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Changes History

Version 7.92 (8-Apr-2007)

  • BaKoMa TeX 7.92 is running under VISTA
    Final tests were passed. All found problems were solved.
    So, we declare that BaKoMa TeX is ready for running under VISTA.
  • 'Insert/Nomenclature Entry...' - new command in TeXWord.
    This command inserts LaTeX command \nomenclature.
    Also, it automatically includes nomencl or nomentbl package with proper configuration of MakeIndex program.
  • 'Options/TeX Running Parameters...' of Centaur is made consistent with TeXWord.
    Set of utilities launched after every TeXing is associated with document.
    Flexible configuration of files for sorting by MakeIndex program.
    It is also is associated with document and is shared between TeXWord and Centaur.
  • LaTeX is updated.
  • eTeX is updated to V 2.2
  • Fixed eventual crashing of TeXWord at View/Refresh (F5)
    Target: bufferlength 0 0 0 (\\bibdata) 2 IdentMapping searchtext
    [Support.!!!/TechBooks, 2007/03/23]

Version 7.90 (11-Mar-2007)

Running under VISTA

We continue to improve running of BaKoMa TeX under VISTA. This version includes more correct support of standard windows directories. I.e. BaKoMa TeX now may be installed into 'Program Files' directory, use 'My Pictures' directory as default source for imported images, etc.

Today, BaKoMa TeX is well compatible with Windows VISTA.
However, we are waiting more user suggestions related with VISTA compatibility.

TeXWord Improvements

  • 'Window/Docking Source.../Free' - new menu option.
    This new options makes Source and console windows freely posionable.
  • 'Options/Source Text Colors ...' - new dialog.
    This new dialog lets you to customize colors of console and TeX source window.
  • 'Math Spaces' - new button in math toolbar which opens a menu.
    This menu is available in math toolbar between 'Decorations' and 'math accents'. This menu includes such commands as \thinspace, \medspace, \thickspace (including negative variantrs), \quad, and \qquad. We suggest to assign shortcut to this menu by clicking right mouse button on the menu button.

Font Setup Improvements

  • Make two font setup ways consistent. The same fonts may be setup in both ways without conflicts. It includes using the same font mapping parameters, storing them into the same location.
  • Fixing too long family names (> 32 chars).

Version 7.85 (14-Jan-2007)

TeXWord Improvements

Most important improvement in this version is easy way to customize shortcut keys for Text/Math tooolbar buttons and for individual symbols of symbol panels. For consistency, menus opened from Text/Math toolbar are rearranged to have convenient shortcuts. They include: 'Sectioning Commands ...', 'Display Formulas...', 'More Symbols...', 'Font Size'. We try to preserve Centaur shortcuts where is it possible.

In short, just click right mouse button under button (in Text/Math toolbar or Symbol Panel) to define/change shortcut. For more details invoke 'Help>Using the Keyboard' menu command of TeXWord, which open proper section of online manual.

Fixed Problems

  • Fixed crash of TeXWord/DVIEW in cases like \includegraphics[width=0\textwidth]{foo.eps}, whose are ofen appeared at editing source in TeXWord.
    We made two handling levels. First, we have fixed arithmetic calculations (in font selection) for rudimental matrices. Second, we just avoid importing ZERO-scalled graphics, that removes any confusions in such situations.
    [7.83 2006/12/21]
  • Improved enabling/disabling Undo/Redo buttons.
    [7.83 2006/12/21]
  • Fixed BUG related to conversion of some Type 1 fonts to OTF.
    [7.81 2006/12/06]

Support Patches

Patch 7.84 (4-Jan-2007)

Intermediate refinment of menus caled from toolbar. I.e. Sectionning commands (Part, Chapter, Section, etc.).

Patch 7.83 (21-Dec-2006)

Fixed crash of TeXWord/DVIEW in cases like \includegraphics[width=0\textwidth]{foo.eps}. Improved enabling/disabling Undo/Redo buttons.

Patch 7.82 (16-Dec-2006)

Experimental version which provides customization of shortcut keys only inside symbol panels.

Patch 7.81 (8-Dec-2006)

Fixed BUG related to conversion of some Type 1 fonts to OTF.

