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Changes History

Version 3.51 (7-Jul-2001)

This version has Patch status and may be freely installed by holders of NON-UPGRADABLE license for BaKoMa TeX 3.50.


  • `Search|Gather': commands to insert references was added to `Labels' and `Bibliography' categories.
    `Bibliography' is new Gather category to collect \bibitem's.
  • `Search|TeX Error|...': bug related with setting a `Master file' was fixed.
  • Invoking TeX from `Log' window works correctly.
  • `File|Print (Generate Listing)' (LP2DVI.ctr): `AView' bug was fixed.
  • Fixed bug: Lost GDI objects in DVI Viewer.
  • Handling of misconfigured fonts was refined.

Version 3.50 (12-Jun-2001)

User Interface.

  • Customizable Toolbar is available in Text Editor and DVI Viewer.
  • Toolbar icons are displayed at left edge of menus.
  • Tool tips are displayed for toolbar (including Control bars and GUI Bar) and dialogs.
  • Tips for editor menu are displayed in status bar.
  • Menu item and toolbar controls are automatically enabled/disabled according to context.
  • Popup menu is invoked by right mouse button.
  • Font Highlighting in DVI Viewer is improved: (1) font/color table is displayed in dialog box; (2) colors may be customizable.
  • Insert|Wrapping Selection is new flag which enables insertion of LaTeX environment, heading commands, etc. around selected text.
  • TeX Control Bar includes new options: embed Source Info, encapsulate DVI color stacks, automatical launching of DVI viewer.
  • Search|Find... - `match whole word only' option was added.
    Search options: `Match case' and 'Match whole word only' was added to Search/Replace control bar.
  • Window|Duplicate was improved to inherit cursor position, viewport position, window size, and region selection from original window.
  • `Options|Appearance ...' controls appearance of Menu Tips, Menu Icons, Toolbar tips, Dialog tips, and sizes of dialogs and control bars.

Commands from Editor TNS menu was moved according to following table:
Reset TNS Cache
Show TNS Cache
TNS Which...
File|Find Files in TDS (TNS Which) ...
Disactivate TeX's TrueType Fonts
Erase TrueType Font Cache
Options|Font Convertor Cache ...
Launch Console Window CENTAUR:
Window|Show Message Window
List of Available TeX Fonts ... CENTAUR:
File|List of Available TeX Fonts ...
Unregister BaKoMa TeX Help|About... [Registered versions only].


Cached TrueType fonts may be automatically deinstalled after exiting last copy of DVI Viewer. This approach hides TeX fonts for another applications. This feature may be enabled/disabled from dialog opened from `DVIEW:Options|Font Convertor Cache ...'.


  • BaKoMa\CENTAUR.MNU includes binding of menu and keystrokes for Centaur Text Editor.
  • BaKoMa\DVIEW.MNU includes binding of menu and keystrokes for DVI Viewer.

Bug fixes.

  • BaKoMa\OIF\OUT.OIF - Fixing problem with converting unicoded outlines.
  • Fixed problem observed on PostScript files produced by Matlab. It was looking that some Up-Right fonts displayed as italic on display.

Version 3.20 (23-Feb-2001)

User Interface.

  • Macro Recording is easiest way to make custom macros.
  • Search|Gather is generalization of `Search|Table of Contents' command, suitable for observing Headings, Labels, References, Citations, Figures, Tables, INI file sections, WEB Headings, etc. New targets may be added via Gather category.
  • File|Erase Working Files ... is customizable tool to remove TeX working files.
  • Spell Checking: Added option for switching on/off handling of english '-forms.
  • Edit|Capitalize Word (Alt+Z) - new command.
  • Edit|File|... - new command set:
    • Copy Region to File ...,
    • Append Region to File ...,
    • Insert File ...,
  • Persistent Selection flag (from `Options|Editor Settings' dialog) influences on selection of blocks inserted by `Edit|File|Insert File' and `Edit|Paste' commands. In other words, inserted blocks are selected when selection is not persistent.
  • Insert|LaTeX Font Selection Command ... - new dialog.
    Collects all LaTeX FD files available in system to show available font families and encodings.
    In advance this dialog provides useful features:
    • constructs LaTeX 2e font selection command: `\fontencoding{XX}\fontfamily{XX}...\selectfont'.
    • generates test sheet for choosed font family or encoding+family pair.
  • Edit|Comment/Uncomment Region commands are extended to handle any string defined via dialog.
  • DVIBook called from DVIEW via File|Arrange DVI Pages creates output file with another name than original file by appending a suffix for a file name. This approach takes advantages: every page arranging step may be undone by using Back command; rearranged file and original file may keep different paper settings.
  • Window|Close (Ctrl+F4) is now bind to menu.
  • File|Close is new command - closes current file and all attached windows.


