/11/10] Docked windows: Caption height is adjusted to display density in TeXWord.
    NOTE: The value is not adjusted in Centaur and DVIEW - test how it will look on different displays.
  • [16/10/12] Default icon size is selected according to displaydensity as nearest to PPI / 4.
    User can adjust selected icons in Common Settings.
    Alternative way may be in autoscaling like to dialogs. However, in such way look of icons may be worse.

Adapting more Dialogs to Tablets

  • Template Chooser dialog is now resizable with changing size of preview window. In advance it have maximize button. Now you can select template for new file at convinient zoom.

Update LaTeX packages

General Update of LaTeX packages. There are 98 updated packages and 147 new packages
  • [16/11/13] graphics screening: It have minor changes.
  • [16/11/15] HyperRef Screening: It look functional in first view.

Implemented Feature Requests

Fixed bugs

  • [2016/10/25] Fixed crash in smartshell when running command lines more 512 bytes.
    Observed on running latexdiff (from TeXWord) on files in deep folders.
  • [2016/11/14] Support reg codes with unicoded user name.

Version 11.16 (16-Oct-2016)

Source Bookmarks

There are new commands. They select text between current caret position and specified bookmark.

Bookmark key binding summary:

  • Ctrl+1 Ctrl+9 goto proper bookmark
  • Shift+Ctrl+1 Shift+Ctrl+9 select from caret to proper bookmark
    (Shift adds selection option to most moving commands, so it looks consistent)
  • Alt+0 shows bookmark menu precisely as clicking on left margin Menu accelerator may be used for quick setting bookmarks (Alt+0 5 sets bookmark 5 on current line)
  • Ctrl+0 bookmark managing dialog

Running LaTeXDiff has been improved

Handling of error appeared at latexdiff has been improved
  • Now difference file may be saved into separate file (default option)
  • latexdiff error output is saved into Utility Console when latexdiff error detected messagebox clearly inform user about it and suggest to see in Utility Console for more information.

Fixed bugs

  • [16/10/08] Fixed crash at preparing fonts with inconsistent tables.
    The problem was found on FF-More Fonts (PostWin crashed)
    Problem source is in TTFLIB/LOADTBL.C/518 migrated into ttencode.c and wxPSTtEnc.cpp
    Problem touches programs: TTFINFO, POSTLINE, POSTWIN, PostWX, TeXWord, Centaur, DVIEW (ALMOST ALL).

Version 11.15 (9-Sep-2016)

Drag and Drop Files (Windows)

Support for dropped files (for example: from Windows Explorer).

  • TeXWord treats all dropped files as imported graphics.
  • Centaur treats files with known graphics extensions for importing graphics, other files are opened as text files.
  • DVIEW and other utilities has no support for dropped files.

Adapting Dialogs to Tablets

Dialogs in BaKoMa TeX 11.15 have been refined to be more suitable for small screens and even tablets.

  • All new dialogs are centered as compromisse for both big and small displays.
  • Most of big dialogs are now resizable.
  • Another dialogs (such as GeneratePDF/SVG/PS/PNG) are automatically adaptable to screen size.
    [wxPS programming: New feature: '/Mode 8' - forces automatical adapting dialog size to screen]

List of adapted dialogs:

  • Export PDF (adaptable)
  • Export SVG (adaptable)
  • Export PNG + HTML (adaptable)
  • Export PostScript (DVIPS) - looks as reasonable (anyway now is adaptable)
  • Export HTML (TeX4HT) (adaptable) ...
  • Manage user Macros is reduced to be visible an tablets.
More improved dialogs:
  • Options / Toolbar Customization - is now resizable
  • Save As Template - consistent appearance
  • Goto Line - consistent appearance
  • Goto Page - consistent appearance
  • BibItems - Edit built-in bibliography is now centered and resizable with maximize button [16/02/16].
  • Key binding (F1) is made smaller but resizable with maximize button [16/02/16] .
  • Prefix Region - consistent apparance
  • UnPrefix Region - consistent appearance
  • Start Recording Macro - consistent appearance
  • Executing Macro - consistent appearance
  • NewBib in Edit bibliography entry - consistent appearance ...
  • TeX Formats More ... - consistent appearance ...
  • Recent files: Resizable, Appearance, Maximize button allow quick resize on small displays.
  • Convert netween encodings: Resizable, appearance, activedialog
    [TODO] Will be reusable from both Centaur and TeXWord
  • Find and Replace (both) - consistent appearance.
  • TWList (Syntax Completion) - consistent appearance and resizable with max button.
  • Insert Graphics wizard - consistent appearance.

Update LaTeX packages

  • BibLaTeX has been updated.
    Automatical loading Biber from proper mirrors.
  • greek-inputenc and greek-fontenc to typeset greek using babel.

Fixed bugs

  • [16/01/27] Fixed crash of TeXWord at too long file names [dist/x1110/fix/ietex-dll-fix160127.txt]
  • [16/06/09] Cross Reference Wizard: Empty list after refresh in TeXWord.
  • [16/09/01] Fixed mess of Face and Face-Continious View modes in DVIEW programs. [TEXView.ctr fixed]

Version 11.10 (16-Jan-2016)

  • New Cross Reference Wizard which is used for commands
    'Insert/Reference (\ref)', 'Insert/Page Reference (\pageref)', 'Insert/Quick Reference (\vref, \eqref, etc.)' and for user macros with '??'-target. The wizard displays additional information together with labels that helps to identify most of labels without looking into document source.
    For details see: Cross References Wizard

    This wizard solves following feature requests:
    cross referencing insert box (10 v)
    thumbnails in \ref list (9 v)

  • 'Insert/Citation (\cite)' and 'Insert/Edit Bibliography ...' are improved via activedialog
  • 'Insert/Indexing Stuffs' improved via activedialog
    may be also called in TeXWord from User Macros as '/MakeIdx-AD /Dialog findresource activedialog pop'
  • 'Options/Editing Settings' dialog - fixed refreshing windows at changing Script.