Version 7.80 (4-Dec-2006)

TeXWord Improvements

Most important improvement is adding keyboard shortcuts to symbol panels. It enables to insert frequently used mathematical symbols by using keyboard.
  • Greek Letters - Alt+G (lowercase), Shift+Alt+G (uppercase)
    These panels have obvious shortcuts.
    For example, to insert `\alpha' you can press: `Alt+G a'; to insert `\Delta' you can press: `Shift+Alt+G d'.
  • Big Operators - Alt+Q.
    It has bindings: \int (i), \oint (o), \iint (2), \iiint (3), \iiiint (4), \idotsint (5), \sum (s), \prod (p), \coprod (c), \bigcup (U), \bigcap (A), \bigwedge (w), \bigvee (v), \bigodot (d), \bigotimes (t), \bigoplus (l).
  • Binary operators - Alt+N.
    It has bindngs: \cdot (c), \times (x), \pm (p), \mp (m), \div (d), \ast (a), \wedge (w), \vee (v), \dagger (g).
  • Binary Relations - Alt+R.
    It has bindngs: \equiv {e}, \leq {l}, \geq {g}, \sim (s), \approx (a), \in (i).
  • Mics Symbols - Alt+M.
    It has bindings: \infty (i), \partial (d), \ldots (l), \cdots (c), \vdots (v), \ddots (o), \forall (A), \exists (E), \nexists (b), \Re (r), \hbar (h), \nabla (n), \surd (s), \Finv (F), \Game (G).
  • Text Symbols - Alt+T.
    It has bindings: \dots (d) \vdots (v) \S (q) \P (p) \copyright (c) \textregistered (r) \texttrademark (t) \textdagger (g) \textbullet (b) \textsterling (s) \euro (e)
Unfortunatly, binding for most math symbols is not obvious. In this reason, we made binding only for most frequently used symbols. We welcome any suggestion in this matter.

Running under VISTA.

We have spent some time for testing BaKoMa TeX under VISTA. One noticeable problem is slow startup of BaKoMa TeX under VISTA. We made some modifications in order to improve this feature. It is important that ls-R file is appeared in BaKoMa subdirecory. So, users whose add own files into BaKoMa subdirectory should rebuild this ls-R by using `Options/Directories...' dialog.

Anyway, BaKoMa TeX is most tested today under VISTA beta. So, we are ready to accept from users any claims about working BaKoMa TeX 7.80 under VISTA.

Support Patches

Patch 7.74 (14-Nov-2006)

  • Fixed BUG in the dialog: `Generate PostScript file by using DVIPS'
    When user choose resolution other then provided in list it works O'K. However, at next open of the dialog this value isn't set in Combo Edit. The problem was in implementation of `setcontroltext', for such kind of ComboBox.
    Fix touches: DVIEW, TeXWord, (and probably Centaur)

Patch 7.73 (7-Nov-2006)

Registration issues.

Patch 7.72 (10-Oct-2006)

TeXWord improvements:

  • TeX is hanging. Click here to resume it.
    This button is appeared at right bottom corner of TeXWord window when TeX is hanging in more than 1 second without progressive reading of source files.
    Click on the button sends `Interrupt' signal to the TeX engine. In other words, it is analog of Ctrl+C key in Console Window. [7.71:06/09/30]
  • Fixed crash of DVIEW and TeXWord at displaying too long lines.
    It is appeared, for example, when incomplete math is appeared in long paragraph.[7.71:06/09/30]
  • BkSp removes selected text like to Del.
  • Ctrl+Del removes word forward when no selection.
  • Ctrl+BkSp removes word backward.

Other improvements:

  • Russian.bkz: /space character is added to cmcyr10 and cmcyr12 fonts to enable using them in Postscript. [7.71:06/09/30]
  • Setup: Show warning at upgrading BaKoMa TeX when current license key is unsuitable for new version.

Version 7.70 (10-Sep-2006)

TeXWord Improvements

Improved Handling of SPACE in Preview Window

The problem is that spaces in TeX are nothing. They are just glue between a words.
In version 7.70 we introduce advanced approach for handling spaces. Most noticeable effect is that after pressing SPACE you will see space at left of caret. Furthermore, BkSp will remove only this space without preceding letter.

