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Changes History

Version 4.60 (24-Jun-2002)

User Interface

  • Pasting Images
    When Windows Clipboard contains an image `Edit|Paste' editor command launches a wizard for pasting one. The wizard provides reasonable way for importing clipboard image into LaTeX document. It sequentially performs:
    • saving the image into a file (PNG or EPS),
    • insertion of proper \includegraphics command at the cursor position.
    Commonly, this operation requires pressing only ENTER key two times.
  • Automatical generation of BB-files is now available for all graphical formats
    BaKoMa TeX beginning from version 3.0 supports automatical creation of BB-files for most frequently used graphical formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PCX. In this version the same approach is extended for other graphical formats: BMP, MSP, WMF, and compressed PostScript (supported extensions are: `.pz', `.ps.Z', `.eps.Z', `.ps.gz', `.eps.gz').
  • Bottom TAB Frame will be restored (if it was minimized) at any activity inside controlled windows (Console, Messages).
  • Space = Shift+Space = Ctrl+Space. They are bind to the same procedure.
  • Small fix for valid handling of 8-bit BIB-files by BibTeX8.


  • Appearance of raster images on a Display was improved
    Now you can find that quality of displaying raster images by DVI Viewer is comparable with one provided by Acrobat Reader.
  • Import of True Color PNG files was improved. (LIBPNG was upgraded to most recent version.)
  • Embedding into PDF True Color images imported via Metafile filters (BMP, MSP, WMF) was refined.
  • Fixed problem related with printing PDF from AcrobatReader 5.0 on a PostScript printer.
  • Fixed problem related with handling PDF by some Acrobat PLUG-INS.

Version 4.50 (10-Jun-2002)


  • Handling fonts embedded into imported Postscript.
    Handling of fonts embedded into imported graphics was improved. New option: `Options|Graphics|Substitute Embedded Fonts' forces graphical engine to substitute embedded fonts by a fonts installed under BaKoMa TeX. This way increases font displaying quality. However, when an embedded font isn't matched with some installed font it will be rendered by built-in engine.
  • Unlimited number of objects in PDF Generation
    We have removed any limitations related with generation of PDF files. They are: number of pages, objects, palettes, encodings, fonts, and images. Currently, they are limited only by Virtual Memory available on your computer. Now, you can typeset an enciclopedies.
  • Adobe Illustrator 10 Compatibility
    PostScript interpereter was drastically improved to handle import of EPSF generated by Adobe Illustrator 10. Improvements touch: undocumented features (`internaldict'), Indexed Color Space lookup procedures, filters (LZWEncode, DCTDEcode, ASCII85Decode ), and GDI output to handle complex clipping regions.
  • Mathematica 4 Compatibility
    Commonly, it includes configuration for Tyep1/TrueType fonts used by Mathematica 4 for generating EPS files.
  • Improved appearance on Display of thin filled elements
    Commonly, it is to avoid pixel drop out. It provide visibility of small elements even at small zoom factors. Now you can find that thin elements are appeared in DVIEW like to Acrobat Reader display.
  • `Options|Graphics|Protect Global VM' (new option)
    enables suppression of writing to Postscript intertpreter global memory by prologs of imported Postscript graphics.
  • `Graphics Files' is new option in dialog `Options|Directories...'.
    It lets user to define additional directory for graphical files shared by all documents.

Text Editor

  • `File|Save LaTeX Document to Single File ...' (new command)
    saves the LaTeX Document into single file expanding `\include' and `\input' LaTeX commands.
    It is similar to LaTeXpand tool available from CTAN:support/latexpand.
  • `File|Open All Includes' (new command)
    opens (recursively) all files included into currently selected file by `\include' and `\input' LaTeX commands.
  • `Window|Close Others' (new command) - closes all windows except of currently selected.
  • `Includes' is new category of Gather (Search|Gather...).
  • `Preserve Column at moving by Up/Down' is new option in dialog `Options|Editing Setting ...'
    It enables preserving column position while moving the cursor by using Up and Down arrows. By default this feature is enabled.

