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2012/10/17 18:26:58 UTC
Dynamic word wrap in the TexWord source window

Add an option to make the TexWord source window automatically wrap words at the right hand edge of the window so that the text automatically reflows as the window width is changed (as with most other Windows applications). This would be easier than having to hard code a fixed character width (which feels quite old fashioned now!)
2013/02/08 05:57:21 UTC
Brian Cowan    

This should include wrapping of any highlighting - such as commented text.
2013/11/09 21:16:27 UTC
Brian Cowan    

Some more comments on this request: 1) To expand on my previous comment -- the point is that the current version of BaKoMaTeX, with fixed line width in the editor window, highlighting of text does not wrap. This is an error and it would be good for it to be corrected. 2) When TeX / LaTeX reports errors it refers to the line number in the source text. But if we have dynamic wrapping of the text then there can be no absolute line numbers. One would conclude that the basic structure of TeX/LaTeX is incompatible with dynamic word wrapping. I'm sure dynamic word wrap *can* be implemented in BaKoMaTeX but then the reported line numbers of errors would be wrong/nonsensical.
2013/11/27 14:53:57 UTC
A. H.    

Line numbers are in no way incompatible with word wrapping: Wrapped lines simply have the same line number as their starting line (which usually should not be displayed again). Example: the following screenshot shows Notepad2 with word wrapping and line numbers enabled: I think this is exactly what it should look like in TexWord's source view.
2013/12/17 00:31:10 UTC
Brian Cowan    

Of course, what A.H. says above is correct. The remaining point I am trying to make is that with dynamic word wrapping the `absolute' lines can be very long (e.g. an entire paragraph). So when LaTeX reports an error on line number xx, if line number xx is very long then it can be difficult to see where the error is. Only in that respect is LaTeX `incompatible' with line numbers.
2016/04/09 10:44:08 UTC
Falk Ruehl    

As a newcomer to BaKoMa, I have been using Latexian the past years, which unfortunately is no longer supported, I surely miss a dynamic line wrapping at the window edge. The method used in BaKoMa is an absolute nuisance, even on the retina display of a MacBook, which in my opinion is not outweighted by the almost instantaneous rebuild of the page edited in BaKoMa. The 80 column punched card is a thing of the past since about 40 years now. Any line break inserted into a sentence, either manually or automatic, will go bust by the next insertion or correction. Not everyone is capable of writing the final version in an instant, so corrections are unavoidable and should be supported by the code editor in BaKoMa with an automatic wrapping to the window size. Unless this is not fixed, I will stick to Latexian and use my (licensed) BaKoMa installation only for the composition of complex tikz-diagrams, which is really aided by the fast response of BaKoMa.
2016/05/30 13:15:42 UTC

I also think that dynamic wrapping of words is a crucial feature.
2018/06/02 10:37:53 UTC
Basil Malyshev    

Falk Ruehl I don't understand how your comment is related with discussed subject.

This request is related with word wrapping in window.

It looks that you talk about word wrapping in text buffer (i.e. file).

Brian Cowan you also talk about file lines.

Let us understand that rewrapping in window and rewrapping in file buffer are different features.

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