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2016/02/26 00:32:28 UTC
Sridhar Moorthy    

I am trying to use biblatex to generate bibliographies using Biber as the backend. Is the Biblatex package installed in Version 10.50, or do I have to install it? My test files using \addbibresource and \printbibliography don't seem to work. Thanks for your help.
2016/02/26 09:01:02 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

About section on our site includes buttons: BibLaTeX/Biber

Do you read it ?

2016/02/26 11:46:31 UTC
Sridhar Moorthy    

Yes, I read it, but it is confusing. Second sentence says: "NOTE: BIBER must be installed properly before using by BaKoMa TeX. (See below)." -- From this I gather that I need to do something. Later it says: "Furthermore, if BIBER is not installed special alarm button indicates the problem and ways to resolve it." -- Since I did not see any special alarm button, I assume BIBER is installed. Last sentence says: "In BaKoMa TeX 10.50 and later Biber utility is already defined in User interface. (really, biblatex 2.9 is installed under BaKoMa TeX with definitions of Biber for BaKoMa IDE)." --Since I have BaKoMa Tex 10.50, I assume that "biblatex 2.9 is installed under BaKoMa Tex." In short, reading About section does not help. All I want to know is, what do I have to do to make biblatex work under BakOma Tex 10.50. Step 1, step 2, etc. Thank you, Basil.
2016/02/26 11:57:27 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

  1. Alarm button may be appeared only in TeXWord after View/Refresh (F5)
  2. If Alaram button is not appeared it means that your document just do not use biber.
  1. Install Biber as explained on our page.
  2. If it will not help send screenshots, LOG files and sources to our technical support.
2016/02/26 16:09:12 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

We detect that last recent Biber avilable on CTAN is not compatible with biblatex 2.9 (which is in BaKoMa TeX)

You can solve the problem in 3 following ways:

  1. use BibTeX backend instead of Biber
  2. Install older Biber compatible biblatex 2.9
  3. Update biblatex under BaKoMa TeX.
2016/02/26 20:51:57 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

I fix our biblatex page: BibLaTeX/Biber.
It clearly explaines that BaKoMa TeX of versions from 10.50 to 11.10 (incl.) requires Biber 1.9.
It provides links to download Biber 1.9
2016/08/20 19:04:30 UTC
Wotao Yin    

Simple solution: replace \addbibresource{mylib.bib} by \bibliography{mylib.bib}. Reason: included in Bakoma is an old version of Biblatex, which did not yet support \addbibresource.
2017/10/06 14:59:32 UTC

I have just switched to biblatex. I use Bakoma 11.41. Note that it comes with a new version of both biblatex (3.7) and biber (2.7) and work out of the box unlike some issues raised above which seems to be related to older versions of Bakoma. *However*, the moment I switched from natbib (bibtex) to biblatex, Bakoma slows down significantly to the level that it's almost useless. It takes between 1-2 seconds to type a character and changes to the preamble file such as adding a line break sometimes takes 20 seconds to process. I heard that biber is slower than bibtex so I also tried what's suggested here: Namely, switching the backend engine of biblatex from biber to bibtex. \usepackage[backend=bibtex,...]{biblatex} % to select bibtex Alas, this doesn't help. I have a super strong workstation with Xeon CPU and 32GB of fast RAM and an SSD drive so I can't blame the machine. Bakoma combined with natbib works pretty fast. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? Maybe some features or a specific use of certain packages causes some slowdown? Or maybe biblatex is just slower significantly and I shouldn't use it in Bakoma?
2017/10/06 19:40:53 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

To diagnose reasons why BaKoMa TeX slows down:
  • Look into Options / Editing Settings - you can send us screenshot
  • Look into Messages Window when you press key - so you will know what is really processed in this time.
  • Take into attention what pages your document have, and what page you really edit.

Anyway, this problem is commonly related with particular document. Real diagnostic may be done only with enough information (including document) and should be addressed to Contact form instead of forums.

2017/10/06 19:51:02 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Take attention that response may be slow at editing first page but will be much faster at editing next pages.


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