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The latest news about BaKoMa TeX releases, packages, extensions.

03 Feb 20, 08:02:00

The project is for sale. For communication, please contact us by e-mail
28 Oct 19, 08:10:00

The purchase page is available after a crash.
08 Oct 18, 09:10:00

Release of all improvements tested in versions 11.72 ... 11.78 on all platforms.
01 Oct 18, 09:10:00

Release of all improvements tested in versions 11.72 ... 11.78
18 Aug 18, 09:08:00

Release of all improvements tested in versions 11.72 ... 11.78
25 Jul 18, 09:07:00

CTEX support, SVG import support, Improved run of external apps, XeTeX experimental.
02 Jul 18, 09:07:00

Improved support for run external programs such as Pygments.
12 Jun 18, 09:06:00

Fixed \left ... \right sync, Added suggestions in "External Programs".
06 Jun 18, 09:06:00

Import WMF and gnuplot files using \includegraphics command.
28 May 18, 09:05:00

Final refinments of Configuring Font Families shows preview for all fonts; and it is supported on all platforms.
15 May 18, 09:05:00

Configuring Font Families shows preview for all fonts; and it is supported on all platforms.
28 Apr 18, 09:04:00

Inverted Coloros on Page Window (Support of dark theme) Support undockable Page Window in TexWord.
12 Apr 18, 09:04:00

Configuring Font families - improved, speedup, extended font set. fontspec-etex: emulation of fontspec for Standard LaTeX.
15 Mar 18, 08:03:00

Support for TIKZ/Externalize on all platforms, Export PostScript (using DVIPS) is now supported under Mac and Linux.
03 Mar 18, 08:03:00

Displaying hieroglyphs in source window, and caret moving in Page Window (hieroglyphs in Mac/Linux)
22 Feb 18, 08:02:00

Updated MetaHelp Document Index: 4900 docs instead of 2200. Many minor improvements.
02 Feb 18, 08:02:00

Test of LInux version distributed in form of tar.xz
18 Jan 18, 08:01:00

General improvement of Mac OS version - 64 bit, MetaPost etc Fixed latexdiff, import metaPost, pdf2eps -p
01 Jan 18, 08:01:00

Import MetaPost Graphics, Advanced control under Shell Escape, Fixed configuration of some font packages.
01 Oct 17, 09:10:00

Important fixes and updates for version 11.40
21 Sep 17, 09:09:00

BaKoMa TeX 11.40, Rev 1170919 is available as CD image on our downloads page.
Take into attention that it is about 1.6 GB instead of 800 MB of previous versions.
04 Aug 17, 09:08:00

General update of LaTeX with hundreds of updated and new font and macro packages. Related program includes fixes and improvements.
10 Jul 17, 09:07:00

General update of LaTeX with adding hundreds of new packages and fonts.
27 Jun 17, 09:06:00

General update of LaTeX with update of more then 500 packages.
31 May 17, 09:05:00

Font Management extended by InMemory option, SIAM support packages updated. Improved font handling: missed fonts, with missed FullName key. ACMArt update ... Fixed Recent Files - removing records.
30 Apr 17, 09:04:00

Improved Font Handling and fixed SaveAsTemplate
12 Apr 17, 09:04:00

Sync source with changes in reload files, InsertSymbols, ChooseFonts-AD.
17 Mar 17, 08:03:00

Extended range of synchronization of the page with moves in the source.
23 Feb 17, 08:02:00

Adapting final modal dialogs, Fixes.
02 Feb 17, 08:02:00

UHD (4K) display support for more programs, Adapting more dialogs, Fixes.
31 Dec 16, 08:12:00

UHD (4K) display support for more programs, Line numbers, Adapting more dialogs.
16 Nov 16, 08:11:00

UHD (4K) display support, General LaTeX update, Resizable Template Chooser.
16 Oct 16, 09:10:00

Selection up too source bookmarks, handling errors of latexdiff, fixed ChooseFont crash with some fonts.
09 Sep 16, 09:09:00

