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2017/11/03 14:28:52 UTC
Muhammad Imran Qureshi    
MAC Shortcut to generate

I would like to know how to generate the PDF directly with keyboard on MAC version. On windows it is Alt+F and R+R. I tried but couldn't succeed.
2017/11/05 17:13:54 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Unfortunatelly, Mac do not support menu drived shortcuts.
However, you can make user macro, like following

%exec - forces execution instead of insertion.

Then build it to desired key.

2017/11/09 08:41:57 UTC
Muhammad Imran Qureshi    

Unfortunately, I am not really an expert on computers so I will appreciate if you can elaborate more like How to make Macros and where to build them etc.
2017/11/09 12:30:41 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Open 'User' Program Menu,
Select 'Manage User Macros ...' option.
2017/11/11 12:37:01 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    

Very nice. Just got it to work with a shortcut to generate PDF. One question: how can have the effect of F5 (typeset twice to get the references right) before generating the PDF? I think this feature (typesetting twice) should be built into export to PDF functionality.
2017/11/14 06:52:27 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

TeXWord exports documents precisely in the same stage in which you see it.
So, use Refresh function directly if you want to see document with resolved cross references.
2017/11/15 15:04:16 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    

This applies to MacOS.

For those who want to have just one shortcut to generate PDF with references properly typeset 
(twice, the effect of F5), here is how to do it using AppleScript. 

1. Make a user macro like Basil mentioned above. Here are detailed steps.

In Bakoma menu bar at the top, "User -> Manage User Macro... -> plus sign at the 
left bottom corner (+) -> give a name and then ok -> keep hitting no until done -> 
click the pen sign and enter the following (as Basil said)

%exec - forces execution instead of insertion.

into the box and then save.

-> click the keyboard sign -> choose a shortcut (I use "option + F2") -> bind.

Once this process finishes, in Bakoma the shortcut (e.g. option+ F2) will bring out the box to export to PDF.

2. Use "" to automate the process.

Open "" in the application folder -> choose "new document" at 
the left bottom corner -> choose "services" and click "choose" -> double click 
"utilities" on the left column near the bottom -> double click "run AppleScript" 
in the next column -> now replace the text in the box with the following text (can be 
copy/pasted using one uses "option +F2" in the previous step)

on run {input, parameters}
	tell application "System Events"
		delay 0.1
		keystroke "s" using command down # this is cmd + s to save the file
		delay 0.1
		key code 96 # this is F5 to typeset twice
		delay 0.1
		key code 120 using option down # this is option + F2 defined in step 1 to bring out the export to PDF box
		delay 0.1
		key code 36 # this is to hit the return key automately
	end tell
	return input
end run

now in the top, for "service receives" in the box, choose "no input" and for 
the "in" box one can leave it "any application" -> cmd + s to save the file -> give a name.

3.  choose a shortcut for the "service" just created. 

click Apple icon at the top left corner -> system preferences -> keyboard -> Shortcuts 
-> Services at the left column -> all the way down to "General." The service 
with the name you gave should appear there -> click the row with the service name 
-> click the "Add Shortcut" box and assign the shortcut by hit the key 
combination on the keyboard (I use "option + F10" because it is easy 
to access with the right hand) - close system preferences. 

Now in Bakoma, when one wants to generate the PDF, one shortcut (the one in step 3) will generate the PDF. 


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