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Handwritten Math Recognition in Windows 7/8/10
TeXWord and Centaur

These features are available in BaKoMa TeX 10.70 and under Windows 7/8/10.

BaKoMa TeX uses the Microsoft math recognizer that is built into Windows 7/8/10 to recognize handwritten mathematical expressions.

Handwritten Math Input ...
New tool available in TeXWord Insert menu launches Math Input Panel available under Windows 7/8/10 and convert returned result (from MathML) into regular LaTeX.

Options - Handwritten Math Input
allows to configure work of Math Input Panel.


  • Close at Insert - Math Input Panel will be closed after [Insert].

See demonstrating video.

Reporting Bugs

Any problems may be reported to us.

Please do not forget to attach folowing information:

  • Screenshot showing your drawing and appearance in TeXWord (Page Window, Source Window, *Console*)
  • Massages Window save (Click right mouse to access save option in context menu).
For experienced users:

Windows creates MathML, which is translated into LaTeX by using XSLT at
C:\BaKoMa TeX\BaKoMa\MathInput\mmltex.xsl

You can try to imrove this XSL file itself or ask us.

Please be patient.