Drag and Drop files, Adapting dialogs to tablets, Autoloading Biber, Fixes.
16 Jan 16, 08:01:00

Wizards: Cross References, Bibliography, Indexing stuffs.
05 Dec 15, 08:12:00

Unification of Manage User Macros, Editing Settings, Caret customization, etc.
01 Sep 15, 09:09:00

TeXWord now can open PlainTeX and AmsTeX, Support import of PDF 1.5, etc.
06 Jun 15, 09:06:00

Improved TeXWord autoreload of changed files (sublime issue), fixed source tracking in new_ligature.
01 May 15, 09:05:00

Managing macros in Centaur like to TeXWord; Custom toolbars; Set of improved dialogs (wxPSRes).
30 Mar 15, 09:03:00

Compatibility: TIKZ/PGF (save limit), EPS saved by Acrobat 10 (/PageSize key), imagemask + Pattern
21 Mar 15, 08:03:00

TeXWord: User macros key binding, horizontal trackpad scrolling, etc.
28 Feb 15, 08:02:00

Handwritten Math Recognition in Windows 7/8
06 Feb 15, 08:02:00

Fixing Mac and Linux issues.
30 Jan 15, 08:01:00

Set of tools for more convenient editing in source files window.
21 Dec 14, 08:12:00

Mac issues: Double click file open, keep focus in source, empty BIB-files, etc.
21 Nov 14, 08:11:00

Improved Pasting Text/Image, Pasting Image on Mac, some fixes.
14 Nov 14, 08:11:00

Updated TeX and e-TeX, support spaces in filenames, pdfsavepos added to e-TeX for pgf/tiks support, some fixes.
03 Sep 14, 09:09:00

Win64 apps, biblatex/Biber support, updated latex kernel, etc.
05 May 14, 09:05:00

LaTeX 3 support and related packages.
04 Apr 14, 09:04:00

latexdiff support, improvements in TeX Running Parameters and Speller Configuration dialogs.
08 Mar 14, 08:03:00

Routing wxWidgets (2.95) messages to Messages Window, BibEdit in Start menu, Feature Request implementations.
03 Mar 14, 08:03:00

wxWidgest 3.0, BibEdit in Start menu, Feature Request implementations.
21 Nov 13, 08:11:00

PostScript fixes, BibEdit improvements, DeJavu font support.
01 Oct 13, 09:10:00

PDF generation improvements, Image Cache unification, Feature Request implementations.
31 Jan 13, 08:01:00

BaKoMa TeX 10.10 for Mac has now released with support of Apple Retina Displays.
13 Jan 13, 08:01:00

PDF generation improvement - direct embedding of imported PDF graphics.
30 Dec 12, 08:12:00

Test Version for Retina Displays (Mac only)
21 Dec 12, 08:12:00

Automatical highlighting of matched braces.
29 Oct 12, 08:10:00

There is new "Feature Request" page which allows add requests, vote and comment for request added by another users.
17 Oct 12, 09:10:00

Full Screen mode.
Centaur/TeXCode: toggle toolbar, replacing select region, Typeset Block.
TeXWord: Space now replaces selected region.
Win32: wx294, horizontal scroll by mouse wheel and trackpad.
Fixed hyperref driver to highlight local link by linkcolor.
23 Sep 12, 09:09:00

Transparency, PDF2EPS Compressed Type1, Alarm button for BibTeX Errors, Extended ReDo buffer.
03 Sep 12, 09:09:00

PDF export now supports movies, animations and forms.
TeXWord can now open documents in legacy LaTeX 2.09 syntax.
08 May 12, 09:05:00

New features of Windows version 9.82
Fixed crash after inserting headings and rebuilding with wx 2.9.3
04 Apr 12, 09:04:00

Highlighting Math formulas
More Alarm Buttons for whose check options compatibility of such packages as graphics/graphicx/color, pgf/tikz, hyperref, fontenc, inputenc and matching media paper size with document paper size.
03 Mar 12, 08:03:00

Improved Moouse Tools (All)
TeXWord Responce improvements: Image Cache (Mac/Linux), Source Window Cache (ALL).
30 Jan 12, 08:01:00

