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Win64 apps in Windows version

Beginning from version 10.50 experimental set of Win64 applications is available.
All available Win64 apps are in BIN\Win64 folder (rather then BIN\Win32 folder for Win32 apps).

We consider, Win64 applications are experimental yet. In this reason, by default, only Win32 programs are used.
To enable using Win64 apps special procedure is required:

Switching to use Win64 apps

Set of Win64 applications is experimental. By this reason, to switch between Win32/Win64 applications, we provide the command line (instead of GUI button, which can be lightly pressed in the course of studying GUI)

To switch between Win32/Win64 run "Command Prompt" as administrator. See hints at right image (click on image to enlarge).
Change current directory to ...\BaKoMa TeX\BIN\WIN64

Run Postline in following way:
$ postline Win64 On
(See right image for output which must be shown).

if you want switch back to Win32 apps, you can use command
$ postline Win64 Off