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Centaur + Dview
Classical TeX IDE (Editor+Viewer)

Centaur (TeXCode) is a classical text editor providing much more comfortable editing of TeX/LaTeX documents. It includes such features as syntax highlighting, spell checking, launching TeX tools, etc. However, the main advantage for users of BaKoMa TeX, is that it has a toolbar similar to the one of TeXWord. The main purpose of Centaur is editing documents when visual editing is undesirable or even impossible because of complex macros.

Typesetting toolbars.

Typesetting toolbars of Centaur are identical to typesetting toolbars of TeXWord. There is only one difference. TeXWord knows about TeX typesetting mode (text/math) and it toggles between text and math toolbars automatically. Centaur has no such opportunity. For this reason, toolbars may be controlled only manually by using Window program menu. They may be shown both or toggled by using ESC key.

Document Compatibility.

It is important that documents made in TeXWord are 100 % compatible with Centaur. I.e. documents made in TeXWord may be always compiled in Centaur. It is because share the same LaTeX system and graphics system. So, if user of trial version wants to be sure that his document compatible with TeXWord (over first 7 pages) he can just open document in centaur and try to compile.

TeX/Typeset button and it's options ...

Centaur + DVIEW - Classical TeX IDE.
Using both Text Editor and DVI Viewer is a classical approach for editing TeX/LaTeX documents. The workflow looks as follows. A user typesets text and markup commands in Text Editor. Then he clicks the TeX/Typeset () menu command, which launches TeX, BibTeX, MakeIndex, and finally, DVI Viewer. Text Editor and DVI Viewer can be synchronized by using DVI Reverse Search that provides accurate synchronization to a character.
DVIEW - PostScript Enabled DVI Viewer.
This DVI Viewer has very powerful graphical capabilities. For more details read Graphics. However, the main advantage for users of BaKoMa TeX is full compatibility of graphical capabilities with TeXWord.

One touch key for TeX + Preview + postprocessors.

('TeX/Typeset' menu) is one touch key which launches TeX, BibTeX, MakeIndex, and finally, DVI Viewer. The approach may be easielly customized by dialog opened by 'Options/TeX Running Parameters' menu command.

Other features ...

  • Synchronisation between Text and Preview with an accuracy of a single character.
  • Gather, Bookmarks and other tools for quick navigation through document structure;
  • Quick switching (without file reloading) between different input encodings (including UTF8);
  • Graphics import assistant (including smart tool to import images from clipboard);
  • Project support;
  • Assistance for multi-file documents: context sensitive opening of included text and graphics files,
  • Searching TeX errors using the TeX log file;
  • Searching help for TeX commands in entire document collection;
  • Syntax highlighting is configurable for catcodes and highlighting dictionaries;
  • Customizable GUI Control Bar and menus for quick inserting Math Symbols and other commands;
  • Syntax Completion and other tools for quick insertion of frequently used LaTeX constructions (V 5.20);
  • Spell Checker: correction suggestions, on-the-spot highlighting of misspelled words, handling of (La)TeX commands, accenting commands, babel shortcuts (V 4.10);
  • BibEdit - editor for BIB files is well integrated with another system components (V 5.20).