Linux version released.
mouse tools: added measuring tool, using Alt key for Mac, improved design.
font configs: esint, palatino small caps.
28 Nov 11, 08:11:00

Improved stability of autodownload servers.
Updated PSTricks and most of packages and native support of pst-solides3d.
02 Nov 11, 08:11:00

Improvements of TeXWord, BibEdit, DVIPS (Export PostScript)
21 Sep 11, 09:09:00

BaKoMa TeX for Mac is now released.
12 Sep 11, 09:09:00

Updated BibEdit program: Search, Auto save, appearance, protability.
15 Aug 11, 09:08:00

Set of minor improvements.
27 Jun 11, 09:06:00

File/New, File/Recent in TeXWord.
Optimized support of Tablet PC and touch screens.
30 May 11, 09:05:00

First test version of BaKoMa TeX for MAC.
30 Apr 11, 09:04:00

Redesigned icons for all programs.
MetaHelp program has now modern redesigned user interface, and improved startup speed.
14 Mar 11, 08:03:00

Usability and Compatibility of BaKoMa TeX under different operating systems.
01 Feb 11, 08:02:00

First test version of BaKoMa TeX for Linux.
10 Nov 10, 08:11:00

Release of grand changes in user interface (tested in 9.10, 9.20, 9.30).
Advanced User Interface introduced in TeXWord, Centaur, DVIEW provides modern flexible window and toolbar docking.
Autosave and autoreload files is integrated feature of TeXWord and Centaur. allows to edit documents simultaneously in Centaur and TeXWord.
Centaur has the same Symbols panels as in TeXWord.
Syntax Completion is now activated by single TAB key in both Centaur and TeXWord.
TeXWord may highlight misspelled words in Source or in both windows.
10 Oct 10, 09:10:00

Release Candidate 2.
Autoclosing of Symbol Panels has been reimplemented in new version
More bugs fixed.
03 Sep 10, 09:09:00

Release Candidate 1.
General Bug fixing. Few changes in interface only touch collisions.
17 May 10, 09:05:00

Test version with strong changes in user interface.
Advanced User Interface introduced in TeXWord, Centaur, DVIEW provides modern flexible window and toolbar docking.
Autosave and autoreload files is integrated feature of TeXWord and Centaur. allows to edit documents simultaneously in Centaur and TeXWord.
Centaur has the same Symbols panels as in TeXWord.
Syntax Completion is now activated by single TAB key in both Centaur and TeXWord.
TeXWord may highlight misspelled words in Source or in both windows.
23 Mar 10, 08:03:00

Accumulative Bug Fixing
eTeX, DVIPS, PostLine, etc.
A lot of LaTeX packages has been updated/added.
16 Oct 09, 09:10:00

You can now download ISO image of BaKoMa TeX CD in download section.
14 Sep 09, 09:09:00

Comprehesive package library ...
Automatical download packages/fonts required by your documents.
Automatical update.
Package Manager.
Search commands in entire document colelction and automatical download openning document vis network.
Automatical reload of files changed by another programs.
Optional lock of changing focus to proof (preview) window by mouse click.
02 Jun 09, 09:06:00

eTeX is included into QuickSetup and used by default.
$TEXMFUSER directory is provided for user customizations
Set of IDE and compatibility improvements.
08 Mar 09, 08:03:00

Insertion of symbols from Windows fonts.
BibLaTeX compatibility.
25 Jan 09, 08:01:00

'Insert/Configuring Font Families ...' work around TTF fonts without proper CMAP.
Extending BibTeX limits: buf_size from 3000 to 10000, global vars from 10 to 100.
12 Jan 09, 08:01:00

Dialog to choose document fonts. Supports both TEXMF fonts and Windows system fonts. It displays font families common for most windows applications.
Direct usage of Windows fonts in LaTeX documents. Just use code: \renewcommand{\rmdefault}{@times@new@roman) Magical '@' links latex font family with windows font family.
03 Oct 08, 09:10:00

