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There is old version of BaKoMa TeX.

We recommend to try more recent vaersion.

Installing this version may have sense only if you have very old Linux system,
on which most recent version of BaKoMa TeX can't be installed.

BaKoMa TeX 10.61 for Linux

Revision: 14/11/22
Download: 17 + 12 MB
Install: 150 − 180 MB
BaKoMa TeX 10.61 Linux runs on Linux x86 and x64.
DEB (17 MB) and RPM (17 MB) file include only BaKoMa TeX Kernel. At end of installation 'BaKoMa TeX Setup' program will download commonly used LaTeX macros and fonts (10-15 MB). So, that complete download may be up to 30 MB. Read more about this version.

Before Installation

^Under 64 bit DEB (Ubuntu, Linux Mint) systems
To install BaKoMa TeX under 64 bit linux ia32-libs are required.
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs


  1. In some distros ia32-libs may be already installed (I.e. Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10). In this case the command will be finished shortly.
  2. Some time installing ia32-libs is failed if system isn't up to date. In this case use Update Manager to update system, then try again.

Compatibility Table

BaKoMa TeX may work under Linux distributions released in 2010 and later, because of library dependencies.

Below table indicates compatibility of every version of most popular linux distributions: Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE.

System Installer2010 2011
Ubuntu DEB 10.04 (10/04/29) [32bit] and [64bit]^* 11.04 (11/04/28) [32bit] and [64bit]*
10.10 (10/10/10) [32bit] and [64bit]* 11.10 (11/10/13) [32bit] and [64bit]*
LinuxMint DEB 9 (10/05/18) [32bit] and [64bit]^* 11 (11/05/26) [32bit], [64bit - BAD Icons]^*
10 (10/11/12) [32bit]* and [64bit]^* 12 (11/11/26) [32bit] and [64bit]^*
Fedora RPM 13 (2010-05-25) [32Bit] 15 (2011-05-24) [32Bit]
14 (2010-11-02) [32bit] 16 (2011-11-08) [32Bit] and [64bit]
OpenSUSE RPM 11.3 (10/07/15) 11.4 (2011-03-10) [32bit]
12.1 (2011-11-16) [32bit]

*Installation under 64 bit systems
To install DEB you should download DEB file to disk and then install it using dpkg program from terminal:
wget -O bakoma-tex.deb 
sudo -E dpkg -i --force-architecture bakoma-tex.deb
To install RPM you should install it using rpm program from terminal:
sudo -E rpm -i
NOTE: Under some systems programs will be appeared in launch menu only after restart. (Mint 9/64)
Installation under 32 bit systems
To install DEB/RPM file under 32bit systems you can just click on provided RPM/DEB link.
In most cases it will work. Otherwise, we recommend to install software in the same way as under 64bit systems.
Uninstall BaKoMa TeX
To uninstall BaKoMa TeX clearly from DEB based systems do following:
sudo dpkg -P bakoma-tex
sudo rm -rf /opt/bakoma
NOTE: Using '-P' switch instead of '-r' is required for correct reinstalling configuration files.
It may be required to complete resetup of BaKoMa TeX on your computer.

To uninstall BaKoMa TeX clearly from RPM based systems do following:

sudo rpm -e bakoma-tex
sudo rm -rf /opt/bakoma

Limitations of Linux version:

  • Print is not supported.
  • DVIPS not included - Export PostScript not supported.
  • TeX4HT not included - Export HTML4 isn't supported (use Export SVG + HTML).
  • Configure Font Families and using Windows system fonts are not supported.
  • Update may be done by installing updated PKG file - it will reload only updated packages.
  • Package Manager not included - automatical package installation works well.