Key binding - Sharing Keys between Text and Math Modes

Version 7.70 introduces independent key binding for Text and Math modes defined via syntax dictionary (latex2e.ctr, latex2e.usr). So, /TextKey and /MathKey define binding key for proper modes. /Key continues work as earlier binds key for both modes.

Standard key binding includes following shared keys.
Key Text Mode definition LaTeX code Math Mode definitions LaTeX code
Ctrl+M Starts Inline math formula \( ...\) Starts text inside math \text{...}
Ctrl+B Selects Bold font \textbf{...} Makes next math symbol bold \boldsymbol
Ctrl+F Selects SansSerif font \textsf{...} Fraction \frac{...}{...}
Ctrl+S Selects Slanted font \textsl{...} Square root sign \sqrt{...}
Ctrl+I Selects Italic font \textit{...} Integral sign \int
^ Inserts `^' sign \textasciicircum Superscript ^{i}
_ Inserts `_' sign \_ Subscript _{i}
NOTE: Hints appeared over text and math tool bars shows proper keys for shared keys.
So, we provide a way to typset elementary math formulas with a keys.

Menu Changes

File menu commands are changed as following:
  • File|Save [F4]
    saves all modified TeX source files. [was bind to File|Save All]
  • File|Save All (+TeX AUX) [Shift+F4] [New]
    saves all modified TeX source files together with all TeX working files.
    (TeX Working files are files created by LaTeX, such as: *.AUX, *.TOC, *.IDX, *.OUT, etc.)
  • File|Save As Template [New]
    saves current file into template library, which is available at creating new document.
Three commands was added/moved to TeX Source window context menu:
  • Save
    Saves the file in the current Edit window. [was bind to File|Save]
  • Save As
    Saves the current file under a different name. [was bind to File|Save As]
  • Go To Line ... [New]
    Lets you jump to line specified by number
One command has optimized appearance in toolbar.
  • File|Export is now available for toolbar under single icon with pull down menu.

Handling ReadOnly buffers

All buffers created by LaTeX (such as AUX, TOC, OUT, etc.) are marked as READONLY.
In attempt of editing such buffers via proof and source windows error box with proper diagnostic is opened.
Example of most common case is attempt of editing `Table of Contents'.

Support Patches

  • Fixed conflict of Autosave with `* List of Ignored Words' buffer [BK: 06/08/22].

Patch 7.65 (17-Aug-2006)

This patch includes set of changes intended for Arabi package.
  • Fixed displaying arabic with OTF/TTF unicoded fonts (for Arabi package) [BK:06/08/14].
    NOTE: This feature isn't supported under Windows 98/95.
  • UnicodeEncoding and UniMaxEncoding are extended by Arabic letters.
    It enables using TimesNew, Arial, CourierNew fonts by Arabi package without reconfiguring the fonts.
  • Automatical fixing incorrect FontBBox at generating OTF fonts.
    Many GNU fonts coming with Arabi package have incorrect FontBBox.
NOTE: Arabi package is added to language/ArabTeX.bkz module.

Patch 7.64 (23-Jul-2006)

  • File|Save As Template menu command in Text Editor and TeXWord [BK:06/07/23,06/08/28]
    Updated: BaKoMa/Template/SaveTemplate.ctr. [quicksetup.exe or bkmtex.exe,texword.bkz]

Patch 7.63 (16-Jul-2006)

  • Fixed conflict between generating PS with scalable rulers and \colorbox, \fcolorbox [BK:06/07/16].
    Updated: BaKoMa/dvips/ [quicksetup.exe or bkmtex.exe]

Patch 7.62 (3-Jul-2006)

  • Fixed handling TT fonts embedded by Windows drivers as T1 fonts. (sbw bug) [AS:06/07/03].
    Updated: DVIEW, TeXWord. [quicksetup.exe or bkmtex.exe + texword.bkz]

Patch 7.61 (23-Jun-2006)

  • Fixed `/nametype (nametype) eq' [AK:06/06/23].
    Updated: DVIEW, TeXWord. [quicksetup.exe or bkmtex.exe + texword.bkz]
  • Updated `language/russian' module -- PSCyr updated for 0.4d/beta9. [DR:06/06/23]
    Updated: russian.bkz

Version 7.60 (28-May-2006)

TeXWord AutoSave and AutoRecovering

Most important improvement in this version is AutoSave feature in TeXWord program.