  • Definitions for page arrangement schemes are moved from file BaKoMa\DVIBook.rc to resource of category DVIBook. This feature simplifies upgrading BaKoMa TeX with user-defined schemes. For more information see BaKoMa\DVIBook directory.
  • New Gather resource category is used to define different types of Gather, such as Headings, Labels, References, Citations, etc. For more information see BaKoMa\Gather directory.

Bug fixes.

  • Use Glyph Aliases (was disabled) to compute correct mappings for embedding document outlines into PDF file. This has sense for using encodings with non-standard glyph names.
  • Fixed: crashing DVI Viewer when Paper magnification is undefined. Correction aligns absent or too small magnification to 1 instead of 0. [Reported by Oliver Pretzel in BaKoMa mailing list].
  • Fixed: installing PLPS Fonts 1.11 by using T1SETUP script. Fixing includes: (1) looking encodings in DVIPS subdirectory (in advance to ENC subdirectory); (2) Adding resource /Demi in category /FWeight. [Reported by Slawomir Nowak in BaKoMa mailing list].

Version 3.10 (8-Dec-2000)

User Interface.

  • Improved `Insert|Graphics|Graphical File' editor menu command opens dialog which helps to build/insert LaTeX2e graphics import command with different options. GrView is now available as option in this dialog.
  • Drag and Drop of graphical files into editor also opens dialog to build/insert graphics import command.
  • New `Options|Configuring TDS Path ...' editor menu command opens dialog for altering List of TDS (TEXMF variable), (re)building and removing ls-R files in every TDS, configuring auto-mirrors.
    Editor command `TNS|ReMake File Name Data Base (ls-R)' was removed because this operation is available from new dialog.

PDF Generation.

Support for embeding into PDF fonts in CFF Type 2 form, that is much more portable then embedding in CFF Type 1 form. The reason is buggy handling of CFF Type 1 fonts in many PDF browsers, such as GhostScript and old versions of Acrobat Reader.

New output was successfully tested with following software:

  • GhostScript 5.50
  • GhostScript 6.0
  • AcrobatReader 3.0
  • AcrobatReader 4.0


  • New TX Fonts by Young Ryu are available with CONTRIB/TXFONTS installation module.
    These fonts expands Standard PostScript Fonts (Times/Helvetica/Courier) by math symbols and symbols required for OT1, T1, TS1, and LY1 encodings.
  • BaKoMa TeX Kernel includes FD files whose enable using TX Fonts for typesetting cyrillic papers.
    There is example of using TX Fonts for russian article:


There is automatical reconfiguring of BaKoMa TeX directories when the system is running from Read Only media. This feature is useful for an installation shared by several users, that is typical for a site licenses.

Bug fixes.

All bug fixes was issued in four patches that are integrated in this version.
  1. 25-Sep-2000
    • DVIPS (using some of T3 fonts),
    • GrView prolog loading,
    • Loading some AMFM files.
  2. 4-Oct-2000
    Solving registration problems;
  3. 14-Oct-2000
    Viewing DVI files in disk root.
  4. 8-Nov-2000
    Solving problem: `Hyperlink color in PDF output is missed.'

Version 3.0 (12-Sep-2000)


  • Support of PostScript Level 2.
  • Automatical creation of BB-files for non-PostScript graphics is useful for LaTeX graphics bundle.