Version 4.44 (23-May-2002)

This version has Patch status and may be freely installed by holders of NON-UPGRADABLE license for BaKoMa TeX 4.40.
  • Fixed hanging BaKoMa Console after an input waited by TeX processor, that was caused under some installations of Windows 2000
  • Fixed `fullpage.sty' for LaTeX 2.09 compatibility mode.
  • Removed pauses when System Console is used for Dynamical Preview.

Version 4.40 (9-May-2002)

Automatical Format Detection.

There is new virtual TeX format: `* Auto *'. When this format is chosen BaKoMa TeX automatically detects format required for typesetting current document. Commonly, this feature is intended for a TeX beginners. However, this feature may be useful for users, who prepare documents with different TeX formats.
Currently, this feature resolves following formats: `LaTeX 2e', `LaTeX 2.09', `AmsTeX', and `Plain TeX'. However, most of documents prepared for LaTeX 2.09 may be typeset by using LaTeX 2e compatibility mode. The way of typesetting LaTeX 2.09 documents is controlled by `Prefer LaTeX 2e emulation mode for LateX 2.09 documents' option available in dialog opened by `Options|TeX Running Parameters ...' editor command.
When chosen format isn't installed BaKoMa TeX provides links to units required for installing the format. `CTAN Site' used for these links may be defined in dialog opened by `Options|Directories' editor command.

Wrapping Long Text Lines.

BaKoMa TeX 4.40 wraps lines that are too long to fit a predefined width (see `Right Margin for line wrapping' parameter). This feature may be enabled/disabled by using `Wrap long lines at right margin' option. Such lines looks like to automatically reformatted paragraphs. However, these paragraphs are saved and represented as a single long line. It is crucial, that TeX has a limit on the line length and may have problems with such paragraphs. In this reason, it is desirable to insert line breaks at some line wrapping points. To automate insertion of line breaks you can use `Break lines at space entered out of margin' option. You can tune visualization of line breaks and line wrapping points by using `Show Line break by Symbol ...' and `Show Line wrapping by Symbol ...' options.
Mentioned parameters are available in `Line Wrapping' group of dialog opened by `Options|Editing Settings...' editor command.

Scroll Margins.

BaKoMa TeX 4.40 supports scrolling text window before caret touch window edge. You can customize number of `Visible lines' and number of `Visible columns' whose must be visible around a caret. Setting both these parameters to `0' returns to old approach.
Mentioned parameters are available in `Scroll Margins' group of dialog opened by `Options|Editing Settings...' editor command.

Version 4.31 (19-Apr-2002)

This version has Patch status and may be freely installed by holders of NON-UPGRADABLE license for BaKoMa TeX 4.30.
  • Dynamical Preview improvements:
    • work around `twoside' option to avoid left-right jumping of view at every keystroke,
    • resetting of sectioning counters in procesing loop to avoid increasing section numbers in editing,
    • removing OUT-file to avoid displaying document outline.
  • Fix: Calculating Zoom = 0 in case of minimized DVI window (NNN).
  • Fix: Overlapping TAB Frame with Tool bars (SL).
  • Default of `Persisten Selection' is `false' (This setting is more compatible with another text editors).
  • Added `Close' command to Edit Window Context Menu.

Version 4.30 (15-Apr-2002)

Dynamical Preview of the selected block of text.

Dynamical Preview is a new feature of BaKoMa TeX, that allows the user to preview instantly selected region of the file being edited. This feature is like to well known package: Instant Preview by Jonathan Fine (see:

Dynamical Preview reformats the selected text on demand. On modern computers, it refreshes preview window with every keystroke. On old and slow computers, it will skip some editting stages. In other words, this feature will not hang your input.

Dynamical Preview is useful for completing following applications:

  • typesetting complicated paragraphs;
  • typesetting complicated math formulas;
  • designing a diagrams with LaTeX picture environment, and with such macro packages as PSTricks, Xy-Pic, etc. For example, page 22 of BaKoMa TeX User Guide (to see it press on TeX Control Bar) includes diagram which was quickly redesigned by using Dynamical Preview.