Autosave feature may be enabled and configured under `AutoSave' tab of dialog opened by `Options/Editing Settings' menu command.

The same variables are available in [TeXWord] section of TEXMF.INI file:

  • AutoSave = 1 - Enable/0 - Disable autosave feature.
  • AutoSaveDelay = specifies autosave fixed interval in seconds.
  • IdleSaveDelay = specifies autosave idle in seconds.

Support Patches

Patch 7.53 (29-Apr-2006)

  • TeXWord: fixed saving font selected via Options|Editing Settings|Script/Font [TT],
    error in adjustment of `assumed font encoding'. [DC]

Patch 7.52 (21-Apr-2006)

  • Refined handling t-components of FontMatrix. [AS]
  • Fixed color of imagemask in PDF generation. [JG: CorelDraw 12 pattern filling]
  • Fixed clearing label list (by \label{}) in inserting \ref and \pageref [DC].

Patch 7.51 (16-Mar-2006) Hot Fix

  • Ctrl+M in text mode enters inline math, but in math mode enters text mode by using \text command of AmsLaTeX.
  • Fixed problem of adding some packages (TestPackage of array).

Version 7.50 (12-Mar-2006)

TeXWord Improvements

  • Ctrl+Up, Ctlr+Down keys move caret out of current TeX group.
    Shift+Ctrl+Up, Shift+Ctrl+Down keys move caret with selection,
    that enables sequential selecting nested groups (like to multiple mouse clicks).
  • Ctrl+Enter key inserts a stuff depend on context (LaTeX command around caret).
    In itemize, enumerate environments (including short and running variants) it inserts `\item'.
    In description environemnt - `\item[label]'.
    In thebibliography environemnt - `\bibitem[label]'.
    In eqnarray, align, flalign, alignat environments - `\\'.
        [In advance, Shift+Tab key inserts alignment point (`&').]
    Inside other contexts Ctrl+Enter key skips one nested group by moving caret like to Ctrl+Down key.
    So, that repeated pressing Ctrl+Enter key will skip nested groups and then insert proper stuff.
    Note, that Enter key in eqnarray and align environments inserts `\\' without skipping nested groups,
    In this reason, using Ctrl+Enter key is more robust approach.
  • Math superscripts (`^{...}') and subscripts (`_{...}') have context commands for decompose and cut an object.
    After decomposing a script, text is still selected so that you can imediatly applay another markup command for it. For example, another scripting command. Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down keys moves caret out of script context properly.
  • `Insert|RAW TeX Code' (Ins) -- new command.
    It displays simple dialog to insert RAW TeX code. In most cases it is more faster and more robust then entering TeX commands in source window.
  • Wasy symbols panel has been added. [06/03/10]
  • Phaistos symbols panel has been added [06/02/21]
    See: `BaKoMa/TeXWord/Panels/Phaistos.tex'
TeXWord Intrinsics:
  • `BaKoMa/TeXWord/latex2e.ex6' file demonstrates how to define insertion of math scripts like to Lyx (by using the strokes `^' and `_').
  • `RequirePackage' (PS) checks existing of required package.
    In case of absent package some simple undo and diagnostic is done.

Other Improvements

  • Changed preferences of substituting Palatino fonts.
    Try list is URW,Linotype (reversed). It is because URW fonts have better matched metric then linotype fonts. [06/02/24]
  • Console buffer size may be changed by setting variable buffer_size in [Console] section of TEXMF.INI file.
  • `invertmatrix' fix [AK].

