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2017/09/18 15:47:20 UTC
Ben McDowel    
BUG: Interaction between Centaur & TeXWord Stalls

Working on the same document in Centaur and TeXWord simultaneously is flawed:
either TexWord crashes or more frequently TexWord or Centaur stalls, i.e., stuck, with the popup window alarming me something like "Centaur cannot access file foo.tex.backup_20170916 because it has no permission...".
This recurring bug (which already persists for about five years now crucially damage the experience of using Bakoma in my opinion".
Win10, 64bit, Bakoma V11.15 (Sep 2016)
2017/09/18 16:18:53 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It will be more useful if you will provide precise diagnostic.
There are variants:
Can't delete
Can't rename

Anyway, it looks as collision in saving backup files, whose are made with second precision.

So, it will be very useful for me if you will provide screenshots of dialog 'Options / Editing Settings / AutoSave' from both programs Centau rand TeXWord.

I will try to reproduce the problem.

2017/09/18 16:53:50 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Thanks Basil.
The problem is with *rename*.
I will try to reproduce the bug; as of now I solved it by completely disabling backup files saving.
2017/09/18 17:25:32 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Disabling backups will avoid any collisions of backups made by different programs.

Currently, I think to add PID to backup file name, to solve the collision.
Work without backups may be not convenient.

2017/09/19 14:09:54 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Yes. Of course, it is not good to work without backups, but otherwise one just can't work properly, as each couple of minutes you have to terminate one of the processes. Another bug, I mentioned above, which is irrelevant to the autosave problem I think is that working with both Centaur and TexWord causes frequent crushes of TexWord.
2017/09/19 15:47:58 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

New revision 170919, is available on our Downloads page.

This version fixed collisions of backups from different programs
[So, it is not mandatory to wait years, when problem may be solved in 1-2 days]

Anyway, we recommend to set autosave parameters accurately as recommended on our page:
Centaur + TeXWord; using TeXWord as TeX Preview

Also, if you meet crash of TeXWord I suggest to send me any debug information.
I will try to trap the problem.

Sorry, but any software have bugs.


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