Dynamical Preview is initialized by `TeX|Typeset Block' (Ctrl+F5) editor command, which is also available via TeX Control Bar.
Dialog opened by `Options|TeX Running Parameters ...' command includes new option: `Dynamical Preview of the selected text', which may be used to restore old functionality of `TeX|Typeset Block' command. This option is also available via TeX Control Bar. When a TeX format can't reformat a selection dynamically, this option is disabled.
To terminate dynamical preview use new command: `TeX|Stop Dynamical Preview' (Shift+F5), which is also available via TeX Control bar.
To preview another region you must stop previewing of current region and then initialize dynamical preview of new selection. However, if new region is of the same document stopping of processing isn't required. You must just select new region and call `TeX|Typeset Block' (Ctrl+F5) command.

Another Improvements.

  • Handling of Mouse Wheel.
  • `Generate as a Mirror Image' and `Generate as a Negative Image' options was added to PDF Generation dialog.
  • Del-key deletes region (if it is selected) when region selection isn't persistent.
  • Shift + Left mouse click provide advanced way for selecting a text.
  • Fixed bug appeared after erasing font cache from dialog opened by `Options|Font Convertor Cache...' editor command.

Version 4.20 (30-Mar-2002)

Text Editor - Window Management, Document Tabs, etc.

  • Document Tabs for switching between Document Windows.
  • Windows of Console, Messages, Log-file, may be managed inside Centaur Frame window (switched via TAB Control).
  • GUI Control bars are switched via TAB Control instead of radio buttons. GUI Control bars may include bitmaps. Added GUI Bar for insertion of LaTeX frequently used commands.
  • Show states of document tabs, toolbar, GUI Bar, status bar, and other control bars are controlled from context menu which is opened by right mouse button pressed under one of mentioned object (or under program menu).
  • File|Exit All BaKoMa TeX Programs - new command.
  • Added buttons for browsing through TeX Log file to TeX Control bar
  • Alarm button is added at left edge of status bar. It is green when some warnings are in Message Window. It is blinked red when some errors are in message window. Pressing on this button shows Message Window.
  • Key binding list: list was changed to TAB Control.
  • Contents of text window is redrawn while dragging scroll bar thumb.
  • Moving mouse with pressed right mouse button drags text inside window.
  • Multiple click of left mouse button (without a moving) sequentially selects Word, Line, Paragraph.

DVI Viewer supports more HyperRef options.

Added Support For DOCVIEW, PAGE, PAGES pdfmark's. In other words we support new options of HyperRef package: baseurl, pdfpagemode, pdfstartview, pdfstartpage, pdfpagescrop, pdfpagetransition, pdfpageduration, pdfpagehidden.

Every this option is translated to PDF. In advance options: pdfstartview and pdfstartpage are handled by DVI Viewer.

It is important that Zoom factor in new version isn't DVIEW parameter, but it is property of document (like to page size). We save zoom factor into Back Stack. In advance, we save Zoom factor in DVI structure, to restore it when DVI is activated from cached state.

Bug fixing.

  • Fixed conflict between LaTeX packages: PSfrag and Color.
  • Font handling is refined to import EPS files produced by Corel 9/10 (NNN).
  • Fixed incorrect handling of T1-fonts (CM+CX) observed on openning german double quote (Geb).
  • Fixed a buffer overflow at embedding DOCINFO object into PDF (AM 11-Feb).
    Now, DOCINFO object is embedded via a stream, that removes any restrictions.

Version 4.10 (17-Jan-2002)

Text Editor -- Spell Checker  improvements.

Commonly, Spell Checking was improved:
  • On-the-spot highlighting of misspelled words,
    Spell Checking was integrated with (La)TeX syntax highlighting. In other words, unknown word are highlighted on display. Of course highlighting works correctly when you enter a words.
  • Speller is now case sensitive.
  • Suggestions for correction of a misspelled words are present;
  • It recognizes soft hyphens (exam\-ples), accented character typed in 7-bit notation (F\"ur), whose may be defined in special dictionary.
  • It recognizes Babel shorthands. For example, our speller will recognize:
    German: \LaTeX\ f"uhrt den Zeilen- und Seiten\-umbruch
    automatisch durch. Dabei wird f"ur jeden Absatz die
    best"-m"ogliche Aufteilung der W"orter auf die Zeilen bestimmt.
    Spanish: Desde la versi'on b'asica de \LaTeXe{} de diciembre de
    1994, se posibilita la utilizaci'on de diversos codificaciones de
    entrada. Para esta facilidad v'ease el paquete \pai{inputenc}.
    We provide ready to use tables for every language which has shorthands defined by Babel package.