  • EC/TC and LH fonts in Type 1 font format are available for BaKoMa TeX 3.0 via ShareIt.
  • Support for Type 1 fonts in CFF (Compact Font Format) form.
  • Farther improvements in Type 1 -> TrueType font convertor: (1) configuring Grid-fitting And Scan-conversion Procedure (TTF GASP table); (2) Handling BlueFuzz; (3) Handling Stem Snap values. There are reasonable factory defaults which produce the best results on display with switched on `Smooth edges of screen fonts' flag (It is available under Windows 98/NT/2000) and on medium resolution printers.

User Interface.

  • Undo/Redo;
  • Search|Go To Last Modification (related with Undo);
  • Search|Brace Match;
  • File|Save As;
  • Insert/Replace mode;
  • Option for Persistent or non-Persistent region selection;
  • File|Print (Generate Listing) is now launched via dialog with useful parameters;
  • Insert|Document Template... is refined for saving options and more clear layout.
  • Syntax Highlighting modes is now configurable via dialog for colors, character category codes, and set of active dictionaries;
  • Spell Checking:
    • There is List of Ignored Words in advance to user dictionary;
    • Handling of LaTeX syntax is now configurable via dialog for ignore comments, skipping arguments, environment, etc.
    Spell menu was moved from Search menu to top menu. It now occupies accelerator Alt+L. In this reason, Alt+L (Edit|Select Line) was rebind to Ctrl+L, and Ctrl+L (Insert|\label) to Alt+A.
  • Aliases for region commands: Ctrl+X for Shift+Del (Cut), Ctrl+C for Ctrl+Ins (Copy), and Ctrl+V for Shift+Ins (Paste). In this reson, Ctrl+X was rebind to Alt+X (Insert|\index), Ctrl+C to Alt+C (Insert|\cite), and Ctrl+V to Alt+V (Insert|\verb). Insertion of verbatim environment, that was available via Alt+V, now is available only via menu (`Alt+I E V').
  • DVIEW shows first page of complicated documents much faster, because it prepares (loads/converts/setups) fonts when they are needed.
  • Project|Parameters Dialog supports a postprocessors which may be launched after every TeXing. List of available postprocessors may be extended by editing [PostProcessors] section of TEXMF.INI file. This feature is useful for running MakeIndex, MusixFlex, etc.
    However, automatical `expanding of Virtual Fonts' was removed. The reason is in conflict of fonts generated by FontInst with DVICopy program. Anyway, expanding VF fonts is available from DVIEW:File/Expand Virtual Fonts.

BaKoMa Console - new application.

BaKoMa Console is replacement for Windows console. It has following advantages:
  • Output from all programs are saved into huge buffer, which is always available for examination even without pause.
  • Console keeps command queue to run they sequentially. This feature is useful for queueing second TeX pass without waiting of terminating first pass.
  • It is possible to choose any font with any encoding for displaying text.
  • Message highlighting - errors, warning, etc. are displayed with customizable colors.
  • Console may be optionally minimized at end of every process.
  • Console refresh rate may be altered to reach the best performance.
  • Console has convenient commands to save messages (to clipboard or file).

Configuration and Directory structure.

Most important improvement is in appearing of LOCAL tree intended for installing user's macros, fonts, and other stuffs. Font installation programs (T1SETUP, SetupPFB, etc.) install fonts and encodings into LOCAL tree and configures they via configuration files placed into LOCAL tree. This feature simplifies updating of BaKoMa TeX, even when BaKoMa TeX can't be updated automatically.

To enjoy this approach, several configuration files was moved:

  • PSFonts.INI -> LOCAL\PSFonts.INI and TEXMF\PSFonts.INI;
  • FontSubs.INI -> LOCAL\Aliases.INI and TEXMF\Aliases.INI;
  • MakeFont.INI -> LOCAL\MakeFont.INI and TEXMF\MakeFont.INI;
  • [Encodings] section has been moved from TEXMF.INI file to {LOCAL,TEXMF}\ENCODING\Resource.Dir files, according to resource machinery coming with PostScript Level 2.