Support Express Patches

Revision 16/01/03
  • [16/01/03] Avoid displaying color rectangles around imported figures when Hyperlink border is enabled.

Version 11.05 (5-Dec-2015)

  • 'Options/Editing Settings' dialog has been imporved and unified in TeXWord and Centaur.
    Differences of the dialog in Centaur and TeXWord has been highlighed by navy (something like to dark blue) color.
    Caret customization (has been added to Script/Font tab of the dialog).
    'Options/Math Input' options has been moved from menu to 'Editing Settings' dialog.
  • Caret customization is avaiable in Script/Font tab of Options/Editing Settings dialog.
    It allows to choose caret width and color of inactive caret.
    Potentially this solves following problems:
    Larger - more visible caret in source window (15 v)
    cursor in source and preview (6 v)
  • 'Manage User Macros' dialog has been unified in TeXWord and Centaur.
  • Fixed problem with importing DOCINFO into generated PDF. [15/11/26]

Version 11.01 (9-Sep-2015)

  • [15/09/08] Improved appearance of 'Options / Document Properties' dialog.
    Now DOCINFO parameters may defined separatelly in document and/or dialog.
  • [15/09/07] Improved searching TeX files under Windows 10.
    Most noticeable at openning documents (by TeXWord) using a lot of packages.
  • [15/09/03] Improved appearance of 'Options / View Preferences' dialog.
  • [15/09/03] StaticText is now may be wrapped into defined width.

Version 11.0 (1-Sep-2015)

Opening Plain TeX and AmsTeX Documents in TeXWord

BaKoMa TeX Word now can edit Plain TeX and AmsTeX documents.
For details see: Opening Plain TeX and Ams-TeX documents in TeXWord.

PDF Import

Import of PDF now supports Cross-Reference Streams and Object Streams (compressed objects) introduced in PDF 1.5
In previous versions of BaKoMa TeX such files was claimed by diagnostic: "'xref' not found in PDF file".

User Interface

Improved Dialogs

  • Options / Document Properties (TeXWord/DVIEW) - page size, activedialog.
  • Options / Viewer Preferences (TeXWord/DVIEW) - activedialog,
    adaptive to control parameters of different drivers. See: BaKoMa TeX Device Parameters (intrinsics).
  • Options / Editing Settings ... (Centaur) - activedialog.
  • Search / Bookmarks ... (Centaur) - are shared by Centaur and TeXWord.
    See details below Source Bookmarks.
  • Search / Gather ... (Centaur) - activedialog, more obvious editing addional parameters.
    TeXWord: May be bind to menu or invoked from macros by the name: "Gather..."
  • Edit / Define Bookmark ... (DVIEW) - activedialog.
    TeXWord: May be bind to menu or invoked from macros by the name: "PageMarkDefine..."
  • Edit / Goto Bookmark ... (DVIEW) - activedialog.
    TeXWord: May be bind to menu or invoked from macros by the name: "PageMarkBrowse..."
  • Macro / Managing Macros ... (Centaur) - activedialog.

Source Bookmarks

Source bookmarks are now available under TeXWord.
They are synchronized between TeXCode and TeXWord together with file synchroniztion.
Bookmarks may be managed from context menu appeared at clicking on left margin of source code.
Changed Bookmark Key binding
Key binding of bookmark commands has been changed as following:

ActionNew KeysOld Keys
Define bookmark # Shift+Ctrl+1 ... Shift+Ctrl+9 Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9
Find bookmark # Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9 Alt+1 ... Alt+9
Undefine Bookmark: Shift+Ctrl+0 Ctrl+0
ManageBookmarks ... Ctrl+0 Alt+0

Bookmark shortcuts has been changed to avoid collisions with Alt+0 ... Alt+9 keys under Mac OS.
Alt+numbers are actual in national keyboards under Mac (i.e. german keyboard uses Alt+4, Alt+5, to insert [ and ]).
Remapping rule in short form looks like: In short: Alt+... -> Ctrl+... ; Ctrl+... -> Shift+Ctrl+...

More Improvements

  1. Experimental AutoHotKey compatibility mode may be enabled
    in General tab of dialog opened by Options | Editing Settings menu command.
    Tech: Added AutoHotKey.Comp flag (which avoids clearing of StopPoints at editing) In this mode, sequencial BkSp generated by AutoHotKey will correctly remove fixed word.
    NOTE: This mode may raise undesired flickers. However, it may acceptable when working of AutoHotKey is desired.
  2. Improved detecting inputencoding - uses inputenc2script to use input encoding option as default script.
  3. Messages Window: font size may be quickly adjusted using mouse wheel (with Ctrl) or by Ctrl++/Ctrl+- keys.
    Settings dialog (under OSX) avoids calling of wxFontPickerCtrl to provide more stable work.
  4. Dialogs opened by menu commands "File / Print" and "File / Printer Setup" (TeXWord/DVIEW/Windows)
    are placed relative to main window.

Windows 10

BaKoMa TeX 10.81 (recent version of BaKoMa TeX when Windows 10 has been released)
works under Windows 10 without noticeable problems.

However, most of our tests of BaKoMa TeX with Windows 10 was done with version 11.0.

So we declare that BaKoMa TeX 11.0 is well suitable for Windows 10.