Version 7.46 (20-Feb-2006)

TeXWord Improvements

  • Added panel for inserting `Martin Vogel Symbols'.
    Known bug of marvosym package (conflict of Rightarrow with LaTeX kernel) has been avoided by inserting additional codes before and after `\usepackage'.
  • TeXWord launches BibTeX according to TEXMF.INI[BibTeX]
    (which is in agree with Centaur approach) instead of predefined command.
    [7.45-06/02/08, XS]
  • Insert/Index Entry (\index) -- improved handling of selected text broken across lines.
  • Converting `figure' environment to 'floatingfigure' (floatflt.sty) or `wrapfigure' (wrapfig.sty) environment by using contenxt menu (`Wrap Figure' option).
    Main problem is that `floatingfigure' environemnt should be appeared in vertical mode

Fixed Bugs

  • PDF2EPS includes more flexible handling of Type42 fonts embedded by OpenOfice/Draw.
  • beamer page size is changed from 363,272 to 362,272 in order to avoid a white stripe on the right border.
    [7.45-06/02/08, MJCE]

Updated Modules

  • quicksetup.exe (programs/bkmtex.exe, programs/texword.bkz)
    bkmtex.exe - PDF2EPS, texword.bkz - TeXWord fixes.
  • fonts/lmodern.bkz [Available on CTAN since 1-Feb-2006]
    It includes Latin Modern (LM) fonts in OpenType font format.

Version 7.44 (14-Dec-2005)

TeXWord Improvements

  • Improved support of multi-file LaTeX documents.
    It includes: handling files in subdirectories (\include{foo/foo.tex}),
    improved caret moving between source files, selection, fixing related bugs, etc.
  • 'Window|Show Outline' (new option)
    Provides quick way to hide/show document outline window by using keyboard shortcut (Alt+W O)
    Alternative shortcut may be defined in TeXWord/texword.mnu file.
  • Improved diagnostic in case of loading document which use document class not available in current latex setup.

Updated Packages

  • PowerDot 1.3 (latex2e.bkz, quicksetup)
  • hdvips.def file is improved to support packages whose call hyperef with 'dvips' option.

Fixed Bugs

  • Contents page is not updated or even dismiss when caret.x == 0 or in other conditions.
    This fix touches itex.dll (texword.bkz), ietex.dll (etex.bkz).
  • BUG: Incorrect `InvalidatePages' when editing multiple sources. So, if current page uses one included file, but next page (which top is visible) includes another source file invalidation is computed incorrectly. Problem was related with mismatched file names.
  • dict dict copy -- Postscript Level 1 restrictions are removed.

Updated Modules

Updated modules:
  • quicksetup.exe (programs/bkmtex.exe, programs/texword.bkz, macros/latex2e.bkz)
    latex2e.bkz includes updated packages such as PowerDot, PSTricks, etc.
  • programs/etex.bkz
    It is required for using TeXWord with e-TeX. Fixed View/Refresh (F5) bug.

Version 7.40 (25-Sep-2005)

TeXWord Improvements

  • `Window|Docking Source/Console Windows' (new option)
    defines way to split (vertical/horizontal) main window between page window and source text windows.
    Options are: Bottom, Left, Right.
  • Fixing problem with loading many dictionaries (up to 32) in TeXWord and Centaur. More dictionaries are smoothly ignored. Empty dictionaries are skipped. Limit of number of opened files is extended to provide more free file handlers at importing figures. (Observed at installing German dictionaries) [7.38-05/08/31]
  • Refined handling collision of binding the same keys in latex2e.usr, texword.usr.
  • Enabling binding such keys as Ctrl+<, Ctrl+[, etc.

New Templates

Added Templates for following packages:
  • PowerDot package
  • Beamer package
  • LLNCS: Lecture Notes in Computer Science from Springer-Verlag
Also, in `Add Another Slide' command inserts new slide after current slide. (Related with Prosper, Beamer, PowerDot).

Graphics Improvements

  • `for' (PS operator) with integer start and step but with real limit generates integer indices.
  • automatical converting large integers (overflow) into reals.
  • refined rounding color components in device CS (setrgbcolor, setcmykcolor, etc.)
  • Fixed bug in `reversepath' operator (observed on PST-light3d package).
  • Fixed bug in gif2eps (transparency) [7.39]
  • Fixed bug in tiff2eps (minsblack) [7.39]

LaTeX packages update

Updated LaTeX Document Tree according to CTAN snapshot of Sep-2005

Extended default value of hyph_size to 10000 from 1000 to load ushyphex.tex (tugboat). [7.38-05/08/31]

It is important that LaTeX module must be updated after updating BaKoMa TeX Kernel, because templates, postscript prologs, and other stuffs are intended for updated LaTeX bundle.

After upgrading some DVI files may be failed -- just recompile them by TeX.
It is because of changed prologs of PSTricks package.

