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2017/09/18 15:49:05 UTC
Ben McDowel    
Centaur doesn't update automatically file open in TexWord

This the causes all the changes you've made in TexWord to be deleted altogether!
2017/09/18 15:49:32 UTC
Ben McDowel    

--- Win10 64bit, Bakoma v11.15
2017/09/18 16:08:14 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Look into dialog 'Options / Editing Settings / AutoSave'
Compare options which is available in TeXWord and which is available in Centaur.

Only TeXWord has option:
Reload files when changed by another program.

In other words Centaur can't reload instantly changes from TeXWord
It may be appeared only when you change active program (when autosave enabled)

Really this mode is intended for users who edit file in Centaur and use TeXWord as preview.

2017/09/18 16:56:11 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Okay, I see. I'll try looking on the autosave, and try changing the focus to Centaur when I need it to update what I've written in WordTex.
2017/09/18 17:28:12 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Why not see it directly in TeXWord Source window ?
2017/09/19 14:05:12 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Because Centaur is better as an editor: faster to respond, and more reliable (less stuck), and has slightly better GUI/functionality.
2017/09/19 14:28:06 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

It is true that Centaur is faster (it do not process your document),
and more reliable (it simple plain text editor)
In this reason we develop this bridge for editing in Centaur and viewing in TeXWord.

However, I am surprised about better GUI/functionality of Centaur under TeXWord.
Really they are almost identical except of some automations missed in Centaur.

So I have ONE question:
What is GUI/functionality advantages of Centaur you have found ?

2017/09/19 14:33:36 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Centaur Functionality advantage, examples:
1) It can handle multiple source files; while texword only one. 2) When you change the "Right Margin for line Wrapping limit", you don't need to restart Centaur to it to take effect, rather you need only to close and load back the file.
2017/09/19 14:49:35 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

(1)TeXWord handles document, but not a files.
if you want to handle another documents you can just run another copy of TeXWord.

(2) You right - Auto wrapping is long dreamed feature request.


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