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2017/04/13 12:25:45 UTC
Page size in generated PDF files (was: Problem changing document output format?)

Hello, when exporting my documents to pdf I always get letter-sized pages (instead of e.g. a4). No matter what options I set or clases I choose I can not circumvent this problem. What am I to do?
2017/04/13 14:31:39 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Try Options / Document Properties / Paper
2018/02/12 09:39:43 UTC

Yes of course. Unfortunately, not matter what options are set, the results remain the same. When compiling with other editors, I am able to obtain the prescribed size (e.g. a4), however not with Bakoma.
2018/02/12 10:58:33 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

I test potential problem under last recent version.

There is sample demonstrating that paper settings in Options / Document Properties / Paper are propagated into generated PDF files.

If you look into sample you will know that BaKoMa TeX pass page size into generated PDF via MediaBox value.

However, there are another parameters such as CropBox, ArtBox, etc. whose may be set by packages used by your document.
In this case document overwrites paper size.

Also, it may be some PostScript error in PDF generation which may be seen in Messages Window.

So, it is probably we have deal with some specific of your document or something else.

We can try to resolve the problem if you will:

  1. Inform us about version of BaKoMa TeX which you use.
  2. Provide small sample document demonstrating the problem
  3. Files may be send via Contact Form.
2018/02/28 15:00:01 UTC

The a4 sample is exported in letter-size as well. Though not intended, I resolved the problem by using the package "hyperref" (for whatever reason). It results in desired a4 format.
2018/02/28 15:43:55 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

HyperRef is one of such packages whose shipout own paper size into generated PDF file.
So, it can overwrite paper size defined by already existing packages.

We don't know what packages induct the problem. But we now know how you solve the problem for self.

It is very intriguing ...


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