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2017/11/05 13:07:54 UTC
Caroline Huron    
Changing the font size in the source files window for a student with a disability

Hello I can't find how to increase the size of the font in the source files window. I think that this software could be very helpful for scholars with dyspraxia but, a lot of them will have troubles to read the text that they will type in the Source files window because the letters are not large enough. Is there a way to increase the font size in this specific window ? Thanks for your help Caroline
2017/11/05 17:09:11 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

To increase/reduce font size for source files you can use next ways:
  1. Keep Ctlr key and roll mouse wheel.
  2. Keys such as Ctrl++ and Ctrl+- (they may require to keep also Shift or not)
  3. Size parameter in "Font for displaying source text" section of "Source/Script" tab of "Editing Settings" dialog which may be opened from "Options" program menu.
NOTE: 1-2 ways are widely used standard.

Also, you can control text colors in
Options / Source Text Colors ... - TeXWord
Options / Highlighting Colors/Modes ... - Centaur.

Well tuned colors also may simplify reading text.

2017/11/11 12:33:08 UTC
Nengjiu Ju    

Right now, the step size for font goes with 5. Can you introduce finer step size like 2 or even just 1? For a 15' MacBook Pro, a font size of 15 is a bit too small and 20 is a bit too large.
2017/12/30 13:26:20 UTC
Ben McDowel    

Look up some past messages on this forum by myself and Basil. It explains how to make the changes of fonts more fine grained.
2017/12/30 13:40:25 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Unfortunately, under some versions of OSX steps must be multiply by 5.


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