Prosper package now generates (by default) slides in landscape orientation on portrait page. To view them in DVIEW or edit in TeXWord use `View/Orientation/Landscape' menu option. Also visit `Options/Document Properties/Paper' dialog to set: Paper Stype=Prosper, Orientation=Portrait, and proper margins.

Version 7.37 (22-Aug-2005)

  • `View|Figures/Bounding Boxes' option in TeXWord and DVIEW have three variants:
    (1) Figures only; (2) Figures and Bounding Boxes; (3) Only Bounding Boxes.
    Last option is new. It is useful for document whose import complex PostScript figures.
    It is most important in TeXWord, but may be also useful in DVIEW.
  • TeXWord: Inline math is marked by \( ... \) instead of \begin{math} ... \end{math}.
  • Refined Compatibility with EPS saved from Adobe Illustrator 12 [05/08/11]
    Fixed: imagemask /Decode [0 255], /Separation string name and packedarray transformation, ASCII85 string bug, extended limit of Postscript path length up to 256 K points.
  • Fixed hanging of TeXWord with amsart, amsbook classes
    [problem with saving hyphenation exceptions (\hyphenation)]
  • Refined spell check of words with ligatures (i.e. with Times fonts) in TeXWord.

Version 7.36 (26-Jul-2005)

  • TeXWord: instant update of source text window.
    [comp.text.tex:bakoma micro-review: Pressing the back button continuously to delete text causes the source text window not to update instantly.]
  • TeXWord: Remove selected text at entering letters in source text window. [Eeten]
  • TeXWord/DVIEW: clipsave/cliprestore Postscript Level 3 operators added.
  • DVIEW: fixed bugs in DVI Forward/Inverse Search in Math formulas. [VSA]
  • TeXWord: fixed erasepage in View/Orientation = landscape.

Version 7.35 (18-Jul-2005)

  • Improved moving caret/selection in preview window of TeXWord by using left/right arrows. New approach avoids looping around accented letters and jumping into first appearance of duplicated strings such as headings. Jumps are also avoided at editing duplicated strings. Selection works properly at moving under control sequencies (no resetting). Selection isn't extended because of duplicated strings (i.e. headings). [7.35(05/07/18), 7.32(05/06/28)]
  • New `View/Orientation' option in TeXWord and DVIEW lets choose orientation: Portrait, Landscape, Seascape, Upside-down. [7.34(05/07/14), 7.33(05/06/30)]
  • Refined Compatibility with EPS saved from Acrobat 7.0 (imagemask, Decode). [7.34(05/07/14)]
  • New option (`-f') is supported at Centaur command line [7.33(05/06/30)].
  • cshow - internal implementation. [7.32(05/06/28)]
  • FMapType = 6 of composite fonts is supported. [7.32(05/06/28)]
  • New option `Options/Automatically Kill Child Process' in Console context menu.
    This option enables automatical killing child process at closing Console window. By default this feature is enabled, i.e child process running under console will be killed at closing console window without a question. When this option is disabled user is asked what to do with child process. [7.31(05/06/16)]
  • Fixed problem of missjustified strings in generated PDF files under Acrobat Ver ≤ 5, that is related with overflow of Acrobat arithmetic. [7.31(05/06/16)]
  • Fixed initializing controls in PDF generation dialog (TeXWord/DVIEW). [7.31(05/06/16)]

Version 7.30 (5-Jun-2005)

User Interface

  • XP Themes are supported under Windows XP.
  • BibEdit - Show BIB-file Loading Error messages dialog only at errors. Don't show it at warnings.
  • Uninstall supported.

Support of LY1 font encoding

  • Added Times/Helevtica/Courier fonts in LY1 font encoding.
  • Support of LY1 encoding by Font Setup Wizard, which is ofen rquired by orphaned users of Y&Y TeX.
  • Options/Install DVIPS font MAP file command was well tested with another Type1 fonts used with Y&Y TeX.

