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BaKoMa TeX 11.41 Linux (1-Oct-2017)

Installation Package
Linux bakoma-tex-1141-171027.deb

NOTE: Another packages such as Red Hat RPM,
Stampede SLP, Slackware TGZ, and LSB
may be made by using alien program.

For example, RPM package may be made by following command:

sudo alien --scripts --fixperms --to-rpm bakoma-tex-....deb

Technical details
  • Build on Ubuntu 16.04 / 32 bit
  • Build with wxWidgets 3.10 (2016/09/16)
  • Included 32 bit libraries to run on 64 bit systems.
See version details.

Before Installing under 64 bit system

Enable running 32 bit application, using following commands:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386

  • Download the module by clicking on link
  • Install it using dpkg:
    sudo -E dpkg -i bakoma-tex-1123-170228.deb

Uninstall BaKoMa TeX
To uninstall BaKoMa TeX clearly from DEB based systems do following:
sudo dpkg -P bakoma-tex
sudo rm -rf /opt/bakoma
NOTE: Using '-P' switch instead of '-r' is required for correct reinstalling configuration files.
It may be required to complete resetup of BaKoMa TeX on your computer.

To uninstall BaKoMa TeX clearly from RPM based systems do following:

sudo rpm -e bakoma-tex
sudo rm -rf /opt/bakoma

Limitations of Linux version:

  • Print is not supported.
  • DVIPS not included - Export PostScript not supported.
  • TeX4HT not included - Export HTML4 isn't supported (use Export SVG + HTML).
  • Configure Font Families and using Windows system fonts are not supported.
  • Update may be done by installing updated PKG file - it will reload only updated packages.
  • Package Manager not included - automatical package installation works well.

Versions for older systems.

If you have too old Linux system you may want to try older builds