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2017/11/15 11:17:40 UTC
cacaw├Ęte Foyer stpaul    
Viewer does not diplay ligatures with newpxtext fonts

Hi, With newpxtext fontset, sequences of characters like "fl", "fi", "ff" and so on are not displayed in the viewer. They are substituted with whites. Best regards !
2017/11/15 19:27:09 UTC
Basil Malyshev    


Thanks for your report.

There is some misconfiguration of fonts.

To fix the problem instantly.
You can just re-import font map for newpx fonts.

Do following:

(1) Open Common Settings tool (Options / Common Settings)
(2) Selects "Install Fonts" tab.
(3) Click the button "Install DVIPS font map file ..."
(4) Selects the file "C:\BaKoMa.TeX\texmf\fonts\map\dvips\newpx\"
(5) Click the button [Open]

Wait for import completion.

TeXWord must be restarted to see effect.

2018/01/05 17:09:55 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

In V 11.50 this problem has been fixed.


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