Graphics Improvements

  • Adjust `moveto' at `moveto gsave moveto grestrore' [7.22].
  • Euristic fix of encoding vector in EPS files saved by CorelDraw 11
    It replaces /.notdef at position 32 by /space when embedded font is redirected into a system font.
  • Special extensions (.ps1, .ps2, .ps3) for impoted Postscript figures forces proper setting of languagelevel variable.
  • Embedding WMF files into PDF/SVG files with extra large logical sizes.
    Automatical downsampling is used to pass process without problems.
  • Compatibility with EPS saved by CorelDraw 11 (`(string) load').
  • Compatibility with EPS saved by Acrobat 6.0.
    Fixed hanging in DCTDecode filter -- eventually JPEG LIB decompress no lines so that it hangs at `flushfile'. we just check this situation to close DCTDecode stream prematurelly.

Version 7.20 (10-May-2005)

Installing packages of Type 1 fonts preconfigured for DVIPS

`Options' menu of Centaur text editor includes new item: `Install DVIPS font MAP file.'.

This command is intended for installing under BaKoMa TeX packages of PostScript Type 1 fonts preconfigured for using with DVIPS driver. In other words this tool imports map files prepared for DVIPS program.

Using this tool must be done in three steps: (1) copying all files into LOCAL directory tree according to TDS Standard, (2) rebuilding ls-R file in LOCAL directory, (3) importing DVIPS MAP files coming with font package by using this command.

Typesetting international (accented) characters in TeXWord

There is one additional keyboard mapper `Lat1-7' (see `Options|Editing Settings|Keyboard' in Centaur and TeXWord), which converts eight-bit Latin1 keyboard input into TeX's seven-bit encoding, like to \"O.

This keyboard mapper is intended to be used together with Windows keyboard such as `US International' or other Latin1 based intrenational keyboards.

Graphics Improvements

  • Robust extraction of bounding box from EPSF figures.
  • Importing PDF files with embedded TrueType/CID fonts.
  • Added processcolors key in statusdict to force use colors.
  • Added ScaleMatrix and OrigFont keys in font dict.
  • Added Predictor = 2, for Flate and LZW Decode filters.
  • PDF Generation Changes:
    • Version of generated PDF is 1.3 (gradient patterns).
    • Added `Embed even Base Fonts' option into generation dialog.
    • Enabled CMYK output option in PDf generation from TeXWord.

Intermediate Changes

Version 7.19 (7-May-2005)

  • Robust Handling of EPSF has been added to TeX, eTeX, Omega. when Preview is placed before PostScript section of EPSF file it is ofen buffer overflow even if size increased a lot. The problem handled by openning only Postscript portion of EPSF file skipping any binary data.

Version 7.18 (1-May-2005)

  • Lat1-7 keyboard includes complete definition for codes > 127.
  • TeXWord/TeXWord.usr can include user definitions for TeXWord, whose will not be replaced at update of BaKoMa TeX. TeXWord/TeXWord.ex* files include useful examples.
  • Dictionary extending for prologs loaded in save level 0 Some PSTricks prologs include overflow dictionaries.

Version 7.17 (27-Apr-2005)

  • processcolors key in statusdict.
  • ScaleMatrix, OrigFont keys in font dict.
  • TeXWord: the way to extend syntax table by user definitions via `TeXWord/LateX2e.usr'`. Examples are provided in LaTeX2e.ex1, LaTeX2e.ex2.
  • TeXWord: Way for buinding procedures to characters.
  • Lat1-7 keyboard - French \^O characters are added.

Version 7.16 (25-Apr-2005)

  • TexWord: Added `Insert/Quick Reference (\vref, \eqref)' (Ctrl+Q).
  • Added Predictor = 2, for Flate and LZW Decode filters -- observed effect - negative images in some imported PDF files. Also, accepted color spaces in form of packed arrays.
  • Fixed SPACE mapping in US-International keyboard.
  • new `Lat1-7` keyboard maps eightbit latin1 characters into TeX notation like to `\"u'. It is intended to be used together with US-International Windows keyboard.
  • Fixed bug of using keyboard mappers from TeXWord.
  • Beamer page type has been added.
  • Shift+Ctrl+Left and Shift+Ctrl+Right keys work properly in Text Windows of TeXWord and Centaur.
  • TeXWord: Keep focus in LaTeX source window when appearing/disappearing document outline.