DVI Viewer -- supports link text broken across lines.

DVIEW (DVI Viewer), coming with BaKoMa TeX 4.10, supports link text broken across lines. DVIEW makes links on multiple lines into different PDF links to the same target. Links saved into PDF are the same as shown on display.
In advance, there is simple solution for links broken across pages, even when a footnote (or another foot material) is present on this page.


  • The system was improved to support CM-Super fonts.
    Displaying fonts is supported via automatical conversion to Unicoded TrueType fonts. We provide small module (CM-Super.BKZ) which installs all stuffs required to use CM-Super fonts.
  • The system was improved to support PalatinoLinotype fonts coming with Windows XP.
    The problem is that these fonts have no PostScript glyph names. The names are generated from CMAP table according to Adobe's glyph names.
  • MathPazo fonts was added to PSFONTS.BKZ module.
  • Experimental set of virtual fonts for Palatino fonts in T2A encoding was added.

Running under Multi-User Environment.

BaKoMa TeX was refined for working in multi-user systems (Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, and NT). It means that user settings are saved into a private configuration file. In other words, location for BaKoMa.INI configuration file is defined by USERPROFILE environment variable instead of assuming Windows root directory.

To inherit settings provided by previous versions of BaKoMa TeX, user's profile is initialized by BaKoMa.INI file from Windows root directory. In other side, BaKoMa.INI file in Windows root directory may be created by simple copying of BaKoMa.INI file of any user. This feature may be used to provide some reasonable default settings for all users on the same computer.

In advance, different profiles are supported for logged users of Windows 98. However, if multi-user mode in Windows 98 isn't enabled (or it is started without logging into some user) BaKoMa TeX uses BaKoMa.INI file from Windows root directory.

Running under Windows XP.

BaKoMa TeX 4.10 is preliminary tested for running under Windows XP. In result, some features was improved in BaKoMa TeX 4.10. However, if compatibility problems with Windows XP are found we intend to develop an update release of BaKoMa TeX that will address the incompatibilities.


TeX processor now reads TeX files in binary mode. This approach has following advantages:
  • All types of line separators (DOS, UNIX, MAC) are supported.
    This feature is often desired for reading bounding box information from imported Postscript graphics, because Postscript specification permits all these new line conventions.
  • Reading of Ctrl-Z (ASCII 26) and other control characters as simple characters is supported.
    Of course, <CR>, <LF>, and <TAB> are handled in obvious ways.

Notes for users who want to upgrade BaKoMa TeX.

Some of LaTeX macros distributed with previous versions of BaKoMa TeX have Ctrl-Z at end of file. Now, this symbol will cause an error: `! text line contains an invalid character'. There are 5 such files in LATEX2E.BKZ module: texmf\tex\latex\nassflow\manual.sty
and one file in FONTZOO.BKZ module:

To fix the files you must reinstall LATEX2E and FONTZOO modules. In other side, these files may be fixed manualy by simple removing of Ctrl-Z (ascii 26) character from these files.

Version 4.05 (5-Nov-2001)

This version has Patch status and may be freely installed by holders of NON-UPGRADABLE license for BaKoMa TeX 4.0(1).
  • Added support for \Acrobatmenu command of HyperRef package, which is used by such macro packages as pdfscreen, pdfslide, etc.
  • LaTeX 2e module was updated for following:
    • Last recent version of LaTeX base (issue 14) and other packages.
    • Included almost all packages from CTAN:macros/latex/contrib.
  • Fixed bug in finding resource with empty name.
  • Extended limits for some array of TeX processor.

