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2017/10/08 08:08:35 UTC

How do I change the pdf version produced by Tex-Word? It seems that version 1.4 is always generated. I have some embedded pdf images that are in version 1.6 and they pop up from their bounding box in the final pdf document. I tried \hypersetup{pdfversion=1.6} but it doesn't seems to have any effect on the output. If I use pdflatex it seems to give the version I specify.
2017/10/08 10:37:24 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

No. There is no way to change version number in generated PDF file.

You can put it to Feature Requests.

In other side, the task is so simple that may be done by almost any text editor.

Also, anybody can use sed like following:

bash -c "sed s/%PDF-1.4/%PDF-1.7/ fixed.pdf"

[NOTE: bash -c "..." calls Windows built-in linux ...]

There is only one disadvantage related with potential replacement of second matching ...

However, you can find many other solutions.


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