Version 7.15 (17-Apr-2005)

  • Added `SetupMAP.cmd' script which imports DVIPS compatible font MAP files. General goal is for using TeX installation preconfigured for DVIPS driver. For example, MikTeX, fpTeX, etc.
  • Importing PDF files with embedded TrueType/CID fonts. Draft support.

Version 7.12 (5-Apr-2005)

  • Added `Embed even Base Fonts' option into PDF Generation dialog in DVIEW and TeXWord.
    The goal is to enjoy print servers (i.e. PitShop) whose have no well installed standard fonts (such as Times, Helvetica, Courier, Symbol, ZapfDingBats).
  • Changed declared version of generated PDF to 1.3 (gradient patterns).
  • Enabled CMYK output option in TeXWord PDF Generation dialog (it was just ignored).

Version 7.11 (4-Apr-2005)

  • TeXWord: Avoid unpredicatble jumping caret in text source window after recovering source from a LaTeX error code (Init CSP = -2).
  • TeXWord: Keep focus in LaTeX source window when typesetting math formulas.
  • TeXWord: Added to context menu filling framed box with color (converting \fbox to \colorbox) and adding colored frame to color box (converting \colorbox to \fcolorbox).
  • Added FD files for families times/helvetica/courier in T2A encodings,
    to recover small problem with using cyrillic fonts with Prosper/Seminar/SemHelv.
  • Added \hypersetup{pdfpagescrop={}} to prosper template that disables obfuscative cropping added by prosper package.
  • Ctrl+Tab switches focus between Preview and Source Text windows.
  • fixed implementation of PostScript `cshow' operator (thanks Oliver, 05/03/15)

Version 7.10 (14-Mar-2005)


e-TeX coming with BaKoMa TeX 7.10 supports the same features as Standard TeX processor:
  • It may be used together with BaKoMa TeX Word.
  • It supports dual caret with dynamical preview.
  • It supports character precision jumps between source text and preview (DVI Forward/Inverse Search).
  • E option at TeX error brings to proper column of source.
  • It supports automatical generation of BB-files.
  • It supports TCX tables.
NOTE: To take TeXWord working with e-TeX you should update both: TeXWord and e-TeX.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fonts: Fixed collision between Cached PFB files and others.
  • TeXWord: Fixed bug with setting of `Options/Viewer Preferences/Display/Zoom'.

Previous Patches

Version 7.04 (patch 4) 14-Feb-2005

  • Avoid collision of BaKoMa TeX fonts with WinLyx fonts.
  • TeXWord: Fixed searching icon images with ls-R in BaKoMa subdirectory.

Version 7.03 (patch 3) 7-Feb-2005

  • Font Setup -- refined installation of Type 1 fonts with AFM files.
    Accepts AFM files from MAC (CR/CRLF). Using AFM files as run-time metric source. More correct configuring Type 1 files with metrics.
  • Options/Document Properties (DVIEW, TeXWord) HyperLinks tab:
    new flag `Consider missed extension as Generic extension' enables replacing empty extension with extension of generated file. Default is false, which is opposite to old approach. For compatibility with previous versions it should be switched on.
  • TeXWord: Inserts blank line after `\begin{document}' at openning already existing LaTeX file. This small fix enables editing first text lines after \begin{document}.

Version 7.02 (patch 2) 2-Feb-2005

  • More robust diagnostic of referencing absent encoding vector.
  • Font Setup (MakeOFM) generates OFM files Level 1 instead of Level 0.
    Intended to support OTF fonts coming with Acrobat 7.0 (see also Omega changes).
  • Install includes option `Create icons in Start menu'.

Version 7.01 (patch 1) 31-Jan-2005

  • Synchronization of text selection in preview and source text windows is refined.
  • Work around installing TeXWord without LaTeX.
  • Registration Tips.

Version 7.0 (23-Jan-2005)

BaKoMa TeX 7.0 have made next step forward.

It includes BaKoMa TeX Word - True WYSIWYG LaTeX Editor.

BaKoMa TeX Word is based on Dynamical Preview which was permanently developed in BaKoMa TeX beginning from V 4.30 (15-Apr-2002) up to V 6.40 (23-Mar-2004). However, Dynamical Preview was applicable only for selected region of a document. In contrast, BaKoMa TeX Word provides editing entire document.
Also, it provides set of tools to edit document immediatly in preview window.