Compatibility with EPS exported from Origin 7.5 (improved glyphshow of Type 3 fonts).
Improved diagnostic of download error (WGet)
Fixed input in source window with free docking
08 Sep 08, 09:09:00

TeXWord IDE Features:
* 'View/Sync Preview' (F6) - new command to synchronize proof with source.
* 'Find & Replace' in source window is implemented as non-modal dialog.
* Improved 'Find' in proof window: handling spaces; fixed shift.
Compatibility issues:
* Scientific Word/WorkPlace - displays imported graphics.
* pdfTeX - estimates BBox of imported PDF files in similar way.
* PS Drivers - work around carzy prologs ('boolean {foo} def').
25 Jun 08, 09:06:00

New Features:
Handling file pathes longer then 128 characters;
Show HyperLink Border by using color is now 3-state check box;
Fixed default value of 'pdfcolors' value in HyperRef driver;
Fixed bug related with handling Insert accented latin letters in 7bit TeX notation in UTF8 input encoding;
Fixed incompatibility with some EPS files saved by AI 8.0 ('0 -1 roll').
27 May 08, 09:05:00

New Features:
Genrates PDF file version 1.4
Support for HyperRef specification of hyperlink border color.
'Options/Document Properties/HyperLinks' provides more control.
Measuring tool in TeXWord works like to DVIEW.
Fixed openning file from network drives (\\Server\Resource\Directory...)
Fixed problem with clearing file at creating from template with UTF8 encoding.
12 Feb 08, 08:02:00

New Features:
New face: 24x24 XP style icons and improved toolbars;
Common Settings - new program integrates important global settings;
VAR directory is moved to 'Local Settings'.
27 Dec 07, 08:12:00

New Features:
MetaPost is updated to version 1.002. Fixed some issues.
Improved Image cache to handle graphics generated by MetaPost.
Compatibility with Animate package (only Editing in TeXWord)
MetaFont is updated to version 2.7182. Fixed displaying some PK fonts. is improved in many directions.
14 Nov 07, 08:11:00

New Features:
Compatibility with AcroTeX eDucation Bundle (Editing in TeXWord)
Support cross reference labels in user macros (TeXWord)
Text/LaTeX toolbar in TeXWord/Centaur has been redesigned.
Ctrl+O, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+S - common key binding in TeXWord/Centaur
CMYK Output in PDF Generation has been improved.
16 Oct 07, 09:10:00

New Features: enabled binding User Macros to user toolbar in TeXWord.
Fixed: complex formulas with PSFrag package (DVIEW/TeXWord); openning of BIB file with full-path specification (BiBEdit); chdir after rebuilding ls-R - violates multi file support; etc.
29 Aug 07, 09:08:00

New Features:
handling JPEG2000 in imported PDF files; automatical disabling caching images imported by PSfrag package; enabled caching of graphics included via absolute path; valid key binding of [Alt Gr] key for german keyboard; TeXWord/Proof Window: Enter key has more smart approach.
11 Aug 07, 09:08:00

New Features:
Caching imported graphcis and slide backgrounds (PowerDot) is supported in TeXWord and DVI Viewer programs. In TeXWord this feature provides comfortable editing of documents with any imported graphics.
18 Jul 07, 09:07:00

Fixed incompatility of texsys.cfg with ReVTeX 4.
CJK.ZIP has been updated in Local Archive.
11 Jul 07, 09:07:00

TeXWord/DView: Improved Page cache approach: LRU, automatical discarting cached pages, saves video memory. It improves browsing with very small and very large pages.
TeXWord/Dview: Fixed jumping to hyper label 'page.*' when several pages with required number exist.
DView: Fixed jumping of page when scroll page by mouse hand tool in 'Continuous - facing' page layout.
04 Jul 07, 09:07:00

Fixed displaying symbol panels in dual monitor system [07/07/01].
Keep focus in source window after displaying dialog in free docking mode [07/07/02].
22 Jun 07, 09:06:00

