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2018/02/16 05:31:24 UTC
query on ELATEX.efmt

Dear Sir, File ELATEX.efmt is generated everytime we open BaKoMa TeXWord and the details are displaced in "utility console" window. Pl advise how to suppress the same so that file can be opened without delay in TeXWord. Look forward to receiving your response for the same soonn. Thanks Malathi
2018/02/16 22:44:48 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

BaKoMa TeX Word regenerates format file when configuration files are changed.

In some old versions check was too deep. Regularly touched files was checked.

In most recent versions list of checked files was reduced.
So, that effect of regular regeneration of format file was disappeared.

2018/02/21 09:35:31 UTC

Dear Sir, Thank you for your response. We are using BaKoMa TeX 11.22 and configuration files are not changed by us. Kindly advise how to meet our request with this version soon. Thanks Malathi
2018/02/22 23:13:04 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

...configuration files are not changed by us...

Configuration files may be changed by programs.
One example - autodownload.

Anyway. I will consider to add checkbox to disable this aggressive rebuilding format files.

2018/02/26 04:34:03 UTC

Dear Sir, Thank you for your response and may we know when the requested feature will be implemented. Please provide your response for the same soon.


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