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2017/08/09 10:49:28 UTC
get cursor position

I have a perl script to update the *TEX file which is in BaKoMa Editor and I need to get the cursor position in BaKoMa editor hence How can I get the cursor position or line number and column number.
2017/08/09 12:20:44 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

getcursor - returns on stack line col of current buffer.
computelinecol - gets buffer line col from stack and returns file (TeX) line col on stack.

All line and col are zero based.

So to get current file line/col on stack just call:

getcursor computelinecol
2017/08/09 13:48:17 UTC

Hi Basil Malyshev, Thanks for your information. We will check and let you know our concern on the same.


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