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Cross Reference Wizard

Only BaKoMa TeX 11.10 or later includes Cross Reference Wizard described on this page.

It was improved (speedup) in BaKoMa TeX 11.80.

Older versions show only labels in sorted order.

Cross Reference Wizard displayes labels together with following information:

  • File names (in which label appeares).
  • Sectionning commands (parts, chapters, sections, etc.).
  • environment (table, figure, equation) owning the label.
  • caption (where it is present).
    Note: Only one line is shown.
  • Line numbers (numbers in braces).
    Clicking on numbers to show source code.
This additional information helps to identify most of labels without looking into document source.

Output may be customized selecting what elements to show.

Default settings are shown on left picture.

Take into attention that adding more elements may increase time requeired for scanning sources. In this reason, not all elements enabled, by default.

Selecting radio button 'Only labels in sorted order' will emulate functionality of previous versions.