Version 4.01 (23-Oct-2001)

This version has Patch status and may be freely installed by holders of NON-UPGRADABLE license for BaKoMa TeX 4.0.
  • Fixed bug related with embedding CFF into PDF, which violates compatibility with Acrobat 5.0 !
  • Resizing of document outline was made in more classical way via moveable divider, instead of moving appropriate edge.
  • Fixed problem with resizing child windows after maximizing DVIEW window.
  • Handling of {...InsEnv} bindings by EnableCommand in control bars was refined.
  • Added [Open File] button to `File|Find Files in TDS' dialog.
  • Category/Font was refined to handle `definefont' in local VM with fonts defined in global VM.
  • Extended Combos for TeXFormat and DVIWindow in TeX Control Bar to avoid appearing scroll bars in them.
  • TDSearch.dll: Fixed problem related with inheritance of previous result for failed requests of forms: ?... and ??...

Version 4.0 (9-Sep-2001)

Attention: Distribution was reorganized into three folders: Programs, Macros, and Fonts.

Text Editor.

  • GUI Control Bar for insertion of a math symbols is extendable by user. Currently, the way for adding new symbols is simplest among other solutions (WinEdt, WinTeX, etc.). See subdirectory: `BaKoMa\GUI'.
  • `Options|TeX Running Parameters' opens new dialog which lets comprehensive control under `TeX|Typeset Entire Document' and `TeX|Typeset Block' commands. This dialog permits to specify arbitrary set of postprocessors from a Utility menu. Project|Parameters... dialog was removed, because other options (not included into `Options|TeX Running Parameters' dialog) are available from another dialogs: `Import Document Outline from:' -> `Options|Document Info' (DVIEW), `Headers' -> `Search|Gather', `Highlighting Mode' -> `Options|Hightlighting Modes...'.
  • `File|Print (Generate Listing)' (LP2DVI) gets space width from font TFM file.

DVI Viewer.

User Interface

  • Mouse actions
    Left mouse button may be used for dragging page inside a window like to hand tool of Acrobat Reader.
    Right mouse button opens different context menus for selection and without selection.
  • Document Outline is displayed at left side of window via tree view like to Acrobat Reader bookmarks.
  • User Bookmarks are shown via dialog, which can show global bookmarks and remove a selected bookmarks.

DVIPS Compatibility

There are several improvements intended for more compatibility between BaKoMa DVI Viewer and DVIPS programs.
  • Support for literal prologs (\special{! ...}).
  • Support for local headers (\special{header=...}) whose are in the same directory as document.
  • Support for PostScript procedure definitions broken across several specials (Embedding TeX material into PostScript procedures). This feature enables running such macro packages as PSFrag, PST-FILL (PSTricks), etc.
  • DVI page origin was changed to match it with DVIPS origin, that is sensitive for `changebar.sty' package.
  • Using PK Fonts is simplified -- an additional configuration for PK fonts is not required.

HyperRef Support

There is appeared specific HyperRef driver for BaKoMa TeX (see `BaKoMa\tex\latex\hBaKoMa4.def').
This driver embeds document outline and document info into DVI file via pdfmark operator in literal prologs (\special{! ...}). This approach enables embedding into PDF document such HyperRef options as pdftitle, pdfauthor, etc. In advance, unicoded outline and document info are supported without any limitations. Internally, DVIEW keeps document outline and document info in Unicode format.

Approach of importing outline and entering document info via dialog is still available for documents produced without HyperRef package. DVI Viewer has command: `Options|General Document Info...', which is enabled when document info and document outline are not embedded into DVI file (It is case when HyperRef was not used).


  • MetaHelp displays document collection via Tree View.
  • This tree view is synchronized with keyword targets.
  • All functions are available from buttons on main dialog.


  • Windows families for Standard TeX Fonts was changed to avoid conflicts with another TeX systems.
  • Multi-aliasing, which works across not-present fonts. It works also for substitution of preconfigured but absent fonts.
  • Using Adobe PostScript fonts Fixed problem with Obliqued fonts whose have two fonts in file and slanted by using fontmatrix.

New and Updated Packages.

  • Omega 1.15
  • PSTricks 97 (Feb 2001)
  • PSFrag 3.04 (NEW)
  • MusixTeX T.103
  • DraftCopy - adapted for random page drawing. Works with DVIEW, DVIPS+GV, and with rearranged PS files.
  • ChangeBar - refixed for BaKoMa TeX 4.0
  • fancybox, fancyhdr, fancyvrb, caption, ccaption, units, nicefrac - was added because of user requests.