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There are answers for frequently asked questions. You can add own question, which may be answered in some time.

Answered Questions

How to install new document class/package/font in BaKoMa TeX ?
how do i transfer a registered copy of bakomatex to a new computer?
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keyboard key binding
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Have separate spell check language packs for American and British English (Feature Request)
tex capacity
Viewing text and output side by side *** [Added VIDEO] ***
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Can a registered copy run as a portable on my usb?
Toolbar on the left (or right) side of the screen *** [Added VIDEO] ***
Can we use BaKoMa through online?
Improving Text Appearance in TeXWord and DVIEW
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Comment button (Feature Request)
nomencl package
How to improve TeXWord responcivity ?
Viewers for exported formats
How to edit greek documents ?
Is it possible to relocate temporary files (aux,ddf,dvv,lod,log,out,...) to a temp directory?
Why vertical scroll bar scrolls page but not entire doc ?
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Error message when loading 'forest' package
Dual Monitor
Problem with downloading dictionary
mac version keyboard shortcut changes
Discount when buying one licence for Mac and one for Linux
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How to export Bakoma setting to another computer
How to Exit Full Scree Mode?
Red outlines
adding or defining new word
More (La)TeX to HTML translators
Dual/multi platform licence
how to have the full file name path displayed?
List of keyboard shortcuts
Reference looks as ?? instead of numbers.