Most important improvements in this version are:
Shift+BkSp works like to BkSp,
'Internal TeX Encoding': (a) automatical detection based on default font encoding, (b) obfuscative '(Unknown)' option is removed.
PDF import improvements: (a) handling 'Rotate' feature is compatible with pdflatex. (b) handling embedded unnamed Type3 fonts.
Fixed collison between UTF8 tracking and multi-file support.
15 Jun 07, 09:06:00

Most important improvements in this version are:
Unicode (UTF8) support.
Installing more spell dictionaries from Internet.
TeXWord: Handling TeX errors, user macros, search in text source, stable keyboard input focus, etc.
16 Apr 07, 09:04:00

Most important improvements in this version are:
BaKoMa TeX 7.92 is ready for VISTA.
'Insert/Nomenclature Entry...' - new command in TeXWord.
'Options/TeX Running Parameters...' is redesigned to be more consistent with TeXWord.
LaTeX is updated.
eTeX is updated to V 2.2
21 Mar 07, 08:03:00

Most important improvements in this version are:
more improvements for running under VISTA, that includes more correct support of standard windows directories;
new TeX Word menus/options: 'Window/Docking Source.../Free', 'Options/Source Text Colors ...', 'Math Spaces';
Font Setup consistency and handling more situations.
17 Jan 07, 08:01:00

Most important improvement in this version is support for customizing shortcut keys of buttons on Text/Math tooolbar and symbol panels.
Just clicking right mouse button over interesting button lets to customize shortcut instantly in typesetting process.
11 Dec 06, 08:12:00

This Patch fixes problem related to conversion of some Type1 fonts into OTF, that disables displaying of such fonts under Win 2000/XP.
04 Dec 06, 08:12:00

(1) Added keyboard shortcuts for symbol panels, that enables to insert math via keyboard. Alt+G - lowercase greek, Shift+Alt+G - uppercase greek, Alt+Q - Big Operators, Alt+N - Binary Operators, Alt+R - Binary Relations, Alt+M - Mics Math Symbols.
(2) Added one shortcut for text mode: Alt+T - Text Symbols: \dots (d) \vdots (v) \S (q) \P (p) \copyright (c) \textregistered (r) \texttrademark (t) \textdagger (g) \textbullet (b) \textsterling (s) \euro (e)
(3) We have done pretest of BaKoMa TeX under VISTA beta. Version 7.80 includes some performance improvements.
30 Nov 06, 08:11:00

MathABX fonts in Type 1 font format are available at `Downloads/Local Archive' of BaKoMa TeX Support Site (
10 Oct 06, 09:10:00

Button for resuming of hanging TeX. Improved: BkSp, Ctrl+Del, Ctrl+BkSp. Fixed crash at displaying incomplete math.
10 Sep 06, 09:09:00

Improved: handling SPACE in preview window; sharing keys between text and math; file/save menus; support of readonly buffers; supprt of Arabi package. New commands: Go To Line; Save As Template.
28 May 06, 09:05:00

TeXWord AutoSave and AutoRecovering. Refined handling t-components of FontMatrix. Fixed color of imagemask in PDF generation.
12 Mar 06, 08:03:00

TeXWord: Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+Enter, Inert/RAW TeX Code, Wasy symbol panel, Phaistos symbol panel.
20 Feb 06, 08:02:00

TeXWord: Martin Vogel Symbols Panel, improved BibTeX use, Insert/Index improved, converting figure to floatingfigure. PDF2EPS Type42 handling improved.
01 Feb 06, 08:02:00

Latin Modern Fonts are available for BaKoMa TeX in OpenType font format.
14 Dec 05, 08:12:00

Improved support of multi-file LaTeX documents. New option:'Window|Show Outline'. PowerDot updated.
25 Sep 05, 09:09:00

TeXWord: more flexible window docking; fixed problem with loading too many spell dictionaries; refined key binding. New templates: PowerDot, Beamer, LLNCS. Graphics: 'for' refined; large ints; refined rounding color components, fixed 'reversepath'; gif2eps transparency; tiff2eps minsblack. Updated: PSTricks, Prosper.